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Paycheck Calc

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User Reviews for Paycheck Calc

Beware - don't buy

7-27-15: bought app & only option for year was 2012 & 2013Don't buy, waste of money!

Aunti J777, Jul 28, 2015
Paid 99 cents for nothing

Looked great so I paid. However, it did not calculate taxes at all. Said all taxes owed were $0.

B.Bacon, Aug 30, 2020

Paid a $1.07 for this and it doesn't do hourly rate!! And in AZ there is state tax!! Not very accurate if you ask me!! You ppl need to do some serious updating for your consumers. I will be applying for a refund of my money in the morning. First time ever getting a refund on any app!

DATGSXR750, Apr 29, 2011
Nice app

Nice app, but recommend upgrading to Payrollguru app instead.

gpro1231, May 19, 2011

Doesn’t even do anything. Could have spent my 99 cents on one that actually works. Whack.

Kristen5489, Aug 26, 2020
Not great

There isn't a way to deduct 401K, insurance, and other pre-tax withholdings to get your actual net paycheck amount. Also, you can't tell it what # you claim, so the amount of taxes it takes out is irrelevant b/c its not accurate.There should be a box that lets you input the sum of all of your pre-tax deductions so you get a number you actually are paying taxes on and another box that allows you to input the # of deductions you claim.

mfb2007, Apr 14, 2011

Spent yeah .99 cents for nothing at all can’t do anything

mybird90, Sep 29, 2020
The most accurate app I've seen

This is the most accurate paycheck calculation that I have seen from all paycheck apps available on the market. I like how it looks and runs, I even emailed my paycheck details to my husband ;)

Natavip, Apr 09, 2011


Paycheck Calculator calculates net pay (take-home) amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. Calculated taxes include: - Federal Withholding, - Social Security, - Medicare, - State Withholding, - State Disability Insurance (where applicable), - State Unemployment Insurance (where applicable). State tax calculations are available for all 50 states (US) and District of Columbia.

Paycheck Calculator assumes that you enter proper federal exemption and state exemptions. Rule of thumb is to enter 1 for yourself and add another 1 for each additional dependant in your household. Paid wages (year-to-date) are assumed to be 0, therefore a minor descrepancy with your actual paycheck is expected at the end of the year. To produce the most accurate paycheck calculation please upgrade to Payrollguru app, that considers the number of allowances and paid year-to-date wages, and allows for additional pre-tax and post-tax deductions. Paycheck Calculator can be used by employees and employers in the US to verify accuracy of actual paychecks. Can email result to any person. Great tool to compare take-home amounts after taxes in different states and/or in different pay scenarios, such as married vs. single, weekly vs. monthly. Helps to plan your budget and future spending. Enjoy using it and please review it the app if you like it.

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