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Andy Spitzer
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User Reviews for Nagaram | anagraM

Programmer of Nagaram

You are very very very smart and creative. This game is addictive, the UI is magnificent and intuitive and disappears as a separate process so that you are only aware of the intellectual word discovering process going on in your mind. It is almost zen like. You go as fast as you think. As fast as you see.

Addicted2Nagaram, Jun 30, 2012

Great game, especially if you enjoy Boggle-type word games. Easy to play and very user friendly, yet can be very challenging. Very addicting and lots of fun. After playing three times, I was hooked. Worth the few bucks for the 75,000 word upgrade. Don't pass this one up.

Brussels Mom, Sep 18, 2011
No way..,

First, there is no way I am going to pay $1.99 for the upgrade to the full version (with all words) if it still has ads. Forget about it. No app that has ads will ever, ever get a cent of my money. The app is reasonably nice, but there are a lot of flaws:1. The interface is not very polished (seems a bit childish, even) and it is kind of clunky/slow at times. 2. It automatically enters words for you as soon as they are formed, which might seem like a feature, but sometimes is undesirable (part of the fun of a good anagram game is that it's possible to miss a shorter word when you're focused on a longer one!) At the very least, it should be possible to turn this off.3. The "family-friendly" expurgation goes too far. While I understand excluding actual swear words, when you get the letters EINPS, they do make one other perfectly valid 5-letter English word besides SNIPE, SPINE, and PINES, and to pretend that they don't is to cheapen this program irreparably.4. There are some questionable inclusions and exclusions amongst the anagrams. I will accept an obscure form like WEER as a comparative of "wee" (though the OED has no citation for it) but how on earth can you exclude a well-established word like SPLINE?! The mind boggles.I expect to delete this app after a few more plays - I would have considered buying the 75,000 word full version but won't because of the ads.

fun guy1, Nov 08, 2011
Great game now even greater!

This is the best anagram game on the App Store. I purchased the full version to get access to all the anagrams, not just the sample set. I have been playing it for a couple of years now, and the latest update has made it faster and easier to play. There have been only a few repeats in two and a half years, so I get a good brain workout with this game....

Gmom99, Jan 05, 2017
Thought provoking, for sure

There's no getting to the next game without getting all the words. Some may view that as good, but sometimes it just ties me in knots when I can't find some insane word that less than 1% of the population knows. It's addicting enough to keep me in the game, though.

katyaggie99, Aug 25, 2013
App changed with last update

This was a pretty simple yet addictive game of anagram. You would pick the length of a word and then find that word plus as many smaller words made up of the letters as you can. You could pick four or eight letter base words for example. Now after the update you can only choose easy medium or hard words and the length of the base word is random. But you also do not get to guess all of the smaller words as some of the rounds won't let you guess three letters for example. I wish it would go back to the old game format.I started playing this again and noted that there are many non English words included. They should stick to one language in the word possibilities.

LostInBaltimore, Apr 03, 2018
Fun word exercise

Although the app hesitates a bit as it loads, it's not really any slower than some other word games. The player can tweak the game to the desired challenge by choosing the length of the word to be unscrambled and rearranged into sub-words. I love the easy-to-use hint and dictionary features. Just point to find the definition of an unfamiliar word! Great for building spelling skills or training to slaughter future Scrabble opponents!

Panoolie, Feb 21, 2012
Great Game

Have not experienced any problems. The swipe and drag features work very well and make the game easier to use. I try not to use the Hint feature but I like having it available. All in all, a well designed app.

PathfinderSC, Nov 06, 2013
Reveal button hater

I absolutely hate the newest update because the spot the reveal button is in is where your right thumb automatically goes when typing. I can not tell you how many games I have not been able t finish because my thumb accidentally hits the reveal button. This is so disappointing especially when you are at 98%. Please please please move it to the top pod the page or something. It is in the worst place possible. I can’t believe no one else haas complained about this. Thank you. Disappointed in Ohio

reveal hater, Aug 18, 2021
Best scramble game!

I play word games all the time and I love the functionality of this game. The latest version separates easy, medium and hard words, increasing word obscurity with each level. Hard level words tend to be longer and are truly a challenge even for regular word game addicts.

Solitaire Queen, Dec 25, 2017


A Lovely Anagram Game Find all the English words (of three letters or more) that can be formed from the letters of a word. Get hints and look up the definitions of unfamiliar words along the way. FEATURES: * Choice of difficulty: Select games made from Easy, Medium and Hard word dictionaries. * Choice of minimum and maximum word size, from 3 to 10 letters. * Hints: Can't figure out a word?

Get a hint! * Definitions: Look up an unfamiliar word via a select set of online dictionaries. * Letter Positioning: Tap, Drag, Flick, or Slide letter tiles to the rack to make words. Very fast and natural tile movement. * Automatic word sensing--once the letters in the rack make a word, it is detected instantly. * Points: get more points for finding longer words. Less points if hints are used. * Family Friendly: explicit words have been expurgated. HOW TO PLAY: Move the letter tiles from the tray to the rack to form words. Tap tiles to move them up and down, or drag 'em around where you want. To shuffle, double tap a tile in the tray or press the shuffle button. To clear the rack, double tap a tile in the rack or press the clear button. Tap on an empty answer position to get a hint. Tap on a filled answer position to recall the word to the rack. Tap on the filled answer position again to get a definition, or press the "Define word" button. Drag the answer page left or right to see other pages. More controls slide down by tapping the Configuration slider icon at the top of the screen. Select Easy, Medium or Hard words, set the minimum and maximum number of letters, and change the sound effects volume. More information, can be had by pressing "ⓘ". Get information, help, and buy the harder words here. For visual help, press "?" or the "Help" button. FREE WORDS: Comes with the Easy set of words. Step up to the Harder words with an in-app purchase.

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