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User Reviews for SketchPal


This app is great if you only want to use it once, but I would suggest a better one if you are looking for a long term app. The most annoying thing about this is that you can only use red green and blue to mix a new color, and there is no way to see your color before you use it.

12253325432477(4&'f, Nov 07, 2018
Sketch Pal saved my relationship

I've never had much luck with the ladies. I'm an artist and it's hard to showcase my art to people. My girl was starting to think i was lying about being one. That was.. until i got sketch pal. Now whenever she needs some flowers, i whip out the app and draw them for her. Sketch pal saved my relationship, and saved my life.

bfergsf, Mar 30, 2017
This app makes you learn more about yourself than you ever knew.

I was having a day worse than my local plumber during the recession of 2008. Anything that could have gone bad, went bad. I was suffering. I needed to find a way to release my anguish and free myself from this turmoil. That's when I found SketchPal by Ali Mohammadian! I opened up the app and it was the creative outlet that I needed to free myself from this cruel world! It's a form of meditation. 5 stars! I use this application every single day! Incredible!

booty6538392663828, Apr 14, 2017
Ended World Hunger

This app ended world hunger, like you literally give out Ipads and Iphones to the needy and voila they can draw their food. This is definitely a miracle. 5/5 will fix society

ccabauatan, Jan 31, 2018
Simple yet useful

Needed an app that let me pick/save images and to edit them without much hassle. Would be nice if it had some more features but I really want it for photo editing more than anything else.

Datpro34, Mar 30, 2017

Two events have caused immense positive change in my life: One was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and the other was when I downloaded Sketchpal. Before Sketchpal, my life was in shambles. I was in deep depression sprung on by drug and alcoholaddiction. This eventually led to unemployment, and my wife divorced me after 14 years with 3 kids. I feel like all this tribulation led to my eventual redemption, which was the day I downloaded Sketchpal. A few hours after the download, I felt my mind transcend into higher consciousness. I no longer desired the feeble positive feedback loops I had always so desperately desired to get through the day. I all of a sudden felt a fire of unbridled determination. I started gaining knowledge, working out, and using Sketchpal on a daily basis. Today I’m the CEO of multiple tech companies, happily married, and a 6 time olympic gold medalists. Thank you for everything Sketchpal.

jejucirncnjd, Mar 22, 2018
WOW ... !

GREAT APP!!! Totally awesome. I'm hooked.

marrrrrriannsss, Apr 14, 2017


Sketch your heart out with an unlimited array of colors on a blank white canvas or on a picture on your device. Once finished you can save your image, or reset it and start again.