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Timeline Presenter

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Timeline Systems AS
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User Reviews for Timeline Presenter

Best in its class!

This is the single best trial demonstration product I’ve used. It has attractive and logical graphics, demonstrates a clear and clean timeline of events and then populates those events with aQuick and easy tap on the screen, instantly projecting the documents that demonstrate the event. It couldn’t be simpler, and it’s hard to imagine one that’s better, at least not yet. This is an excellent work in progress and over the months that I’ve been working with timeline presenter, I’ve seen updates that show that this is just the beginning! Keep up the great work on this extremely useful product

charles n rock, Jan 10, 2022
Absurd price.

I would love an infinite timeline like this, but it should only be a one-time payment, not a subscription. Absurd. Okay, next.

Colsonf, Jun 29, 2022

What idiot is Gonna spend 200 dollars to make a timeline.

illHurTYou, May 14, 2022

I’m a teacher willing to spend some personal money on a timeline app. This subscription price is ridiculous. Money hog company catering only to lawyers, rather than allowing a lighter, less expensive version for history teachers or personal use. Another example of greed with no commitment to humans.

Meg000000001, Apr 01, 2022
Price is absolutely insane

$300+ per year is ridiculous for an app with the sole purpose of creating and presenting timelines. At the very least it should be a one-time purchase if it's going to be that expensive.

roseyfluff, Feb 24, 2022
Amazing app for trial prep and presentation

I used the app in a Queens County malpractice case in New York City that I recently assisted on and it was amazing to be able to show the jury a fully embedded visual timeline of the events of the case which was instrumental in their deliberations. In fact, during deliberations the jury requested the timeline and came back with a very favorable verdict!

S.Haber, Dec 08, 2021
Simple and effective case organizer

Timeline Presenter is not just a timeline program. It’s a case organizer that is helpful to any lawyer who thinks sequentially. I am using it in auto negligence and trip and fall cases as building blocks to make a case with each block (literally) serving as a graphic hyperlink to the various proofs needed to support my points. Photos, videos, medical records (or just a critical page from one), x-rays, deposition excerpts, illustrations or any other type of record becomes immediately accessible through a hyperlink. And the record remains stored in the chronological timeframe where it belongs, ready to be accessed again instantly. Equally impressive is the stability of the app. Scrolling through your timeline, opening and closing hyperlinks and shrinking or expanding the proximity of each event, is seamless. On one case, I intentionally tried to crash the app on my iPad by loading it up with documents. Couldn’t do it. Everything stayed in place with no lockups. Even downloading items from Dropbox is without issue. Customer service is also terrific not just for tips on using the program, but also the frequent updates, added features, email notifications, recommendations for other apps that can be used efficiently with Timeline Presenter, and, the latest,…Timeline Presenter for iMAC and MacBook. This suggests that the app is only going to get better and more feature rich over time. Finally, the simplicity of the program may be its best quality. It’s linear, so it’s very easy for you to organize and see all relevant events in your case along a timeline with all related documents tucked away inside the blocks. I’m finding use for it in all my cases.

Steve Marchelos, Jul 22, 2022


“Timeline Presenter is simply, a game changer” – David Oddo “I can't wait to dazzle the audience with my presentation” – Edward P. Milstein “It is an amazing tool, and I wouldn't want to try a case without it” – Lewis Rosenberg Timeline Presenter lets you take data and events and turn them into simple and efficient timelines with incredible workflow capabilities. It’s the perfect tool to organize and collaborate on multiple paths of information within one project—from PDFs to videos to audio.

Present simplified versions of intricate histories with interactive timelines. Intuitive Easily view your timeline from the big picture to the close-up details. Organize with dates, labels, and colors. See every event containing specific keywords so you can analyze your data. Efficient Each timeline holds an incredible amount of information in multiple formats, from PDFs to videos. Supremely fast thanks to Realm realtime database and indexed searches. Interactive Update your timeline from anywhere and collaborate with others in real-time, even while giving live presentations! Add sticky notes while on the go and delete later. Features You’ll Love Save time with in-app annotations • Add notes and labels • Share individual documents • Upload videos, images, and PDFs to individual events • Simplify dense data • Track information over time • Search for keywords across multiple events • Collaborate in real-time • Zoom in on specific information while presenting • Bookmark pages for easy access • Jot down notes and ideas with Apple Pencil • Access your workflow anywhere • Examine from different angles • Simplify organization on the timeline Timeline Presenter is perfect for anyone working with complex histories, data, and presentations, such as: • Lawyers • Doctors • Writers • Librarians • Historians • Genealogists • Bookkeepers • College Students • Shop Keepers • Administrators • Parents • Teachers

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