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User Reviews for KLAC

Very unique

It's almost as though we can invent steps as we go if we accidentally find the solution. I'm really enjoying this game. It really shows how much our minds push us in a certain direction but if we slow down we can see other options with which to proceed. Well done.

Abbott's Lagoon, Feb 05, 2021
Not very fun or engaging

I have tried to play this game twice, but it isn’t fun or engaging enough to hold my interest. I think there’s too much tapping required for not enough enjoyment - you have to tap each time you want to rotate the boxes, but you have to select them first, and once it’s in place, you can’t rotate it without removing it, so it takes a LOT of tapping to make even a small adjustment like a single rotation. Basically, each puzzle has to be solved by making adjustments in a specific order, and it’s a lot of work to move things around and adjust them. Once you do solve the puzzle, it isn’t that satisfying or addictive to where you want to do another.

Aj9x4p, Nov 08, 2018
Harder than expected

It looks simple and easy but it is harder than you think. Need to think very creatively to solve the game

bggfggbjutgbj, Feb 04, 2021
Love this game, please make more!

What do I need to do to get you to make more levels of this fantastic game?!?!? It’s challenging as each level requires a new way of thinking that needs to be acquired as you go. Please, please please....10 levels is just a terrible tease!

just me deb, Oct 14, 2018
It’s better then expected & 100% worth the price

I was hesitant to buy it at first because I didn’t want to waste money on a game that I had no knowledge of. But after reading some reviews I took the chance and it’s the best $2 I’ve spent lol. I’m on level 5 and it already requires more thinking and strategy then puzzle games I’ve spent 15+ hours on. !!!100% worth it!!!- I’m not far yet but hopefully there’s more levels on the way :)

LiamRed311, Dec 26, 2019
Mind puzzle

I love this game. Still trying to beat some levels but overall so much fun!

Sambam170, May 17, 2021
Can’t play it...

UPDATE: The developer almost immediately reached out to me to see how they could fix the problem, and they did! The game works now just fine, and is a very interesting idea. Brain teaser.Great support from the developer too!Spent $1.99 on this game, and it won’t load level 1... Pops up with an error message saying that they’ve logged it and maybe restarting would help.Restarting doesn’t help. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon because the game does look interesting!

Sammoq, Jun 04, 2019

this game is fun and challenging, which i like if i’m going to play games on my phone/ipad. however, there are some levels that i just cannot figure out, and the fact that there is no hint system makes it to where i’m just stuck and it can start to get frustrating. if i had to pick something to change, it would be to add hints for those of us who need a little help on some levels here and there, especially since i paid for this game. other than that, this app is awesome! (:

skyyy101, Aug 25, 2020

It’s a unique puzzle that really makes you think. It adds interesting layers as you go. There are great, subtle details to such a minimalist style. As an example when rotating a pattern, if you hit it twice it jumps to the second position without going through the first. Really well designed.

Sleepinggriffin, Oct 13, 2018
Not a word game

Don’t be fooled. I thought it was a word game. It’s not. You just match letters on the corners of squares. There are no words in this game. They described it as a word game but its not. It’s really a logic puzzle. It is somewhat challenging. But not as fun as I thought it would be. You might like it, you might not, but don’t expect a word game.

zsaucer, Oct 13, 2018


It's minimal. It's hard. It's wonderful.

Lots of things, we can say... But, you'll trust us? When you KLAC, you - for sure - will. KLAC - Snap, Split and Stick. A spatial-word puzzle game --------- Thanks to iCloud your progress are kept in sync on all your devices. KLAC is available on MacOS too.

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