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Fun Animal Games for Kids

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Fun Animal Games for Kids

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User Reviews for Fun Animal Games for Kids


I like this game but I am 6 years old and this game is for 4 year old’s.

aadrith, Jun 12, 2019
Love this but...

We really do love this game but I have one complaint. When working on a scene and finishing the puzzles of the animals you lose everything if you press on the X. You have to start all over. I wish there was some way that we could control that, that we could X the scene out if we want and go back to where we left off.

Erinhoney, Feb 25, 2017

I love this app because it is amazing and cool and fun and cute

evee kirsten, May 23, 2019
I love you

I love the game but I can’t play like 3 games so I can only play 2 games

I can't take it, May 22, 2019
Very great app for kids!!! 👶👦👧

This is perfect for kids!!! Very easy and fun. I like how, when they place the puzzle piece in the right spot, it doesn't move its spot to let your kid know its the right spot and it entertains kids when they finish the puzzle and see the objects or animals move.

kpopgurl_alexis, May 13, 2014

I suppose that this would be a good game for little kids to play. There seem to be a fair number of puzzles and each area has it's own little theme. I don't know that I think it's worth paying for the full game though. There just isn't quite enough content to justify the price. But in all honesty, when it comes to kids, I really don't know much. Maybe it doesn't need a lot of content since little kids tend to be easily satisfied. I don't know.

lukepolo, Jan 30, 2013

My granddaughter really enjoys all the puzzle/games in this app. Wish there were more

Ridgerunner63, Jun 14, 2017
Puzzles in Habitats

This is an iPad app that brings something extra. After completing puzzles, kids can play with the pieces in a bouncy house and other environments. There are way too many puzzle apps out there that are nearly identical; this app adds the special touches which make it magical.

RoseJammies, May 02, 2012
Adorable games for kids

This app is full of great puzzles for kids. The drawings are well done and the puzzles are challenging enough for young kids but not so tough that they would be too hard. It's a great mix of themes and puzzles and could keep kids entertained for hours.

theBuggalo, May 15, 2014
Cool puzzler for kids!

My son, 3 y.o., is addicted to puzzles at the momeht and he's enjoying this fame alot! The graphics are suitable for little children, colorful and crisp. The UI/controls are responsible and kids should have no problems to move the tiles around. I also like how you shape a big picture out of a bunch of single puzzles.I can easily recommend this.

Vovin70, Jan 25, 2013


Fun Animal Games for Kids is filled with puzzles, animals, and activities designed for small kids. There are over 40 cute animal puzzles in four categories: farm, forest animals, insects, and tropical fish. There are many children puzzles, but this isn't just a puzzle game.

After completing the puzzles, kids can fill a tropical aquarium with fish or interact with the animals they created. Additionally there is a funny toddlers game with animal sounds. It's a bird game where child can feed a colorful phoenix bird and crack Easter eggs. Each Easter egg hold a cute baby bird. Fun Animal Games is an app that is designed from the ground up for toddlers and small kids!  Features:  - Lot of high quality animal puzzles for toddlers! - Tropical aquarium with fish themed jigsaw puzzles! - Playground with a bouncy castle and a swing! - Feed the phoenix kids game! - The best artwork by Danilo Sanino! - Fun Animal Games for Kids is free to try and contains one In-App-Purchase!

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