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User Reviews for Type:Rider

Beautiful game, but ugly gameplay

This game has great design and is packed with useful information but the gameplay is terrible. The in game mechanics are extremely frustrating and poorly designed. It's almost as if the game itself was an after thought. Should just made this an "type" educational app and ditched the "rider" part. Would've saved me a lot of time and swearing. Update: I didn't think it was possible but after playing the last level I am forced bring this rating to the lowest possible level. The in game controls are so bad that's it's nearly impossible to complete that level. I recommend you save your money and google history of type and avoid this pitiful game. Bummer because it's aesthetically great.

Allnot234567890!(), Feb 26, 2016

Exquisite, but.... I am not a gamer so I don't know how it's supposed to work. It takes me a while to figure out each sequence in a font (level?). More help for us non-gamers would be helpful. I absolutely hate that what I do once for each font must be re-done each time I close the app. That means I have to start all over again. I have been doing the same font now for almost a day and cannot get even the initial A-B-C done. I may end up deleting the app since its beauty is becoming totally obscured by my ever-growing frustration. Almost addictive... but too annoying to be so. Three stars for the beauty of it, including the history and the music; zero stars for the game.

cb-Boston, Mar 02, 2014
Really great game...

But there are 3 issues with achievements: ‘time attack’, ‘collect all letters’ and collect all the ‘&’ that are refusing to pop-up or acknowledge you got them. It’s frustrating considering they aren’t easy to get and I want to officially 100% the game.Collecting everything and beating all the levels (especially that maddeningly hard special level) were fun, but I’d like to get rewarded for my efforts with the trophies/achievements the devs put in the game as it gave me all the other ones so I’m not sure why it won’t give me the 3 I mentioned since I completed all requirements.

Dubs1, Mar 02, 2019
Mostly fun

Overall it is an entertaining game with a creative landscape of fonts and text. Every once in awhile I’d get stuck and it became down right frustrating. I love a good challenge and made it all the way to book 8, but finally had to quit when I couldn’t get past a part. Maybe I was just missing a simple solution, but reading other reviews, sounds like it’s common for everyone. I can understand making some letters nearly impossible to get for 100% completion, but shouldn’t have this much difficulty on the standard play through with no way to bypass.

Fishbowl z, Dec 06, 2021
Excellent Game & History

Lots of hidden information and great historical context for many of the fonts that folks use and take for granted every day. I just *knew* there had to be a hidden level and *knew* what font would be highlighted and the game did not disappoint.If there is one criticism, it is that the dev really should get a proofreader-editor. Mildly ironic that a game all about text/type would have awkward sentence structure and grammatical errors. Not enough to dock a star, but the dev should probably do a quick review and post an update with corrected text.

gM$ney, Mar 16, 2014
Worth your time(s)!!!

The game is simple enough in premise yet challenging enough in practice to keep your entertained for short bursts and long hauls. The graphics are so beautiful and the music so pleasant that it's easy to forget that there is an educational modus at the heart of the game. The only glitches I've come across is that the speed of the game slows down by waterfalls or any other processor-gobbling obstacle and the game freezes if you try to read a recently captured asterisk entry while in the process of dying. However, I still recommend this gem of a game for a new-found fascination with typography (not to be confused with topography :)

manor090, Nov 24, 2013
A unique and atmospheric platformer

A lot of thought went into the artwork, graphics, and gameplay. Unfortunately, for a game that uses the history of typography, and hence language, as its universe, it's a little disappointing that as much attention didn't go into the written parts (or got lost in translation? Either way.) There are typos, misspellings and bad grammar. Parts of it are not well written or edited, which at times made them seem more like info-dumps than essays, and made processing the information uneasy. Hence 4 stars rather than 5. I was occasionally frustrated by the difficulty, esp. with the bonus level. When there is too much luck rather than skill involved (i.e. when spinning obstacles are facing the wrong way) and you have to repeat over and over and over it ceases to be fun. There is a very simple and elegant control mechanism - touch one side of the screen to move and the other to jump. However, it could use one more element to give you a bit more control. Despite that, I did enjoy it and recommend it for the creativity, unique mechanics, length, great soundtrack and immersive quality.

Opus81a, Dec 17, 2013
Occasional moments of great design

I really want to like this. but the great moments are few and far between. Some moments are just pretentious. Most of the game can be powered through without much real challenge. Some gameplay obstacles are extremely creative and well crafted, but they're immediately repeated with little variation. The "unlocked content" is best ignored; I'd like to think it's interesting to someone, but face it: anyone interested in font history already does. Players launch this app for a challenging game, not for marginally educational and clumsily-presented sidelines. I hope this will be built upon. This is a great start, but get some level designers who have some experience. Make it obvious to the player when you're supposed to drop a lower level and when that drop will kill the player. And make the lecture pages optional, something that can be easily ignored.

Spazticus_Prime, Apr 09, 2014
Beautiful & educational, too

A lovely way to spend some time. The levels are challenging and lovely, and the educational element is really quite creative.However, I've gotten stuck a few times - and have had to completely re-do some levels, as a result. This feels like an oversight on the developers' end, as I'm completely unable to remove myself from some spots. For the most part, this is when both sides of the "dots" get stuck on the upturned edge of a letter. This happened twice on the Didot level! It's very frustrating to make progress, only to have to start it over again, only to be caught on the same spot the second time around.Will a future update fix this?

TheScarletLark, Apr 07, 2014

What a beautiful game - a beautiful, frustrating, and altogether wonky way to spend time. I've been putting off reviewing for a while now because I've been vacillating between 5 stars and 1. As a typophile, the gorgeous graphics and the (somewhat disjointed and poorly spaced) histories are incredibly engaging and I look forward to each new font and font developer. Finally a game aimed at me! 5 stars! However, I am no gamer and it took me quite some time to figure out what the hell was going on with the controls. Ditto for the levels. After muddling though, it was a relief to read blogs and reviews complaining of the same control issues. This needs to be addressed but because progression is possible, it's not critical. What really prompted me to finally write this review was/is the absurdly frustrating tracking of levels. Unless I am missing a simple "save" button or command, this game is unable to track my progress accurately, thus causing much frustration and waning interest. I've gone though 1/2 a level and stopped then was brought back close to the same spot with all my collections intact upon resuming. On other levels (Clarendon) no matter how far I progressed, each time I resumed play, I was brought back to the beginning and had lost all my letters, ampersands and asterisks. CRAZY making! While this really should be a two until the bugs are worked out, it's a three because of its sheer beauty.

Vatina, Mar 25, 2014


- "An intricately-designed masterpiece that constantly throws fresh challenges and situations at you for the entire run of the game." - Touch Arcade - 4.5/5 - "You never realized fonts could be this exciting" - Kotaku - "The "Final FONTasy" of video games. [...] Type:Rider encourages players to learn about type by exploring a world of fonts." - FastCoDesign - "The unlikely appeal of Type:Rider, a platformer about fonts" - Kill Screen Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters ! Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the rock paintings of prehistoric times to Pixel art of the 2000’s, solve all the riddles by riding the most popular fonts and characters (Garamond, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Pixel, Comic Sans...) in a very captivating musical and visual environment.

Type:Rider is an adventure puzzle game produced by AGAT – EX NIHILO and ARTE that brings gaming experience to a whole new daring level. FEATURES •• 10 worlds echoing key periods of the typograhy’s history •• Breath-taking artworks and musical vibes •• Immersive and intriguing atmosphere •• Great historical archives and paintings -- If you encounter issues, please reboot your device. Then, reduce the resolution of the game in the parameters of Type:Rider and set the quality from « Fantastic » to « Good ». IMPORTANT NOTE: Type:Rider is compatible with iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4 and up and iPod touch 5th generation – THE GAME WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES

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