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Make a Receipt

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Make a Receipt

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User Reviews for Make a Receipt

Does no work on iPad Pro

Bought this app and installed it on my 11 inch iPad Pro. It does not work with my Apple keyboard, it rotates the receipt upside down. If someone could just make a receipt app that is simple and works I would use it. don’t waste your two dollars on this one.

Big Daddy WCW, Apr 15, 2019
Awesome and easy app!

I wanted to be able to use this receipt and text the image to tenants. I emailed the company to ask if they had that. They responded promptly and said within a week the app would be capable of this. They then even emailed me back to say that it was done. PHENOMENAL to actually have someone respond and update something. Takes less than a minute to generate receipt. Can even add your logo and it saves your signature. Get it!

daisymite, Apr 03, 2020
Easy To Use

I really like this app! I’ve been doing paper receipts for years, and they were a huge hassle. It’s much easier now. :) Two little tweaks I’d like: Consecutive numbers on the receipts (goes by even numbers now), and I would like to be able to select the US spelling for “cheque”. It confuses my clients that are used to “check”. Small things though- I think the app is great!

Fred1963!, Jul 01, 2020
Reliable app

This app is reliable and easy to use.

Huggide, Feb 23, 2022
Make a receipt

Great app but would like to be able to put balance due on the receipt to

kwhitey5, Jun 18, 2019
Easiest App Ever

Honestly the easiest receipt making app I’ve ever used. It was well worth the $1.99 I paid :) I love the option where I can use my company logo. It’s just such a cute easy app, love it, keep up the good work.

LizPants88, Jun 03, 2021
I want to like it...

This does exactly what a need it to do...I just don’t like the format. I wish it would keep the form vertical instead of forcing you to do horizontal. I know old receipt books were horizontal but this is made to work on a phone so it would be nice to have it in a phone format. I want to use this to help my kids learn to budget money and pay their “bills” so I use this as a receipt for when I transfer money from their checking account to a savings account.

Llpics, Dec 03, 2020
Great app for starter businesses

I love this app! At first I didn’t want to pay for an app like this but I invested in it and I LOVE IT!!!!!

rayvonn199614, May 12, 2020

The app is good, if it had a pen option where you can write In for the receipt it’s a 5 star!

Tahjiiee, Jun 05, 2019
Great app!

This makes it so easy for our rentals!

Yorkieda, Sep 26, 2019


Make a Receipt app allows you to generate a digital receipt for your customers. Replace your Paper Receipt with a similar type of digital receipt that is available at your Fingertips. Also you can SAVE/SHARE/PRINT your digital receipts with a simple tap.

After you collect the due money you can fill out a receipt with this app, next use your finger to sign your name. Then you can save the receipt on your iPhone or share it with your customers through any of the Social media app available on your iPhone. Also you will have a receipt saved in your app. You can also sync receipts on your PC/Laptop by using iTunes on your desktop. 
How to create a Receipt: 1) Fill in “Title of your Receipt” (the same will be copied for your next receipts, anyways you can edit it whenever you want) 2) Next, fill in “Date”, “Received From”, “Amount”, “For” and “Payment Mode” fields. 3) Finally, use your finger to sign your name. (the same will be saved for your next receipts, anyways you can edit it whenever you want). 4) When you are done, you can Save/Share/Print the receipt. 5) You have all your receipts saved in the app, also you have an option to view the saved receipts and also to search them either with the date or name. 6) You can also access Receipt PDF from iTunes on your desktop after connecting your iPhone to your desktop and open File Sharing apps on your iTunes, you can see ‘Make a Receipt’ app where you can ‘save to’ the folder of ‘Photos’ which contains your Receipts PDF. 

PS: *You can also edit the receipt number by tapping in the “No:” field.
*Tap on the “X” button on any of the fields, this will erase the information in that field.

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