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Stones in Magick

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Stones in Magick

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Marius Zah
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User Reviews for Stones in Magick


I was surprised at how informative this app was. I'm constantly referring to it. Make more apps!!!

Autopsy Annie, May 27, 2012

Great App...xactly what I was looking for!

Ghosthunter23, Nov 25, 2012
I love this app!!

This is an amazing app!!! I don't usually buy apps - especially if they don't have a review. And I don't ever write reviews, but this app is incredible and worth EVERY penny!! If you only get one crystal app then this is the one for you. I live this one. Ive had it for a couple of weeks and I use it almost every day. Enjoy and Blessed Be.....

Karens MacBook, Apr 21, 2012
Great Reference Tool

Which us exactly what I was looking for. Needed something for general reference and its got a lot of great information that does just that. Agree with the plagiarism ~ but this isn't the first app that has done that because I have two others by different companies that use Scott Cunningham's work without saying so.

Lisa LaMendola, Sep 13, 2012

Credit should be given to Scott Cunningham as the text seems to be copied word for word from his book crystal gem & metal magic.

Petacle, Jul 18, 2012
77 Crystals!

Stones in Magick is surprisingly not too bad. I wasn't sure, honestly what to expect from this app. Though the list of stones is nothing amazing, the information provided is very thorough for one's own practice. Though there could be a question of plagiarism as mentioned before (in a prior review), these types of accusations tend to be pretty common throughout the community as we tend to agree on the energies of the stones on several occasions. The app itself also provides options for "bookmarking" your favorite stones, and includes options for sharing via Facebook. It would be nice to see the App grow to include missing features like uploading photos, and maybe a personal Crystal Resonance Diary for our own notes and personal experiences. If you are a Crystal Resonance Intuitive that needs an occasional reference guide to most commonly found crystals, or are looking for information on how to use crystals in ritual, then this app may be worth a peek.

Petrified Spoopy, Jul 31, 2012
It's nice

It's nice

Spanelli85, Sep 04, 2012


Over the centuries various Gemstones, Crystals and certain rock formations have held a great mystical appeal to humans. Our ancestors knew and understood the spiritual, magickal and healing properties of gemstones and crystals that has nearly been forgotten over time. As tools of magick, stones lend us their energies and provide us with places to store our own energies.

They are like natural batteries, storing within them the energies of the Earth. They come in a rainbow of colors from ice clear to solid, glossy black and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. They are a direct connection to the Earth that provides us with all we need for existence. They are found within the Earth, a true gift of the Goddess and God. Stones are used as talismans to protect from the unknown and are returned to the Earth to insure the fertility of the fields and the success of the crops. Stone magick covers all aspects of life: health, love, prosperity, spirituality, wisdom, just to name a few. In conjunction with candle magick, stones add their energies and concentrate the purpose within themselves. Because of this, the stone used for a positive spell is retrieved and used as a talisman. For a negative or banishing spell, the stone is never touch and carefully returned to the earth far from your home. Before a stone is used in a spell, the stone should be charged with the purpose of the spell. This is done by holding the stone in your projective (right) hand and letting the energy that is within you pour into the stone while visualizing the purpose. Some say the best stones are the ones you gather yourself. For most of us, this is not very realistic, but if you can, try to find stones in stream beds or lake bottoms, maybe from a wooded path or even in your own back yard. Remember, when you do gather stones, ask the Earth first and then thank it for its sacrifice. Some witches perform a small ritual before they go on stone gather expeditions, making offerings to the Earth and praying for a good hunt. Features: Search function Bookmark your favorite items *Internet is required to display the images in the application

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