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User Reviews for Steady - Earn Money


I downloaded this app so I could earn a few Extra bucks easy . I saw an ad for it on IG and figured why not. Many of the boosters involve enrolling in an account that will apply a monthly charge after one free month which is annoying because you have to keep track of them and make sure you cancel so you aren’t charged because many of them are pretty useless. I opened a bank account about a week ago and deposited the required amount of funds and I emailed Steady support just to ensure that I did do everything properly but I still haven’t heard back and that was 4 business days ago. They say to expect the booster amount within ten business days so I suppose I will hopefully see it by then but their customer service isn’t very responsive. All and all not super impressed and there are very few boosters that are actually worth doing so it’s likely I won’t use this app long but if I do happen to get the $50 (which I’m skeptical clearly) I’ll be surprised. I only entered 5 stars so people could see this realistically this app gets about 2/5 stars for me .

asymone87, May 18, 2022
Steady is amazing!!!!

Back in December Stedy had released a grant for their members who had seen a negative impact on their income in the last couple years due to Covid. I signed up for the grant thinking worst-case scenario I just wouldn’t get it, well the best case scenario happened and I was given the grant in the full dollar amount! It was deposited into my account with 2 weeks of me applying & I couldn’t have been more thankful. I was asked to make a video for steady to talk about the grant & in what ways it helped me, I stated the fact that it helped me so much to jot stress about how I would pay my bills that month as I had missed quite a bit of work due to morning sickness from having a baby on the way. A person from steady emailed me thanking me for my video, and offering to set up a savings account for my baby on the way!! Today I got confirmation that my income boosters had been completed & that my payment was on the way to my account, to be seen in about 3-5 days. Money is already showing as pending. Thank you steady for all you do to help your community!

bootreasuredigger, Feb 15, 2022

I’m new to this app, but so far I am incredibly impressed! I believe it’s important to note that I am not being rewarded in any type of way to write this review; I’m doing it to provide feedback to users, & the developers. With that being said however, I’ve had this app for less than 1 month, & I have already received 2 rewards: the 1st one was a $10 e-Visa...& I received it ~ via email ~ within 1 day after completing an ‘Income Booster,’ & that timeframe is so super rare when it comes to being paid from online stores/apps. Since I’m so new tho, I still have lots of features that Steady offers that I just haven’t had the time or opportunity to complete just yet. I’ve been researching & trying out numerous different apps that are the same concept as Steady, but none have come even close. And I’m just getting started....I hope it only gets better from here!! I say this bcuz it’s common that when someone firsts signs up with an app, or a website such as a paid survey site, that rewards & payment thresholds are easily met & received...& then when that person is no longer “new,” the rewards, the offers to complete surveys to earn points, etc., slow to the slowest crawl, if not ceasing altogether, as I’m sure most everyone who might be reading this review has experienced. So here’s to ‘Steady’ remaining at least consistent with what they’ve already demonstrated...& to hoping that my experience only gets better!!!

Choozenlight, Feb 22, 2020
Love this app!!!

I’m still new to the app, but I completed a booster thinking that I probably wouldn’t actually receive a deposit. That there had to be some kinda catch but I was wrong….once I completed the booster two days later the money was sent straight to my account and for the correct amount. I was shocked, and very thankful they actually sent a deposit instead of making me buy a gift card or something like most of the other apps. When they say you’ll receive whatever amount if you correctly complete a booster, they mean it! This really helped me out when I needed it the most, and it was awesome that I didn’t have to deal with no crap like having to wait until I had a certain amount or buy a gift card. Just make sure you pay attention to what is required to be able to receive the booster because you can easily miss that part and think you’ll be completing it when you really aren’t. Thank you Steady for making it simple to earn money just by completing simple boosters and sending me actual money! This helped me out tremendously when I needed help the most. Definitely plan to complete more boosters. 😊

Jessijillm, Dec 08, 2021
Wish I wasn’t surprised

My previous experience with other financial memberships and supplemental income apps, especially ones that partner you with credit monitoring and repair services and income boosters have ended up being like hit or miss and overall underwhelming. Even though Steady had a better reputation than others I was still skeptical and assumed I’d run into issues like being matched with partner companies that oversell and underdeliver the perks of their services or I’d fail to receive a booster for some minor fine print issue that kept me from eligibility, however that hasn’t been the case. I wanted to open a new checking account and that was the main reason I even downloaded Steady and hadn’t planned on giving it too much thought after... but that changed quickly after realizing Steady was solid and simple and not seemingly using trickery.I went with the $75 for opening a Varo checking account (which I’m very happy with BTW) and I was cautioned that it could take up to 60 days for the booster to deposit.I applied and open the checking account by going through steady and I got a little worried because after I finalize that it didn’t take me back to Steady and I imagined I had screwed it up somehow... but I quickly got an email that I had activated it and I received the $75 in my new account no more than a week after I spent the required $25 on my new debit card. I hate that I felt cynical to the point that I was so surprised when Steady steadily delivered.

jmedellinger, Mar 12, 2021
Excellent app, understandable confusion.

I was uncertain whether to try the app or, frankly trust it. When you first open the app is displayed, at least for me, 3 apps on the App Store that you can freelance for and a signup section on bottom to receive more. I was pretty skeptical, especially because it wanted not only my zip, but on the next page, my name, email and phone number, something I never like to give out. I had a spam number gotten via google voice that has excellent filtering built in and can be easily turned off or removed, all for free (thanks google!) so I used that. But what I got was an amazing array of possibilities of work from home. They ask a quick survey to target your interest and desires for work, nothing personally identifiable, and two buttons. One is more info, though not a lot more than an unneeded summary anyway as the description gives most of the valid details, and the other button is the link to either the hiring page or the app on the App Store. And there’s a lot of content for that too. Apps I didn’t know of, businesses offering a malinials dream job (work on your own terms) online from home, and traditional jobs from big companies in my area.For reference I’m a stay at home dad trying to find more income with 1 year old.

MetaCat119, Nov 28, 2018
Legitimate 99% (had one booster not get paid)

I have gotten almost all of the advertised boosters except for Varo Bank, which i took all the steps and still have the stupid Varo Account cause a stipulation was to fund it and spend $25, which i did all in one transaction. I messaged customer service and expressed my concern because It wasn’t even showing up on the boosters in progress but I had the Varo account linked to the steady account and they were still offering at a potential booster. It’s like they just didn’t recognize that I had done the booster. I didn’t lose any money but I couldn’t get the booster from at steady and I won’t be able to get a varo booster from any other app, so for reason it just missed me on the Varo booster but this may have been an issue with Varo. I was “over it” and didn’t bother asking Varo but i don’t use Varo either since it never got the booster, so as long as Steady and their partners do their part I’ll use their products, and I probably have done and been paid for at least 5 boosters. All in all it’s a good app and if it does this for someone else it might raise a flag but one hiccup isn’t gonna make me stop using it. So it’s so good so far!🧐

princesspurses, Jul 10, 2021
Thank you Jasmine, Thank You Steady!!

I’ve been using this app for about a year now it’s been very helpful in giving me a clear picture of where I am financially and is incredibly helpfulFor finding gigs and opportunities to earn money. However, very recently this app became a literal lifesaver during these incredibly difficult times that COVID-19 has created. IReceived an email from steady stating that they noticed a dramatic decrease in my income since the pandemic started & an invitation to complete a survey regarding the app and the invite said they would compensate me for my opinion, naturally I thought it was a scam, but it was not! I was awarded a very helpful sum of money for taking part in the survey and was able to buy groceries and keep my cell phone on! The first attempt to deposit the money into my account was unsuccessful but Jasmine insured me that I would receive the grant and communicated with me throughout the entire process until I did!I do not have words for how grateful I am for this company and your generosity that has aided me during miss time I am so grateful for what they have done and provided me with!This is a company that truly stands by their word and supports their users in teaching financial literacy and providing resources for finances! Thank you steady!

RaynDaddi, Oct 07, 2020
Truly Trying to Help

I downloaded the app some time back to find an some work while I waited for a job to come through. I remember seeing on the app a few claims about giving them money to those in need. Of course, I’m always skeptical of companies that say they want to do this as I am never sure if they do. Then I wake up one morning to a few hundred extra dollars from Steady! Boy was it timely! I had a couple bills that needed to be paid and no money to pay them before my next paycheck. In addition to this, my next paycheck was not going to cover all of what needed to be paid. So I thought I would have to figure out what I would go without for the next two weeks following. Thanks to the generosity of the Steady team that is now not necessary. The money they gave was enough to cover the bills and then some.It’s good to know that there is some one out there recognizing the plight of others and are trying to something about it. These guys are not only teaching others how to fish, they give a fish when it’s truly needed. I encourage use of this app 100%

Shawmica, Feb 13, 2021

Well I would first off thank you for the chance to be able to try all these learning tools that I’ve never had the opportunity before to do. They don’t show this stuff in school. So at my age at 39yo it’s great to finally get the opportunity to use my money and learn how to invest it as well as link bank accounts, transfer funds and learn about the process and how to transfer my funds through out my accounts to pay bills or invest and make money all at the same time. The best part I can see where my money is going and getting alerts when my funds at low. And when I mess up my account locks up so no further damage is done to my account and the wonderful support team walks me through to how I need to fix it and get back on track. So I want to thank you guys at steady and my other online banking people and team for all the great work y’all are doing for my and my wife as well as everyone else who uses this to better there life. I most definitely tell everyone I know to get on board with this program/learning tool you guys have.Thanks your friend Carlos Martinez.

TripzxivV$FeNe, Apr 14, 2021


Are you ready to achieve better financial health? Looking for ways to make more money? You’ve come to the right place!

Employers have far too much power these days. By using technology to put the power back into the hands of the American worker, Steady is proud to support a community of millions putting more cash in their pocket, their way. Install Steady for FREE today and join 4million Steady Members taking action to Steady their income. Cash rewards. Financial tracking. Income insights. More ways to earn, the Steady way. Members increase their income by an average of $5,500 more per year after joining Steady. Learn more about our impact in the community at https://steadyapp.com/impact The word is out! Hear from existing Steady members sharing their success at www.steadyapp.com/testimonials. WHAT YOU GET Increasing your income to make ends meet isn’t easy, but the team at Steady believes that there is strength in numbers. Our community is here to provide members with insights and information not available elsewhere so you can explore the best personalized opportunities to generate more income together. Top Features: Boost Your Income Steady offers a ton of ways to earn cash now. We’ve teamed up with hand-picked, financially healthy partners to help our members Steady their income and receive quick cash rewards with Income Boosters. Complete as many Income Booster tasks as you want with any one of our trusted partners and get on your way to earning more. Simply follow all the steps, and, once completion has been approved by the partner, Steady will send you the cash rewards straight to your account. It’s really that easy! So far, we’ve paid out millions of dollars in Booster cash to reward members for taking steps to improve their finances, and we’re just getting started. Better Employer Insights Get even more out of Steady by registering for exclusive Steady+ benefits. Easily view, compare, and organize all your income and earnings, or explore other members’ earnings data on employers in your area. This accurate, community-driven income info consists of real, take-home pay information on thousands of employers not available elsewhere. With this personalized earnings information, Steady+ helps you decide for yourself how much you want to make, how you want to make it, even when you want to get paid, and matches you with the right income source(s) for your situation. Plus, easily organize your earnings and income into a single, easy-to-use PDF. More Earnings For You Steady offers Income Boosters, delivering emergency cash grants, and encouraging positive change for all our members are just some of the ways Steady is working hard to lift the income of everyone in the Steady community. Trusted Community Partner At Steady, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our Members and their families. We aren’t paid by employers; our only customer is you - the Steady community. In cooperation with our non-profit partners, we’ve delivered millions in emergency cash grants to members who need it most. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and we are focused on ensuring your information remains safe and secure. Steady uses the latest technology to keep your information protected, and never sells your information to any third party. JOIN THE COMMUNITY Steady is a place for people to learn, earn, and in turn, maximize their incomes. The unique and personalized insights we provide our members enable them to make the best decisions for themselves to ensure they get more cash in their pockets quicker. Complete your profile now to begin receiving additional personalized income recommendations and more ways to earn. It’s a no-brainer… Download Steady wherever you are and Steady your income today! Questions? Comments? Feedback? Reach out to our team anytime at [email protected]. We want to know what you think, and would love to hear from you!

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