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User Reviews for Pixelmator Photo

Almost there...

These are my initial impressions after using the app for the first time. I was hoping it would be a Lightroom replacement, and it’s close. It would need selective edits, brushes, noise reduction, and masking on the sharpening tool. I can still use it in my workflow as a last stop to apply a filter. It would great for that because it has enough adjustment tools to fine tune the filter. I also like the idea of machine learning to supplement my creative process. It suggested a nice crop which made my model seem taller in the frame. I will be using that idea in the future! UI is great but would like to be able collapse an individual adjustment tool (on the right panel) so it’s out of the way when not in use. Currently collapsing an individual tool removes the adjustment. I would love for Pixelmator to replace Lightroom for me. I could be free of my Adobe subscription plan forever!Edit: Love to see that batch editing has been added. Thank you! I love companies that listen to their customers. I added a star just for that alone. I see file management has also improved. Great!

7 billion people, Jan 28, 2020
Best iOS photo editor for everyday use

This is by far the best iOS photo editor for everyday use. I’ve used it since its original iPad release and it has only gotten better over time. Some of the features that have made it great for a long time are iOS photos integration (no importing/exporting hassle), all basic editing features that work as expected (color, exposure, sharpness, etc.), custom setting options, batch editing capability, and RAW support. The recent-ish additions of super resolution, denoising, iPhone support, and a more fluid browsing/editing interface have pushed this app over the top as the best editor for casual users who like to make their everyday photos shine. There are, of course, still opportunities for improvement, such as more customizable batch processing, the ability to better customize the interface (for example, to hide the overall ML button but surface the denoise option, rearrange the tool order, etc.), masking capability, setting sync between iPad and iPhone, and so on… but these would all be quality of life improvements on what is already a superb app. Highly recommended over every other iOS photo editor (and I have used more than I care to admit).

Cybercrs, Jan 19, 2022
Great App (with some performance issues)

I absolutely love using this app to edit my photos! The ML edit is like magic - it gets me (usually) ~90% of the way there in one tap. The editing tools, cropping, and workflow are all super easy and approachable while offering great flexibility.Unfortunately, though - the app crashes fairly often for me. I like to swap back and forth between various takes in my library, and if I do that too often, the app just crashes. During a 1 hour editing session, it crashes maybe 5-8 times, which is a real speed bump on an otherwise lovely workflow journey. I’m using an M1 iPad Pro with 8GB of RAM, and I’m unsure if the app has been updated to take advantage of the larger memory pool available or not, but I hope that the developers can address this crashing in a future update!

Dj_Kru, Mar 27, 2022
Very good app, could use some new tools

I really liked this app. It does a great job at manipulating exposure, contrast, and so on. I definitely want to play around with it to see what it can do. So far I think it's missing a dodge and burn tool to fine tune the image. One app I like a lot has the dodge and burn tool but it also has a similar tool for saturation/desaturation and another for sharpening/blurring. also has a similar dodge and burn tool, but it's for saturation. As good as this app is, such tools would me it even better. To me this ap has one critical problem that will prevent me from using it. It has a undo button but not a redo button. I often like to compare the before and after the last change I just did. I am not talking about the original version and the now, sometimes when I changed the contrast, for example, I like to toggle between the undo and redo button to see a comparison between the change I just did and before. Sometimes I go a few steps back and redo them again just for comparison to see if I am going in the right direction. The app missing a redo button is like trying to make a hamburger with just one hamburger bun. This is a deal breaker for me.

Fototico, Feb 19, 2020
Very good, almost excellent

This is a wonderful tool for photo editing. It’s such a huge improvement in workflow over Lightroom it’s just silly. That said, there are a few super critical things missing in the Pixelmator photo ecosystem:1. Now that there are versions for both iPhone and iPad can I please sync my presets?! I know I can import them (which is pretty nicely done BTW) but seamless sync seems like a prerequisite for a multi-platform system.2. Pixelmator Photo for Mac already! This is a professional-grade tool. It’s convenient to occasionally play with it on my phone but let’s take advantage of the big beautiful MacBook Pro screens (and built-in SD reader!). I know… I can use Pixelmator Pro as an extension to Apple Photos and that’s very cool but it’s not nearly as seamless as the Photos app, and the presets aren’t truly cross-compatible (and don’t sync). 3. A community tool to share and find presets would be amazing. I’d engage endlessly with that. I’d even pay a small monthly fee to be part of that community. 4. Please allow a simple drag and drop to a shared album. That would significantly improve workflow. If this exists It doesn’t seem to work for me. 5. Really nice to have feature: some sort of indication of where the last edit was done. A simple bar showing the last edited photo would be great, as it would indicate the work I definitely haven’t done in recent imports. That’s my top 5 list! Really looking forward to future improvements. Thank you!

IMIMIMIMI, Jun 21, 2022
Almost there

First of all I love this app. It’s my go to app for all of my editing while I’m traveling. But it’s not quite finished. There are some features that are missing that would enable this being my standalone editor. First off it’s got a ton of features that work fantastic. The ML feature gets it right more often than not. The program is intuitive for anyone who’s ever edited in that one program that shall not be named. It’s speedy enough to export hundreds of photos without any fuss (although my battery may disagree). What it’s missing though really is a bummer. We need masking. There is currently no masking abilities that I’m aware of and that is such a shame. The ability to add watermarks or layers would be awesome but I realize that’s not what this app was designed for specifically. This has lead to creating workflows that exist outside of Pixelmator. Please also consider adding some basic brushes in future updates. I’ve been able to create an alternative workflow here as well using snapseed but I’d love to have any excuse to get rid of that app. It’s clunky. Finally where is the noise reduction? I’ll tell you, not here. It doesn’t exist yet. That is a shame. Overall you won’t be upset with this for edits and corrections but it’s just not quite done in my opinion.

Kaplan student, Dec 06, 2021
Good photo editing, but...

Hope the Developers read this. This is a good photo editor. I’ve used many other editors, and so far I like using this one. It’s very simple with decent range of tools. However there are many improvement they can make in the coming months. Two things I would really love two see is #1 adding a ‘Left Handed Toggle’ to switch all the tools to the other side. The lack of this feature which many other have, makes this a bummer for lefties like me.#2 Add a Resizing tool(not crop) to be able to export images at different resolutions. Hopefully if this feature is added that the quality of the resizing is very well. Being to resize an image from 4000pixels to a smaller custom size would be a handy.There are a few others, but for now these two would be great.

Majeztyk, Sep 27, 2020
Good Lord this is all you need…

I’m a Fujifilm fan boy, and I usually use the CamRemote to transfer JPEGs directly to my Apple Photos, from there I post to IG…but when the JPEGs just aren’t doing it for me, I start messing with the RAW .raf file. AND THATS WHERE EVERYTHING HAS FAILED ME UNTIL NOW. See, I wanted to keep things as streamlined as possible without having to do stupid stuff like copying into an editing program, and then exporting back to the camera roll for the apple photo stream sync via iCloud to take over…because thats gross, messy and unintuitive—not to mention a waste of storage and leaves duplicate photos everywhere etc. And this brings me to the best thing about this app, deep apple photos integration. Now, my workflow is as easy as plugging in my SD card, importing into my Apple Photos, rating, deleting as necessary, uploading the creamy X-Trans sensor beauties that my Fuji cams spit out in jpeg and editing the RAWs that need a little extra work…all non distructive without duplicates IN ICLOUD 🤑🤑. And because Apple Photos handles RAW+JPEG images exactly the same as your other photos everything says clean and sexy. Best app ever because of the integration bar none. They knocked it out of the park with this one.

Thisismikedee, Jun 03, 2022
A true gem

Pixelmator Photo is one of the handful of essential apps you can turn to when away from your desktop but still needing to get professional work done. The UI is a bit opaque upon first use and therefore at first I did not use this app as much as others, but over time I find, over and over, little things that it does that other apps simply can't, and implementations of other things that are just better and more elegant than other apps. Nowadays this is my go-to photo editing app on my iPad Pro and I'm consistently impressed with it. For example, tonight I had to crop a photo down to the exact pixel. Sounds simple, but give it a try with other iPad OS apps—you won't be able to zoom in to the pixel level while using the crop tool to make a 3000px crop, but here you can—that's not an accident, they had to go out of their way to make that work, and it just did, and it was great.

turkishoval, Dec 10, 2020
It’s so close

I’ve played with this for about 30 minutes and I see two pain points right away. First, where are the borders? Why do nearly no apps include this basic feature? Only Darkroom does as far as I’m aware. It’s such a simple thing to include even if not everyone uses it. Second, it alters and saves changes to the original photo which is worrying if I want to edit the photo in a different app. Devs, please tell me what am I supposed to do if I make some edits but want to come back to it later WITHOUT overwriting the original file? Also how am I supposed to produce multiple edits of the same photo without using undo or reset? This is the only photo editing app I’ve used that works like this. This seems to be a DESTRUCTIVE editing app as opposed to basically every single alternative out there. I would love a dev response on these two points. Overall it seems decent but these two things have me scratching my head.

ZBohlman, Dec 17, 2021


Pixelmator Photo is the most powerful photo editing app ever designed for a mobile device. It features over 30 desktop-class color adjustments, support for over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW, deep integration with the Photos app and iCloud Photos, tools powered by groundbreaking machine learning technologies, and much more. Everything you need to make your photos look incredible • Edit photos using a complete collection of powerful, nondestructive color adjustments designed using advanced image processing techniques • Make your photos stand out with photographer-designed presets inspired by film photography • Effortlessly remove unwanted objects using an incredible object removal tool • Automatically enhance shots using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million pro photos • Magically increase the resolution of photos using AI • Crop, straighten, and rotate photos with a powerful and easy to use Crop tool • Automatically sync every change you back to your Photos library • Easily copy and paste edits between photos or batch edit even hundreds of photos at a time • Open and edit over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW • Remove camera noise and image compression artifacts with the Core ML-powered Denoise feature • Copy the look of any photo to another using AI-powered color matching • Follow all the changes you make in the beautiful live histogram Over 30 desktop-class color adjustments • Adjust temperature and tint with the White Balance adjustment • Improve exposure, contrast, brightness, highlights, and shadows using the Lightness adjustment • Adjust color saturation, vibrance, and hue with Hue & Saturation • Improve the balance of colors in the shadows, midtones, and highlights using a Color Balance adjustment inspired by pro video color grading apps • Selectively adjust individual color ranges using the Selective Color adjustment • Quickly improve brightness, contrast, and color by setting black, white, and grey points using the Levels adjustment • Use the Curves adjustment to adjust lighting and color with complete precision • Mix the balance of the red, green, and blue color channels to create intense color effects in your images • Replace any color with any other using the Replace Color adjustment • Create beautiful black and whites even from your color photos • Use the Fade adjustment to wash out the contrasts in your photo and give it a faded look • Add beautiful, film-style grain with the Grain adjustment • Use a range of additional adjustments, like Sharpen, Color Monochrome, Sepia, and Invert to make your photos stand out Groundbreaking artificial intelligence • Automatically improve your photos like a pro photographer using a feature trained on 20 million professional photos • Automatically fine-tune individual adjustments, like Lightness, White Balance, Selective Color, and Color Balance using the knowledge from the same 20-million-photo algorithm • Remove camera noise and image compression artifacts with the ML-powered Denoise feature • Increase the resolution of photos while preserving details and sharpness using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques • Use Match Colors to automatically match the look and feel of one photo to another • Intelligently crop photos using the machine learning-powered auto-cropping Stunning presets for film emulation, vintage looks, and more • Quickly change the look of a photo using an extensive collection of presets inspired by different photography styles and designed for a variety of subjects • Create, save, and even share your own custom presets Built exclusively for iOS Pixelmator Photo is built from the ground up for iPhone and iPad with a native design that blends seamlessly with the sleek and modern look of iOS 15.

And it uses powerful Apple technologies like Metal, Core ML, and Core Image to deliver staggeringly fast performance, even when editing large RAW photos or batch editing multiple images at a time.

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