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User Reviews for Icon Pop Quiz

Massive facepalm

Since most reviews address the obviously ridiculous amount of adds, I'd like to point another big issue: the joke of an answer recognition system. Now, I would I have no problem with it if there wasn't a correct/almost/wrong answer system and a points system, but there is. I mean come on, it won't recognize x men (answer x-men), but will take x files (answer The X-files) . Another example: it won't take hell boy for hellboy. Just, wow. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. This system just needs a massive overhaul or drop the answer system.

At least try, Aug 25, 2016
Best quiz game ever

Easily the best quiz game on the app store because of its unique format. Unlike other quiz games, it doesn't punish you and get you totally stuck if you can't figure out one single puzzle. A shame that the sequel didn't keep this same format, it's so much better than the straight linear progression of other games.

cool scott 1313, Aug 05, 2017
great game but....

I actually love this game. At first i really hated all the annoying ads every second. I now have a hack but i cant tell you or they well disable it (sorry!) I just got this game and it seems very old. Like really? 2014 Blockbusters?! That was so long ago! I notice that the ap was last updated in 2015! That was 2 years ago people! I'm telling you, this app is freaking ancient! :) well maybe add some new content to attract people like me. I still enjoy the game but would love it even more if there were more recent updates.

Jennah222, Mar 04, 2017
Love it...but

I found this game and played it endlessly with my family until we were all stumped and unable to figure out any more. Then, I showed it to my friend, who has literally DESTROYED the levels with no problems, rarely having to cheat or use money to get answers. It’s to the point where we’ve pretty much finished the entire game. It badly needs an update! I want to keep playing, but we’ve run out of levels!

KittyKitykat, Jan 25, 2019
Ads, ads, dear god the ads!

There's literally an ad with every move you make on the game. I went to move to the next puzzle and in the middle, I got an ad. The videos to earn coins ALWAYS freeze. When you type in an answer, it's like your phone keyboard, but it slower than how fast I text, so it's a little annoying. Someone else pointed out the answer system. X men won't work, but x files will. I've also misspelled a couple of answers and it's taken it as correct. It's hit or miss. I do like how many puzzles there are to do right now, though. But also, it hasn't been updated since 2015 like someone said. So I doubt they're registering any of these complaints since they have the sequel game out now. That's a bummer too, cause there's apparently flaws with that game too.

Laceyyy__, Dec 30, 2017
I love this don’t let it die

This app is super fun. It’s relaxing and it’s so exciting when you’re scrolling through Netflix or something and you find an answer. But why did you let the app die. IT NEEDS UPDATES. And I like how on this one you have many pictures to look at at the same time. The new one only gives you one picture at a time so if you don’t know even one picture you can’t continue the game.

pandaitis, Oct 25, 2017
One of the crappiest games I've played

In this game there are ads everywhere... You open the app, ad. You get question right, ad. You get a question wrong and try to go to another question, ad... Are you getting the picture? Also on most of the questions if you don't say it exactly how they want it you won't get the answer correct. For example there is a question that shows you the logo for legend of Zelda and if you don't put "the legend of Zelda" YOU WILL GET IT WRONG!! The legend of Zelda is commonly referred to without the "the". This game will just frustrate you. Don't get it!

roo1, Jun 16, 2015
Hella Worth It!!!!💎💎

This game is hella worth it!!! It is so fricken amazing. Something that I love about it is that in the levels if u get stuck on one you can easily go try another one you don't have to be stumped on the game and never play it again and delete it. You know!! Also the coins you get for are hella legit!!! Like hella hella hella awesome!!! Go try it now!! You won't regret!!😍😍

Swagger_girl_ori, Jun 14, 2015

If there wasn't of course already ads all over the screen always, then you would get them popping up on you on immediate opening of the app or whenever you'd answer a question. Also certain categories, excuse me MAJORITY of course are all needed to be bought... Not only that but you can't restart or leave without using in-game currency which you can easily rub out of if you do a quiz and not know some of the icons and wish to quit you then basically can't play.... Unless you buy more of course! Really though the developers are greedy mofs on this one, would not recommend getting this you can't even play without an app to close every 10 seconds or having to buy more stuff. Pathetic.

Tom Pake, Jun 06, 2015
Fun but would love an UPDATE!

I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and then played it again in 2019 with my friends. Yesterday I remembered this game again because I wanted to test my knowledge on the topics because I obviously know more, but I just wish that the game would be updated. I noticed how the last time this app was updated was in February 2015 and also because of the outdated pop culture so I really would like a new version. It’s honestly a really fun game because I personally love trivia. I also appreciate how the pictures used to guess are a clean vector art so it makes it semi-difficult. One thing I would like to note is maybe add some more categories? Like I would really love an anime, cartoons, super heroes, kdrama, kpop category and it’d really spark my interest! This game will probably not get an update though so if it does then thank you! Or else I might just try to find out how to create a game myself and make it at this point

YOLOSHK, Jan 25, 2021


ICON POP Quiz challenges your knowledge about pop culture reference; from famous character, hit movie and TV shows using imaginative, hand-drawn visual clues -- Accuracy and quick wit is the key! What can be challenging than guessing all the 1000+ icons? Well, you can always compete against compete against friends and worldwide community on Game Center.

FEATURES OVER +1000 STUNNING ICONS Enjoy what you see, we hand-drawn the visual clue icons, one by one, and we are constantly creating new and original icons to the list. Love what you see? Wanna see more? Send us some love on Facebook and Twitter. NEED TO ASK SOME HELP? Some research won't hurt you. But hey, you can always try another method. We offer FIVE different ways to help your progress -- Use "Hint", "Eliminate Keys", "Open Letters", "Ask a Friend", or "Reveal" the answer. It's up to you! You'll never know a small icon can show several things that you could not have noticed before :) ** ICON POP Quiz is an app made for fans by fans. This is an expression of our gratitude to all leaders, heroes, inventors, musicians, athletes, artist, writers, directors, authors, production studios, animators, actresses, and actors that constantly shaping our world and inspire us with their work. BRAVO! ** Website: www.iconpopquiz.com Facebook: fb.me/iconpophub Twitter: twitter.com/iconpophub & twitter.com/iconpopquiz UPDATE LOG: New Season Box New Icons -- a LOT of them

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