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User Reviews for Where is that?

Went from 5 to 1 star

This used to be a great geography app with a lot of free things to study like countries and capitols but not even a week after i got it they made an update and got rid of all the free stuff unless you want to know countries airlines or largest airports and corporate headquarters, like who even wants to know, most airplanes fly everywhere you can just look it up. This was dissapionting because it used to be a really good app, but now I’m just going to get rid of it☹️

#updatesnomore, Feb 12, 2020
Awesome App!

I am a world traveler and this app is my pass time when I am on a boat or on a plane. I truly enjoy it when I get better at identifying countries around the world. I feel it makes me smarter in a way too! Plus, when I am with friends and family, this is an excellent app to break the ice. People challenge each other, think a lot before they select an answer, and laugh a lot. I recommend this app.

bookingSucksDontUseIt, Aug 13, 2020
Big Disappointment

I recently downloaded this game and was really enjoying it; went on today and suddenly everything I had free access to is locked and now has to be paid for. Not worth the download if you’re not willing to pay; only a little bit is free now. Very disappointing as it started out completely free.

craftpicnic, May 27, 2021
Too expensive

The app is very nice but considering that all of this information is free and there are other geography apps, the price was too high. I was able to do the country/continent quizzes only one time each with free version, and then I was locked out until I purchased. Not worth the price so I will have to leave the app. I don’t have any complaints with the app itself, just the price.

Donnastachowi, May 10, 2022
Option to remove ads please

The app itself is great. The design is clean and the graphics are high quality. I understand the demand for subscription or lifetime purchase. However, I would really like that ads be removed when picking either of these options. For me, that will surely be the breaking point. If ads cannot be removed than I won’t keep this app.

Margaux Del, Apr 28, 2019
Perfect app for learning geography

I’ve looked around for an app to really learn world geography and this is the best I’ve found so far. It also has features to isolate continents and learn countries within them and has links to their Wikipedia pages, learn landmarks, states, etc. Perfect app to broaden your general knowledge of the world

marklester625, Jun 28, 2021
Love this app!

It’s organized well and has been very helpful in empowering me to learn geography. One observation and complaint is that “Israel” is listed as a country and it should say PALESTINE. It could at the very least list Palestine as an OCCUPIED territory. Curious omission given information given on other parts of the map.

Martikai, May 19, 2022
Makes learning EASY! Great App!

Addictive and fun! I was able to learn the countries very quickly, in about a week. $3 for a month is a bargain because you can easily learn everything in that time. In the future, I hope to see updates for bodies of water. I’d also like the ability to combine two or more regions for a quiz. Thanks for a fun, educational app!

valeriedawn17, Nov 30, 2019
Great, great game…

Within a few days I went from “being horrible at geography” to correctly naming every country. Highly recommend if you want a fun way to improve your geography skills.

vickik4, Apr 29, 2022
Great App!

Great app! I was able to learn all 245 countries, including tiny countries and dependent nations, in roughly 6 hours.As for improvements, it would be nice if there is an option to separate the tiny countries from dependent nations, and to learn more about islands. For example, Ascension (UK) is part of 3 islands Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha, but only Saint Helena is mentioned. Or Kitts and Nevis.. which one is Kitts and which one is Nevis? Same for Wallis and Futuna, which one is which? They’re all just bulked together as one.It would also be nice if the cities and capitals’ option receives a little more improvement. For example, even if you know which country’s capital it is, there’s no way to get the answer right unless you click the right spot. If that was the case, for the learning process, it would be helpful to have an indication like a circle or the likes at the area where the capital is located. And it doesn’t have the quiz option like the one you get for the countries. Or an option to show the capitals beforehand, like the “show nearby countries” option.Great work! Thanks again for an awesome app!

Zifklevchd, Jun 03, 2018


Learn countries, states, capitals and landmarks and compete with friends in online leagues in this geography learning game. With over 8 million downloads, it's one of top geography learning apps for iPhone & iPad. GAME TYPES › Map: Find the location by pointing on the map › Pin: Select the right pin on the map › Quiz: Multiple choice game with 4 options GAME MODES › Learn: Systematically learn all locations of a category following scientific methods › Play: Random selection of locations alone or with friends on one device › Online Multiplayer: Live online games with friends › Online Leagues: Turn by turn online challenges FEATURES › Configurable world map (e.g.

colors, terrain, water features) › Completely offline. No internet connection needed. › Multiuser › All locations available in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Russian) › Read on Wikipedia for every location CATEGORIES › COUNTRIES › Countries of the World › Largest Countries of the World › Countries in Europe › Countries in North America › Countries in South America › Countries in Asia › Countries in Oceania › Countries in Africa › Countries in North Africa › Countries in the Middle East › CAPITALS › Capitals of the World › Largest Capital Cities › Capitals of Europe › Capitals of North America › Capitals of South America › Capitals of Africa › Capitals of Asia › Capitals of Oceania › FEDERAL STATES › US States › Cantons of Switzerland › States of Austria › States of Germany › French Departments › Federal subjects of Russia › Provinces and territories of Canada › Provinces of Spain › States and territories of Australia › Provinces of the Netherlands › Provinces of Turkey › States of Mexico › Ceremonial counties of England › Districts and statutory cities in Austria › Regions of the Ukraine › STATE CAPITALS › State capitals of Canada › US State Capitals › CITIES › Cities in Austria › Cities in France › Cities in Germany › Cities in Italy › Cities in Japan › Cities in Russia › Cities in Spain › Cities in Switzerland › Cities in United Kingdom › Cities in Canada › Cities in Turkey › Cities in Ukraine › CULTURE › Mountains › Airlines › Corporate Headquarters › Highest Skyscrapers › Largest Airports of the World › Most Visited Places › World Wonders Some categories require purchasing the full version. Try for free now and decide later. Please see our Terms of Service: https://www.jaysquared.com/terms/service/whereisthat/en Screenshots created with storeshots.net Emojis made by @webalys (https://twitter.com/webalys) under the Creative Common Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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