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Paycheck Calculator (US)

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Paycheck Calculator (US)

  • Finance
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User Reviews for Paycheck Calculator (US)

Should explain each labeled category to get 5 starts

If this app would explain the description for each of the categories it’s able to access and include in estimating your check, this would be a much better app but I’m still left with a vague sense of unknown expectation for what my forthcoming check will look like, because there not much clarify for some of the other areas users can adjust and use for calculating their payroll to be expected. If this was made a feature, this would be a cool and helpful tool, which features limited ads, and gives users a better more concise estimate for what’s to be expected on their forthcoming payday— this happens to still leave me confused, though, and thus my rating is pretty fair since the app doesn’t do more than whats easily calculated and perhaps why uses look for something similar to the app. If this app had made clear the definitive categories appropriate to my personal tax needs, not only would it be a much better app, but it would also easily have earned 5/5 stars and given me a far better experience overall! Hopefully that’s changed soon bc without that, it’s served me no real beneficial purpose and i could probably find an app just as good, or better, and with more definitions for what is/isn’t applicable to me, with explanations for the variations it provided uses but didn’t elaborate for their user friendly experience!

A.Aleathea Conner, Jul 20, 2021
Very useful without being too complicated

This was surprisingly accurate. I usually calculate my pay using spreadsheets and when I compare it to my actual paystubs the spreadsheets are always off by a maximum of $30. This is within the accuracy of my spreadsheets and also portable. My overtime varies and this helps me calculate my disposable income on the fly. Great job creating this app. The simplicity makes it gold.

Angry&Displeased, Jan 11, 2023
Decent App but could be better with right ideas.

It’s not a bad app at all it’s very useful. Although it Could have a few different features included such as “The Reveal”, which shows how, Who, where or what their money is funding in tax’s pairs every pay period. Nothing too fancy that would require payment but even something as simple as panels that reveal what the tax is, funds, or just fun facts to remember. One more separate idea that could require a small fee such as $4.99-$9.99, is a W-4 starter that begins the complete breakdown explanation that is involved with a W-4 and a W-2. Also, how important it is to be accurate when filling one of these forms out. But also scripted in a style of 2 choice’s. A; “Dumbs Down” the explanation is center to the main importance of each section and what is required from you. Or B; “Knowledge Is Power”. A detailed description of each section individually and the requirements from you and why it’s required. Anything could be done with this.

Fart no it's my shoe, Aug 06, 2022
Great app to calculate my weekly pay!!

So far so good and it’s one of the better apps out there that I’ve used to calculate what my weekly paychecks are going to be. Kind of gives me a pretty close estimate so I can do my weekly budget. A suggestion is to add a section somewhere in there where some of us who gets a Shift premium/bonus for working 2nd or 3rd, which often times isn’t calculated into a person’s hourly pay but into the tax scheme overall. That would be helpful for me and for sure others. Just a thought. Great app and looking forward to future updates. Hopefully my suggestion makes the cut.

Kvn312, Dec 07, 2019
Right on the money

This was about right on the money about $30 lest than what I got so it was a very happy surprise. My work in EMS was giving incentives for COVID, and overtime because of how crazy everything is going so kind of hard to figure out what all that meant after taxes. This app takes care of that, I was surprised to see what the app said my check was going to be. I was worried it was way off but it was totally on it. If I had one word to us it would be AWESOME!!!!

Mjreker, Sep 03, 2021
Great app!

It’s handy to figure out what I’ll be getting for the most part from now on. As a person with two jobs instead of a high paying one (which I’m working towards) I like to know down to the smallest amount versus making broad estimates. I guess the only actual gripe I have is that the yearly net pay should also be included in the breakdown, but I’m giving it 5 stars anyway because I haven’t found any other app that makes it this simple! Great work!

mpc808, Apr 06, 2022
Really Helpful & Accurate

I enjoy using this app. It is really useful when it comes to keeping up with my pay as I work hours. It’s been very accurate for me aside from the federal which it accurately deducts but my employer does not. I have recommended this app to all of my co workers when I hear then guessing and estimating what their paycheck might be or should be I simply tell them to download this app and they are happy.

Mrs.Tfriar, Mar 16, 2023
4 star

This app is great! I’ve recommended it to several people. I’m getting married in December 2022 so being able to use this app helps a lot. When you put in your hours, it gives what it “thinks” you end up getting paid. It’s always a little lower than what you actually get and that’s what I love about it. Because if I plan my saving/spending around what it tells me, when I actually get my paycheck I end up with a little more than what I planned for.

S.E.P.7, Jan 26, 2022
Look into the future!!

I am in love with this App!! Because I am hourly and my hours fluctuate weekly, I’m able to get a glance at what my paycheck will look like. All you have to do is put in the Deduction Amounts (PreTax & Post Tax) and Dependents and the App Calculates your taxes and does EVERYTHING ELSE!! I’ve been using this App for over a year and it is off by maybe $10.. However, when it has been off, I actually short changed myself a few hundred dollars, so I was even more surprised when I received my check. The good thing about that is, I budgeted for the amount the APP gave me..

Sluva Luv, Jun 24, 2022

It’s really accurate in my case. Maybe your tax situation is different from mine but it’s never off more than I would say 10 15 tops 20 that’s not bad. Some times I make more than what they say but it’s definitely in the ball park. Helped me out planning events and paying bills. Even helped me calculate if promotions if they were worth it or just going to a different company that pays more. This app helped me a lot

The Truth..from my pov, Jul 01, 2022


We created Paycheck Calculator because we were constantly asking ourselves the following questions: How would my paycheck look like if... - I accepted a job with a yearly salary of X? - I received a raise of X dollars per hour? - I moved to X city? - I worked X hours of overtime this week? - I increased my 401k contribution by X percentage? - I received a commission of X dollars this week? And we wanted something simple that could be quickly pulled up on the phone, had a previous calculation saved, and computed the deductions as soon as I changed a single number. So basically the app is solving the problem of knowing how much money will one make after taxes.

It does it by computing a few formulas given by the IRS based on the 2020 brackets, it also adds a few extra variables related to social security, medicare, and other federal deductions. Overtime is a common concept and most people want to know how would their paycheck work if they do a couple of hours a certain date, what happens if there is double-overtime, the app allows to add all those inputs in simple visible cards. In order to be even a little bit more accurate, the app contains a few additions to state taxes and they are automatically deducted after the user selects its location. Besides deducting federal, social security, medicare, and state taxes, the app has extra inputs to add customized deductions, for example, a 401k contribution, an HSA addition, child-care, between others. The deductions can be customized pre-tax or after-tax. Allowances are something that might be tricky and it's normally not widely known to be used to calculate the net income, we've added a small slider to input any number from 0 to more than 10 allowances. Finally, the app allows you to add any kind of extra income, pre-tax or after-tax, tips received, bonuses, commissions, the extra money that your boss gives you based on performance, you're able to tweak your whole income completely. All these inputs can be customized in a yearly or hourly setup, they can be calculated in different pay periods, like daily, bi-weekly, semimonthly, quarterly, yearly, etcetera, and all the numbers are quickly calculated at realtime in a single page layout. Do you know how much money will be there at the end of the week? Will you be able to order that extra queso tonight? Give it a try and figure it out yourself! DISCLAIMER: The application does not give legal tax advice, it's merely informative. All the calculations are done locally on the device based on brackets already loaded up and we have no way of looking of the information it's entered in the app.

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