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Fill-In Crosswords (Word Fit)

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Fill-In Crosswords (Word Fit)

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User Reviews for Fill-In Crosswords (Word Fit)

Average on iPhone

I recently switched from a Samsung s8 to iPhone 6 and downloaded the app on both. The Samsung version lets you customize the fill in puzzle with different colors and also the ability to turn off the vibrate for when you accidentally hit the wrong key. Also the iPhone version seems touchier. Like when I am trying to hit the box in the top right it takes me to the list of puzzles. Multiple times the timer on the puzzle started at 1 minute instead of 0 seconds. And the timer is incorrect. I took a picture but I don’t know how to upload here or if I can but it says I finish the puzzle in 49 seconds on the puzzle itself but the pop up that says how I did says 51 seconds. It’s always a few seconds off and that is aggravating since I didn’t notice any of these issues on the Samsung version.

amanda.xo.117, Mar 16, 2018
Plenty of Rounds

I’ve been a fan of “Fill-Ins” since I was a kid. So when I came across this app, I weighed it in the amount of puzzles. Trust me, there are PLENTY of puzzles, on 4 different levels! Thank you for giving me enough on the ‘free’ version to keep me playing everyday. It’s also nice to play a quick round before my next meeting. Just quick enough that it doesn’t seem like I’m ignoring everyone in the office (or at home!) I will definitely be purchasing all the rest for $8.99!

Bull-Taco, Jul 06, 2018
Love the daily free puzzles!

Having 2 levels of difficulty to choose from on the daily puzzles is nice because I can choose one based on the amount of time I have available. Easy to navigate and play.

CA Julie, Aug 29, 2018
Love this fill in

I downloaded this puzzle about 2-3 hours ago. I am hooked, I don’t want to put it down. It’s easy, but that’s what I like. Thank you for this puzzle.

country 47, Jul 18, 2022
Fun and challenging

This game is addictive. It has several levels to let you choose the level of difficulty and you can switch between the levels. It also has limited and reasonable advertising. I am really enjoying it.

Danno4328, May 17, 2022
Fill-in crosswords

Really enjoy the challenge of this app. I have done a few of the hard puzzles and I figured out a strategy on how to get thru it.Have recommended to a few others who I think would enjoy the app.

Hairy9, Aug 07, 2018
Excellent game to work your brain

I enjoy fill-in puzzles and the app plays perfectly. Easy to use, good user interface and loads of puzzles included. Would definitely recommend.

Herkbert, Dec 21, 2019
Love this game

I really find this game very relaxing. There is one thing I would like to suggest and that is a pause button for when the phone rings, or the kids are trading your youngest on line for a puppy!

JaxD57, Apr 08, 2023
Pretty good

I’ve loved fill ins since I was little. I’m not smart enough for crosswords and word searches give me headaches and tired eyes. I will say they are a little (sometimes a lot) easier than their levels suggest. Easy and medium are way too easy and hard is more like medium and some easy. They are also mostly not very big, which is understandable since it’s on a phone screen. It’s still fun to pass the time and easy to play (where to tap and such) so I have it four stars. It loses a star for not being as challenging as I would want.

kikicushy, Dec 03, 2019

I got to give it a 4 star ⭐️ because there a glitch on the app. With the daily puzzle on the hard on, I tried it a couple of different times and there one of the words doesn't fix so can't finish the puzzle. Other then that it's a great game 👍🏻

mathews34, Jul 17, 2018


Fill-in Crosswords (also known as Fill-it-ins or Word Fills) is a popular word game similar to crosswords. Fill-in puzzles are a variation of the common crossword puzzle in which words, rather than clues, are given. Features : - Several levels of difficulty, from beginner to very hard - A mix of crossword grid styles : american, french, italian, ... (the difference is in the way the black squares are placed) - 2 new puzzles every day - Several languages available - Many settings to customize the features and the look and feel of the grid