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Fifty One Forty Nine LLC
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User Reviews for Pangrams

Daily puzzles arriving late

I like this app and find it to be a better value than the NYT Bee. It’s also harder and (at least for me) almost impossible to get to 100% of the words since it obviously uses an extended dictionary with many unusual/lesser known entries (for instance, “donjon”, “ejido”, ”jeon” are among the words that came up in a recent puzzle).However, the one thing that bugs me is that next day’s puzzle and prior day’s answers take a really long time to arrive. It’s almost 9:00 pm Pacific time as I’m writing this, and the today’s puzzle still hasn’t shown up. Compare that to NYT Bee, which releases its new puzzle at 12:00 am PDT consistently.I also haven’t yet figured out the “game rooms” feature, but it’s not a concern.Ultimately, If you like these type of word games, you will get a lot of mileage with this one. The UI is clean and simple, it doesn’t take too much space or crash your phone. It doesn’t have any annoying extras or ads. My only ask from the dev is to release the daily puzzles/answers a bit sooner.

_vigil_, Jun 11, 2020
Missing words. Other than that great game.

Love private rooms and the challenge. Biggest flaw is games missing common words. Playing a game with center letter “I” and p, n, g, a, y, r. Words that aren’t playable: aping, apiary, ninny, nippy, prig, parrying. Not esoteric words at all. But create a game that uses “all” words and you’ll get non-English words and words with four Xs a Q and two Ks. So, the biggest drawback is the naming of your dictionaries and the depth of your dictionaries. Still, a great way to pass the time as you wait for a zoom meeting to start.

Agentsl9, Nov 19, 2020
IPad version needs some work

Overall I enjoy this app, but it definitely needs some work and more consistent updates from what I can tell from the reviews.For instance, someone in May mentioned that the iPad version does not work in landscape mode...which is super annoying. It’s almost the end of August and that isn’t fixed.You can only go back 1 week for the daily grams. I think we should have access to whatever the past history has been. I purchased this so I could play more often than the daily NYT one, but come to find out I did the past week and that’s it. There aren’t many options and no settings to change.I SWEAR, I’ve typed words in multiple times and I get a “nope” only to find that that word was one of the words I missed the next day. Not just once, dozens of times this has happened.I don’t understand the creating game room feature. Looking forward to updates and I’ll gladly increase this rating.

Bird86753091800, Aug 25, 2020
Offensive, uncertified dictionary database

I wanted to choose 0 stars but... I just deleted this app. There was an offensive, racist pejorative once I revealed the answer list. I took a screen shot to share with the developers if they care. This app is not checked by humans before daily puzzles are pushed out. Whatever database this app pulls from includes slang, racist and random non-English dictionary words that decent people would never think to type into a word game and therefore will probably never win/complete a game. I prefer The NY Times Spelling Bee game. Words in Spelling Bee are not offensive and are from official English dictionaries so I win/complete most and if not at least I learn something.

ckulik, Nov 09, 2020
Offensive slur found in puzzle

I wish I could say this was a good game, because it (almost) is. The puzzles are enjoyable, you can create rooms to play against other people, there are many positive elements. Yet the other day, I opened up the October 16th puzzle in hopes of having a good challenge, but was instead subjected to shock. I found that this puzzle deemed the F slur as an appropriate word to include. While this is indeed a word, it’s still an adjective/noun with an incredibly homophobic past. I find this completely unacceptable, and am extremely disappointed that you would include this word in your game. Definitely bumped the star rating down a few notches.

loopy6922, Oct 18, 2020
Fun game to keep friends connected!

Easy-to-use app with artful graphics in a soothing, eye-pleasing color scheme - and more importantly - FUN FUN FUN!!Playing with friends is great!! The short, spontaneous games keep things fresh and exciting, and I love challenging a group of friends throughout the day. I’m terrible at it, but it’s so entertaining that I don’t mind losing all the time. Thank you for making this game - I’ve been recommending it to everyone!!

mmt2133, May 20, 2020
Addictive but too many legit words aren’t deemed valid

My wife and I do the daily gram together plus we have setup a game room for us to play short games against each other throughout the day.I would give 5 stars but too often it doesn’t consider legitimate words to be valid (For the record, we use the ‘most words’ dictionary option). For instance, I just played a game where it said vitiate is not a word and I recall a previous game where allah was deemed invalid. Is it possible to use Webster’s Dictionary as a basis to determine the validity of a word?

Omar Coming!!!, Jul 15, 2020
Cannot play game in landscape mode with last update

I play this game in landscape mode on my iPad. The recent update causes the Delete button and Submit button to hide under the Words/Play/Scores panel, thus I cannot play while in landscape. It has functional spacing in Portrait, but just barely. Very frustrating. Suspect that the UI change for small screens is the problem.Will remain 1-star. Is your fix to this issue is to not allow landscape mode play at all? Not satisfactory. Also recommend that player’s word list be visible on Play page rather than having to switch to another page.

PTprof, May 18, 2020
Extra words?

I love playing this game and play often with friends in the game room setting. One thing that drives us all NUTS though, is when you find a word (and this happens a lot) that is not included in the puzzle’s count and so, NOPE, it’s not a word! Argh!! Yes it is! Would you consider perhaps having an extra section that could list those extra words (allowing us the sweet satisfaction of having found them) without messing up the word count? This would be ever so appreciated.

Rawrminta, Jan 05, 2021
Great...one big but!

We love the NYT Spelling Bee, but wanted to play against each other. This app has been perfect for that. The one major issue we’ve found related to the dictionary. I’m playing a game right now that rejects the word “dollhouses”—the singular is okay—but it thinks “holo” is a word that most people use. There appears no rhyme or reason to the words allowed. We think better dictionary curation is in order. It would also be great to be able to delete players no longer involved. There’s no help or settings options.But here’s the worst of it: the un-curated dictionaries include racial epitaphs. I’ve deleted the app as a result, even though this is the best of the pangram apps.

Shabbydiva, Feb 12, 2022


Find all the words you can make with 7 letters. Play the daily game or compete against your friends. Create a game room and share the invite code with your friends to have them join you in custom games with custom time limits, different dictionary sizes, and a realtime leaderboard!

The developer is not associated with the New York Times.

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