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Language Translator by Mate

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Language Translator by Mate

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Twopeople Software LLC
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User Reviews for Language Translator by Mate

Great App and very useful

I’ve been using it for a while now, and it has never disappointed my expectations. I highly recommend it, because it’s simple, fast, and has a lot of languages. In terms of translation, I can say its accuracy is around 90% approximately which is an amazing result.

Blood_sh, Jan 06, 2022
Worth It!

In an age of privacy violating “free” apps and the onslaught of the alternative Subscription/Service model, this app is a beautiful example of how well done the classic model of “paying once and owning forever” can be. Even more, this app is more feature rich, simple to use, and capable than many of it’s alternatives. A shining light of an app, you should buy it now!

Dawsonfp, May 14, 2020

Hopes were built high: I am a language learner, and this seed like it was just too good to be true...this does everything I have ever dreamed!However, it doesn't. It doesn't sync, it doesn't work on Chrome, and even if it did, I wouldn't know because Customer Service never answered any of my questions. I just want to go to a website, click on a word, see what said word means, have the application save my word for easy review. Yep, it's just quicker to share a word to the "share" and open/save to another app.So sad.

E_Mitch1218, Aug 05, 2022
Worth It!

In an age of privacy violating “free” apps and the onslaught of the alternative Subscription/Service model, this app is a beautiful example of how well done the classic model of “paying once and owning forever” can be. Even more, this app is more feature rich, simple to use, and capable than many of it’s alternatives. A shining light of an app, you should buy it now!

frankdawson, May 14, 2020
Welsh translating

On the one hand this is virtually the only app that which will translate Welsh at all, which makes me nuts, so 5/5 for that.Second, it does a passable job for 1860's-1900 Welsh to English, which is extremely commendable so 5+/5.On the other hand, the app seems to not apply grammar rules to more complex sentences (more descriptors) or not-ideal punctuation in newspapers before the turn of the century (1900s). Since it's a descriptive, poetic language - and not the only one that is different than 'subject-verb' being able to translate to grammatically correct English would be a huge help....3/5There are basic words that will translate correctly in the lists below the usually-correctly-translated word if you do just the word (Ehedydd = Sylark or Lark, not Skyper; Eos = Nightingale) yet the app won't translate them at all (ie, "Eos Cynlais" & "Ehedydd Cynlais" remain exactly as is) - four instance these are titles: either 'Cynlais Nightingale' or 'Skylark of Cynlais' for the second one, as Cynlais is a geographical name.More extensive music, poetry, land features, mining and farming terminology would probably be an additional help for those of us trying to translate for either history or genealogy use.Laurie

GrnEyedLady, Jun 26, 2018

The app often crashes on my iPhone suddenly and I have to close it and reopen it to get it to work again. I don’t think that’s acceptable for an app at this cost. It’s also awkward when having a conversation to have to change the flag icons when changing speakers every time. Cumbersome. The translation seems adequate, but overall I’m very disappointed and would like a refund after only a week of daily use. I will replace it with something better.

himchal, Feb 27, 2020
Translation app

to all those who helped create this app thank you, your effort is greatly appreciated by me for sure, in todays world this tool is necessary and needed and can really be a difference maker for any one that’s in another country besides their own, to anyone who’s interested in apps like this, they’ve provided a free trial of it so give it a try, it could be just what you need at the right time,,,

ifyouseekayofferfancyfood, Apr 21, 2022
No adds

No adds, everything seems good about this app; nothing to complain about.My go to app for translations have had this app for years now!! Can’t complain on much got more feature than most other translation apps or websites I’ve used.

Ja Jet, Feb 03, 2022
Please Fix This Feature

When selecting text in safari to translate on iOS 16, I have to manually select which language it is every single time in order for the translation to load. Please enable the ability for the app to do it ok it’s own without having to select which language is to be translated within safari. Other than that works great!

JöíFabü, Feb 09, 2023
Not so good as for Mac

Actually, I purchased this app because I love desktop Mate for Mac.But mobile version have some things which I don like.The main thing is that we need to press Enter or button to get translation. I used google translate for years on my mobile, and it translates text immediately after entering. Then we typing second word, and google translate displays translate for both words. It cool.And voices. In Mate voices sounds as outdated voices generator. Google translate have very humanized voices. It’s not big problem. But google translate is free, Mate is not cheap.

lipatovroman, Apr 24, 2021


Mate is an incredibly powerful translator app which is deeply integrated with iOS. It lets you easily translate words, texts and speech anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. It works both online and offline, as well as available in dark and light mode.

Mate will have your back with 103 languages. Mate is equally helpful if you're mastering a new language, want to take down a language barrier when going abroad, or just occasionally need to translate a web page, email, message, etc. Full list of supported languages: https://www.matetranslate.com/languages Mate has some simple yet powerful iOS extensions which will save you a lot of time: - Safari Extension. Browse the web without even noticing that there are foreign languages. Mate will translate websites before you even see them. - Share Extension. Translate in Mail, Notes, PDFs by highlighting text, choosing Share and then Mate from Share Menu. - iMessage App. Write messages in your language, Mate will translate them on the fly and send in the recipient's language. Or vice versa. - Widget. Translate clipboard contents by long-pressing Mate's icon on home screen or from the Search screen. We also supercharged Mate with some features language enthusiasts will totally love: - Genders for nouns. Supports French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Dutch. - Phonetic transcription and transliteration for both original and translation. - Speak out. - Phrasebook. It's an easy way to store vocabulary you want to learn. You can save words to Phrasebook directly or shuffle your existing translations to it. If you're always on the go, we have something for you, too: - Speech Translator. - Mate Account. Mate has a powerful Mac app and extensions for all major browsers. Using Mate Account you can keep translation history and Phrasebook synchronized on all devices. Mate is available for all of your devices: https://matetranslate.com/download We post frequent updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MateTranslate

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