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PicCollage: Photo Grid Edits

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PicCollage: Photo Grid Edits

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User Reviews for PicCollage: Photo Grid Edits


I’m a long time user of PicCollage and I love it! I have an account and have made some lovely friends, which has been incredible. I have a few problems though. There are ads that pop up when you post something, one of them is for a type of birth control. This isn’t an appropriate ad to be showing (it has been the only ad I’ve seen for months). The majority of the PC population is in middle school or high school, and that ad is geared towards people who are older than high school age. As someone in high school, I am uninterested in this ad, and it wastes my time and makes me uncomfortable. I relate to many other users with these feelings.Also, the most recent update (iPhone X compatible) has rendered the app itself virtually useless to me. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but I cannot view my notifications (likes, comments, remixes) or my profile, and I cannot post. When I try to see my notifications, I am directed to the website, and I cannot post or see my notifications there. This is a big problem for me because I’m very active in the PC community. I don’t know if others are affected (I’m assuming they are) but I hope this is fixed as soon as possible.

💐Happy me💐, Nov 25, 2017
How piccolo change my life

Have you ever had one of those boring apps that have all of those ads just pop up on the page? Well I know just the right up for you so here's how it all started I've always wanted an app that I can post pictures on and have cool backgrounds that have stickers and wallpaper and frames. All of those things are amazing ❤️ piccolo to do all of that stuff for you and guess what it's free so here's how it started I was looking for an app that can do all of those things but all of the apps that can do all of those things cost money or they don't work or they load forever or there's too many links that show up on the page that cover up what you're looking at the list goes on and on forever so I was about to give up but then my friends told me to try one last app ☝️ so I said ok 👌 and guess what I tried it and it was awesome it had all of the cool gizmos that I listed above so I told my friends thanks and I still have it to this day so that's why I am writing a report about it but your probably wondering why I only gave pic collage 4 ⭐️ instead of 5 ⭐️ because I just wrote about how amazing it is, well here's why I don't like that you have to pay money 💰 online for just the STICKERS!!! I mean some of the stickers are 0.99 cents or 1.99 $ please change this

Callie Addcock, Oct 06, 2018
App no longer good not recommended

1…. It saddened me to see all these people care is about making money now. My original long time payment for the paid version is hidden and hard to find all because now they want a paid monthly subscription, but I already paid for a life time upgrade of this app long time ego. I do not do monthly subscription it is a scam. 2…. It saddened me to see the development of this app has made it worse, it is now so so slow to use on all my different devices. It takes for ever to save a collage when you are done, it even takes longer for the collage to apear and be ready for use. It used to be my favorite app and now it has turned into junk, it now takes so long to save a collage, something is wrong, there must be a bug, app is running too slow on all my devices. Original Review Everything it does it does it well. I wanted a crop feature but not the free hand style of cropping used to make cheese collages. I would like for the developers to stop adding good features like the text shadow and the removing the those same features that we love, every new version should add more features not delete features. Regardless of all my complains, I love the app and I use it more then any of my other image editing apps on my phone. Recommended.

iLokito, Jun 20, 2022
Read this if you wanna get the app

Ok so I am saying I have this app on my iPad and it’s incredibly amazing. 🤩 It’s one of my favorite apps ever. The app lets you create, draw, take photos, put photos, and it even lets you find photos that you don’t have on the 🔍 button. The game lets you free draw ✍️ and be creative. There is no limit on how much fun creative things you can do with the game. There are barely any downs to this game that I can think 🤔 of. Here are my ups though, this game doesn’t have many adds at all! 😍 And also if you mess up your able to take it off and put something else on.👌 your ALSO able to if you save it my accident you can go back to it with a button and edit it. 🤗but the downs are if you search something and it has something you don’t want, you can’t search it again and get a different thing. So if you search say “funny things” and there are PEOPLE and it’s not cool 🤷‍♀️ idk what to tell ya. But I would highly recommend getting the app cuz its really cool other then the down. So if your a creative person… get the app, you’ll love it. ❤️ And also thanks for reading this far down it is really appreciated. ❤️ And I just wanna make people read this, get the app, and have so much fun 🤩. If you know a creative person, send a screenshot to them and see what they say. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. Bye ✌️😊😁😇

Kawaii Games Rule, Oct 16, 2021
Pretty decent! 🙂

I heard about this app from my friend because she really liked it, and I started using it and I LOVED IT! I love how you can get images from the web and create cool collages with a variety of tools and stickers. A few things I want to say though. One: I don’t know if it’s my phone being weird or something but lately PicCollage has been just deleting all my collages! It’s not THAT big of a deal since I have most of them saved to my camera roll, but it would be nice if it didn’t do that because some weren’t saved to my camera roll and now I’ve lost them. I would love it if the developers or whoever does bug fixes would look into this and see if it’s a big or if not, just my phone. Second: this might sound petty, but the drawing tool is kinda glitchy on my phone. It works, but its laggy and starts drawing a second after you drag your finger around so then it doesn’t draw the entire way. If at least one of those things are fixed, I would absolutely love to give this app a five star review! I love using this app and I am satisfied with it apart from the few bugs.

Kitty Universe, Jul 09, 2021
Satisfied premium subscriber for years until now.....

I’m not sure what can be done as far as tech support for this app, but I just wanted to see if anything can be done about the issues I have been having since the last update. I have no problem paying for an app that I use ALL THE TIME, but for the last week or two it’s been almost impossible to use it for more than a few minutes because it’s soooo slow. It gets even slower the longer I am using it which is frustrating since I have the latest iPad Pro and software. It will take forever to save something I am working on and I have to save very often because the app crashes randomly all the time and I am tired of losing my progress. Also, when I search for web pics it resets every time I choose a picture so I have to retype what I’m searching for each time. I don’t want to uninstall and then reinstall because I have done that in the past and each time all of my saved collages I would work from are not there anymore. I am at a loss 😩😩 This is the ONLY app I have found that lets me do the things I do with cutting and pasting stuff together easily, so I really hope something can be done or a new update will be out soon to fix the issues I have been dealing with. I can’t see myself continuing to pay for the premium version if it stays this way much longer. HELP!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢

KLKansa, Jun 09, 2021

I have used pic collage about 10 times in the past 2 months and it has been amazing. You’re able to shape it how you want it, place it where you want it and able to do it for many photos. I have used pic collage for my Home Screen, Lock Screen and school work too. It’s great for people who don’t want to pay to make a collage( like myself) and for people who are willing to pay. Without VIP access I’m able to get a lot of backgrounds and wallpapers. A lot of other apps charge for making a decent collage and this app is one of the few that you don’t have to charge to have the things pic collage provides. The only recommendation I have for pic collage is for people to be able to see their collages they have posted on their phone. I’m able to see my posts on my computer but not on my phone. I’m not sure why Pic collage has it like this, but please get it fixed soon!! It’s not much of a problem for me but it something that may be more of a problem for other people. Overall, I recommend this for people that don’t like to pay for apps( like me) and people that are willing to spend real money on apps like this.

Melody E. G., Mar 24, 2021
Great app, but needs work on their interface

I will rave about PicCollage till the day I die, but it’s not without its flaws in its recent updates. Social media wise, PC is a great place to put out some fun collage art and make genuinely pretty good friends w/o the sketchiness, drama, or unkind formulas of Instagram. It’s a good social media platform for younger kids, too. I’ve been on it for several years and I have many fond memories and several pieces I’m proud of. It’s good for users who just want to use it for practical uses as well. It’s good for beginners and isn’t too complicated, although it’s not the easiest to work with on the iPhone. I use my iPad. CONS: Their recent update has made notification checking and just scrolling through in general very unfriendly. Esp on my iPad, it looks buggy and unorganized and it’s hard to just double tap something without it going weird on me. Definitely a con. Easier on the phone, but it still is frustrating. Idk why they changed it from before. Overall, a good free app. The membership isn’t worth it, though. I know plenty of great collagers who don’t need any of it. I’d recommend it to beginners and people who want an artsier social media platform.

Qlee27, Oct 19, 2021
An amazingly simple app that does its job to perfection

I’m using the free version and while there are times I’d like to have all the bells and whistles, I find the free version is very robust and satisfies my needs 99% of the time. The controls are intuitive and the ability to manipulate a single pic frame within the collage is pure genius and is crazy practical. I have this app 5 stars because it 100% deserves it and the dev/QA team deserve 5 stars as well. The app is super stable and I’ve never seen the app crash even once. With so many apps out there proving ZERO functionality without you paying them $5-$10/month I can say without reservation that Pic Collage is in a league of its own and it is so nice to be able to create professional grade pic collages without mortgaging your house. Thank you Oic Collage team for all your hard work and dedication. You are so appreciated! KeepUp the amazing work and also thank you so much for providing us a working app and for not being greedy like the majority of the other pic app people. I love this app and cannot recommend if enough.

RobertesTX, Nov 28, 2019
Pretty great 👍🏼

Def worth downloading even if u do not sign up for the VIP. There is plenty to choose from to create awesome personalized photos, cards, etc. I had joined their VIP n I loved it. I love how u can create birthday cards to send digitally and calendars, thank you cards n so much more personalized with a photo(s) or just even txt. I used it often & tho this apps VIP payment is reasonable and low cost, with all the others I had signed up for it was well over $150 a month n that’s just crazy. So I canceled them all to c which I genuinely used enough to warrant spending $ on them and if I even needed to. So now not being VIP I most times feel I am still able to create some really cute pics/cards/etc n I am grateful that there r some pretty great options for the templates for all the holidays n cards etc. tho borders and stickers. . . I remember way bck when this app had loads of free download options for stickers, borders etc. so if there were say 10 holiday border options for Halloween, there’d always be at least 1 or 2 FREE ones for u. Not anymore. U have to pay $1.99-$2.99 for one lil set of borders or stickers n it just is a waste IMO since I will use it once n most likely not again so... nah. I still was able to create a super adorable picture of my little guy n u usually can without being VIP. I just wish there were more free options for us to use in regards to stickers n borders etc.

sassy4mp, Oct 25, 2020


Create & Celebrate! PicCollage helps you make anything to celebrate everything. Our favorite perks about PicCollage - Lots of FREE options in the app, including stickers, backgrounds, templates and fonts.

If you enjoy these, you have the option of upgrading to VIP to get unlimited access to everything! - Grids - Instant layouts to quickly arrange photos from your album. - Templates - Hundreds of free templates to quickly create unique messages for any holiday or occasion. - Freestyle - The blank canvas option to give total freedom to create at your own pace. - Cut-Out - Snip your photos by tracing shapes with your finger, or use auto cutout for people or pets! Doodle: Draw on your collage to write messages, add emphasis, or illustrate something new. "Whether you're 6 or 106, you'll find the free Pic Collage app an excellent way to dress up your photo collection and share your handiwork." -USA Today It could be the fastest way you'll ever find to organize a batch of photos ... and can turn your image into a real postcard." - LA Times Easy and Fast Create a photo collage in seconds with our helpful editing tools. Get inspired with a wide variety of grid layouts and pre-designed cards OR use the freestyle mode to create a photo collage in your own unique style. PicCollage’s app interface is fun and friendly to give you the most options for how you want to create, without getting overwhelming. Collaging should be relaxing and fun! Unleash Your Creativity PicCollage brings templates and customization together to give you everything you need to get inspired. Create quick and easy collages to share during a party, or take your time and make a truly freestyle to flex your skills! PicCollage gives you everything you need to tell your story! PicCollage VIP The PicCollage VIP is a subscription that provides access to enhanced features and removed watermark and ads. We now offer a 7-day trial to let you try out for free! Access to thousands of stickers and backgrounds Enjoy exclusive VIP fonts and templates Remove watermark and ads We’re so happy you choose us as your favorite photo collage and photo editor app and excited to see what you make! PicCollage(TM) and “Pic Collage” are trademarks of Cardinal Blue Software. Terms of Service: http://cardinalblue.com/tos Privacy Policy: https://cardinalblue.com/privacy

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