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User Reviews for Starynovel

Bugs Not Fixed

I've found a couple of really good stories that I enjoy on the app. My issue is every time you close the app, whatever you were reading goes all the way back to the first chapter. The app deletes all of your settings for the book you were reading and takes the book all the way back to the beginning. It's very, very irritating. Every time I stop reading, I have to remember what chapter I was on, and have to go through the chapters to continue reading. I shouldn't have to do this every single time. You also need to tell the writers they need to proof read or have someone to proofread their books before they add them t site. Especially if English is not their first language. A lot of the grammar is so bad, it's hard to read.

Cubic912, Apr 09, 2022
Many issues

After being a paid subscriber, many books you can’t read. You can’t purchase coins. The grammar is atrocious on most stories. I will be cancelling all my subscriptions through Starynovel. It just isn’t worth it

FknMandi, Jan 22, 2022
Very nice!!

After the update on Feb12, there are many wonderful books, wow

KateSM11, Feb 15, 2022

You pay a monthly fee but some books are still locked and there’s no way to unlock them

kittykittymeowmeow8675309, Jun 26, 2022
Please help

How do I get out of this app where it doesn’t charge me.

maw0715, Jan 22, 2022
Avoid this app

Paid 14.99 first month and I was able to read all I wanted to read. Paid 14.99 for my second month and now I can only read the first few chapters of a story then the rest are locked. I can’t get through to anyone to help. Seems I’ve been scammed. Avoid this app!!

MissEarla, Mar 19, 2022
Do not subscribe

I’m a paid subscriber. I can’t read the entire book because it says you have to be a VIP subscriber, which I am. Grammar is terrible. I just want to cancel my subscription.

pitiful writing, Feb 16, 2022

I saw this story “years of goodbyes” on Facebook and I got deeply interested in the story and I wanted to read the rest so I downloaded the app that had the story and I scrolled down to the part I was at and you have to pay to continue reading the story and even with the subscription you still aren’t able to read the full story!!! It’s awful and yes I know it’s the writers fault but the spelling and grammar is horrible!! This is probably the worst story app I’ve downloaded yet!

robloxyoutube, Mar 02, 2022
Bad app

I found an ad for the app on Instagram and was interested so I downloaded it. The first story I read relatively no issues. But there was noticeably poor grammar and spelling. I continued to try reading other stories but quickly found most stories on the app have atrocious grammar and terrible spelling, making it extremely difficult and near impossible to follow and understand what’s being read let alone enjoy it. One book even had most of its chapters locked (mind you this one actually had few grammar and spelling issues so it was more enjoyable). But after waiting 24 hours for it then to unlock, they didn’t. I then messaged the people who deal with the app twice about this issue and it’s been almost a week with no reply. It’s getting really frustrating and not worth all the issues.

Sunshinespuppy, Mar 11, 2022
How to cancel subscription

Open Settings appClick your profile at the topClick Media & PurchasesClick View AccountClick SubscriptionsLocate it under Active list then click on itClick Cancel Subscription

ThomasB59, Jan 24, 2022


Starynovel - light up the romance with me in the starry sky Starynovel is a magical world offering multiple genres for story lovers.In the limited time and space, enjoying the endless romance in Stary's story. Join thousands of readers to access a massive number of gripping stories! [Why Us] – One of the best reading apps ever. – Enjoy countless stories in English and other languages. – Highly addictive novels by native writers. – Keep reading all along without an additional fee for subscribers. [Key Features] – Numerous Genres: Romance, werewolf/vampire, billionaire, marriage, suspense, and even more! – Newest Releases: Never get bored of new stories updated on a daily basis – Intelligent Recommendation: Personalize your reading experience – Community: 5,000,000+ like-minded readers & Close interaction with authors you like Here’s what you get with a Starynovel SUBSCRIPTION • Unlimited reading for the duration of your subscription • Access to the ENTIRE library of 200,000+ novels • Exclusively copyrighted stories Put an entire library in your pocket with a subscription to Starynovel. Download now to start reading!

Continuous subscription 【Membership Description of Auto Subscription Service】 1. Service Name:Continuous subscription 2. Subscription Benefits: book discounts for subscribers 3. "Continuous subscription" is an automatically renewed product. After confirmation of activation, the corresponding fee will be deducted from your Apple ID. 4. When your subscription expires, App store will automatically deduct the fee from your account, and the subscription period will be extended after you succeed. 5. If you want to cancel the automatic deduction setting, please unsubscribe in System Settings > Apple ID Settings > Subscriptions 6.Dear users, there may be some errors when you top up your VIP rights due to account change. For example, if current account isn’t the one that you’ve topped up for the first time, VIP rights that you’ve topped up today may be accumulated to your initial account. If you still want to top up, please check whether your current account is your initial one. 7.There is only one first-time top-up discount for an AppleID, and no such a top-up discount is available by switching Dreame U account after purchasing a preferential subscription. 8. Service Agreement:https://h5.starynovel.com/activity/termsOfUseStarynovel 9. Privacy Agreement:https://h5.starynovel.com/activity/privacyPolicyStarynovel

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