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User Reviews for Payrollguru

Great app for small employer

I pay my nanny each week using this app. Makes calculating withholding easy! Thanks!

Afjbfrnde, Jan 05, 2020
Worked fine last year

Worked great last year pretty accurate now $100 over for my net throws off my planning

Bootz616, Feb 06, 2020
Good app but don't add YTD

App works good so far but it don't save hourly rate in profiles so you have to change it for different employees. Also it doesn't automatically keep up with the paid to date, you have to manually add it up and change it.

Cattle wrangler, Sep 12, 2017
Doesn't work on iPhone 8+

I spent the $5 for this app and it won't let me choose options in settings but it seems to work on my iPad pro. Please update the iPhone.

Leolion68, Oct 06, 2017
It’s worth it if you learn to use it

I’ve been using this app for 3 years now and it has always been of great help to calculate my checks.It may be off by no more than $10 but that has more to do with jobs take a few more dollars here and there for taxes than the app. Best advice is to download this app and make sure you put in any additional taxes or withholdings in your settings to get an accurate amount. Only thing I wish this app had was holiday pay section. It would just make it a little easier to calculate checks if holiday pay was an option.

Pronuff, May 29, 2021
Finally! An Update!

I've been using this app for the past couple of years. The last update was in December of 2013! Like holy cow! It shouldn't of taken this long for an update. A yearly update would even satisfy me, but none the less it does the job for me and gets pretty close to what my paychecks are. They're not completely 100% accurate but its usually no more than either a couple dollars higher or lower. But all in all, glad to see this app is still supported!

Pruff60plus1, May 14, 2017
Excellent Customer Service

I have used this app for a few years and recently had an issue after an update. I messaged their customer service team and they figured out what the problem was quickly and kept me in the loop every step of the way! So thankful for the support and quick response! Excellent app and wonderful customer service!

Spardue, Jan 15, 2020
Great when it worked

It worked for a day after I bought it and now crashes instantly when I try to open it.

supertruckerjeff, Sep 09, 2019
Great app

This app is so helpful to me. I am able plan out my bills, money to save, etc. It has become one of the most important apps on my phone. The customer service team is great. There was an issue with the app not calculating my state tax deductions, and I emailed them, took a little bit of time, but they got it resolved, and the app is back to being accurate as always.

Tatay45, Feb 06, 2022

Wish that it saved data to be exported. Would make it great.

Welcha1, Jan 02, 2020


Payroll Guru calculates paychecks with net pay amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. *** Payroll guru app updated for year 2022 payroll taxes and calculations. ** Salary and Hourly calculations of paycheck ----------------------------------------- Important Note: For Salary calculation just enter Gross Pay Amount in the appropriate field, do not enter anything else. For Hourly calculation please enter rate and hours (OT, DT) and the Gross Pay amount will be automatically calculated! ----------------------------------------- Unlimited profiles ----------------------------------------- Payroll Guru app allows for unlimited number of profiles to cover every employee or a group of similarly taxed employees. Profiles can be saved and edited and include state, marital status, pay period, allowances and deductions information. 8 pre-tax or post-tax deductions ----------------------------------------- Payrollguru app allows up to 8 pre-tax and/or post-tax deductions, which are setup as a fixed amount deduction or a % of gross pay.

Deductions are customizable and can differ from one profile to another. The deductions can be modified to accommodate various taxing scenarios. For example for 401K deduction - select pretax and turn ON Federal and State switches to exclude it from being taxed on federal and state levels. Once you enter all information and include year-to-date gross paid wages, Payroll Guru will calculate your net paycheck amount and will show you the appropraite taxes. Payroll Guru calculates the following taxes: - Federal WIthholding, - Social Security, - Medicare, - State Withholding, - State Unemployment (where applicable), - State Disability Insurance (where applicable). Calculated paychecks can be viewed as a pie chart showing the percentage distribution of your gross pay. Paycheck details can be emailed to an employee, employer or a payroll service provider. Payrollguru app is a must have for any self-employed person or employer in the US to calculate paychecks and verify accuracy of issued paychecks. Payrollguru app will also be useful to any employee looking to improve financial planning, budget spending and estimate impact of personal changes (i.e. marital status, number of dependents) on net take home amount. Employees can also use Payroll Guru app to compare net paycheck amounts (after tax) in different states. This will be useful for employees considering job or relocation to a different state. For small business owners and payroll service providers Payrollguru will help estimate net and gross paycheck amounts in a particular payroll situation, and will provide a pretty accurate assessment of applicable payroll taxes. Payrollguru app calculates payroll taxes for all 50 states and District of Columbia. If you have any improvement suggestions or would like to report a problem please email us directly at [email protected]. We also appreciate your positive feedback and reviews. Thank you for using Payroll Guru app. Enjoy it!

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