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Titanic: The Mystery Room Escape Adventure Game

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Titanic: The Mystery Room Escape Adventure Game

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User Reviews for Titanic: The Mystery Room Escape Adventure Game

Great game!!

I love this game. Ever since I was younger I had a huge interest in the Titanic story. I found this app a while ago, and loved the game from start to finish. I recently re downloaded the app and came across a problem in the game play. Right before the kitchen part, it asks for your “ticket”. I selected the option for the free one by completing an offer, and nothing came up after that. Since nothing showed, I am stuck at this part of the game. I would love if someone fixed this glitch. Overall an amazing app for an accurate experience!!

_Comet7_, Jul 26, 2018
This is NONSENSE 😡😡😡😡😡😡

So is have completed most of the levels then I get to the part where you need to give the man a ticket. I am FURIOUS. You have to PAY to get in. WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO GO IN FREE. I understand that in reality you would have to pay much more, but still this is a GAME. So what is the point of getting this game if you are going to get cut off just because of a ticket? The game started of good but then it went way down because of this. I know people are going to disagree with me but I feel like this should be fixed. Thank You! -Sincerly, Angry Player

§panda lover§, Jan 03, 2018
This is confusing and annoying and it made me rage

It’s understandable that a lot of games make it rage but this one is just over the top I why just why what do you need to start the car to push over the boxes when you could’ve just pushed them over with your hands it wouldn’t have taken that long and the rope thingy I just I can’t even I absolutely hate the rope thingy it is so hard to do when I needed A hint I press the button to give you a hint and watched an ad after the ad I didn’t even get a single hint I thought it was a glitch so I tried it again it didn’t give me a hint again this game is absolutely awful but I’ve got to say I’m a Titanic fan and the game is pretty good I got to say just a little

Ashley Arcángel, Feb 21, 2021
Please Read!

Okay so here is the thing about this game... it’s got a GREAT story line and the graphics are very good as well. I was excited to play this game cause I like things related to the Titanic...then why only 3 stars?? The thing is, every single room I go into or anytime someone texts me and it pops up on my screen, an AD pops up. It’s seriously the WORST game for ADs. Please please please fix that... I don’t mind ADs, but this is to much. Just cut them down a little. Makes me not want to play this game and I’m half way through (I think). I really would like to finish it but honestly the ADs just make me upset, so I haven’t and is been about 2 weeks since I have played.

Boo loves Bub, Sep 24, 2018
Sooooooooo Glitchy!!! 😠☹️

This game is so glitchy 😖! I saw an add for it it I thought it would be cool 👍. I have recently read a book about the titanic 🛳 and it was amazing. So I downloaded it and I liked it at first but now it is super glitchy 👎. Whenever I try to get a hint I watch the add then I get no hint. This has happened many times. I try exiting out of it, restarting my devise, and even re-downloading the app. Nothing has worked😒. Even when I am watching the add there is sound effects from the game still going. Sometimes there are good adds and I try to listen to them but the noise is making extra chaos over top of the add 😬.I hope you take my words into consideration in any way, thank you for reading📝⏰✏️. Again, thanks for reading

dogpuppenny, Oct 21, 2020
Before you pay for anything read

So I started playing this game and of course they let you play so far and then the only way to continue the game is to buy a ticket to play the rest of the game. I spent the money thinking that there would be numerous levels. I was a bit ticked when I got to the end and there wasn’t anything else to play. I would have never paid anything more if I knew how short this game was. Now it’s showing me a game to escape Alcatraz...I feel that should have been the next thing to do within that app...not to have to download another app that I know you’re gonna end up having to pay to finish playing that game too. Therefore, I’m NOT even going to download it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed playing the game. I just didn’t think it was worth having to pay anything to play that game.

EbonyAngelGal, May 20, 2019
Not free

I guess there’s really no point in writing this because I see the same problem addressed by ALL the other reviewers. The reviews are up to 2 years old and the problem is still currently ongoing and no replies were made to the reviews by the developers, or anyone else. There also hasn’t been any updates to the game in 2 years. Anyway, it’s misleading, at the least, to put up a game as free only to get part way through and ask for payment to finish it. The option to complete an offer in order to continue to play free does not work either. That’s not surprising because they never do work. You could try being honest and advertise it as “partially” free, which is what it actually. That would defeat the purpose of the old “ bait and switch” gimmick though. I am deleting the app and will not download any other games you all offer based solely on your dishonesty. I’ll stick with companies who offer truly free game apps and allow me to purchase extra items when I choose to, not as a condition of continuing to play.

Granny McSad, Mar 03, 2020
This is a little nonsense

When I first got on this game a few years ago I was all happy to know that I’m playing the game nothing to distract me I don’t got no ads up in my way until I come across the part where I got to give the man a ticket and then boom something horrible happened it’s my worst nightmare I have to pay and literally I was like four at the time I didn’t have no money so Mommy here scrambling to get some money and then I know I was never gonna make the money because it was like 15 bucks I don’t know but then when I show my dad he’s over here like what you want me to do that and I’m like can you pay for it and I’m over here trying to find somebody to pay for this I want around the house trying to collect some money and then when I completely stop playing this game it just bugs me out to have memories of it just knowing that I don’t know the end of the game

kekjeef, Oct 11, 2020
Needs work

Ok to start off I love puzzle games and this one is awesome. The titanic is one of my favorite. And this is an awesome game describing how to escape. I usually don’t need any “hints” to help out until I got to the part where water is coming through the door and there’s a barricade of pipes. I clicked the free hint since I have the free version, and I watched the video and no hint. Made no sense. I tried doing it a couple of times cause every time I died and of course I tried to solve the puzzle but there was no hint and that kind of disappointed me because I watched so many videos and no hint. Please fix this thank you! Great game over all

ljo737473, Dec 29, 2017
A poorly made game

A while back I played this game on an old device of mine. I went back and found it recently. The ads were a little annoying but I was okay with them. Then the ticket part came. I couldn’t believe you had to pay to play the rest! I did end up paying it but after came the dance stage. I’ve been playing on IPhone for most of the time and when I tried for days to beat it I gave up. I tried on IPad and I beat it in one shot. This is annoying that you cannot complete the game on iPhone because I was trying to show my friend the game and he tried too and couldn’t do it. Please fix this glitch because it is very annoying.

Railroader1993, Jan 23, 2020


Download now! Join over 10 million fans who've taken the challenge - Do you have the skills to Escape the Titanic before it's too late? Get ready - there are no instructions, it’s just you and your smarts as you face the ultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in this unique adventure puzzler.

No two scenes are alike, so be prepared for anything as you race to escape the world's most infamous ocean liner. Put your device through its paces as you pinch, twist, tap & swipe your way through ingenious room-puzzle challenges. Escape the Titanic is a FREE-TO-TRY app. You can play the first chapter for free, if you want to unlock the epic FULL version, there is a one-time fee to purchase. * SOLVING PUZZLES * Need a little assistance, but not the solution? Don’t worry; unlocking the game includes all Hints that offer clues through the game. If you’re stumped, there are additional Solutions too. Prove that you have what it takes to outsmart, outrun, and outmaneuver any obstacle. Good luck! * FEATURES * • 50 clever puzzles; no two alike • Challenging levels with integrated hint system • Hidden objects aid in your escape

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