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User Reviews for Everyday!!


Would be nice if you could add comments for the day. In those things you mark off.

Anaroseblu, Feb 24, 2019
Clean interface & simple.

Overall I like the concept. It would be nice if you could mark yesterday’s tasks as complete. If I forget to mark one, I have an ugly red dot on the calendar history that breaks my streak and I have no way to correct it. Also, it would be nice if the tasks that aren’t due today didn’t show up on the list OR were sorted to the bottom.

Bob Loper 😜, Jan 04, 2018
No delete or change goals.

Not able to delete goals. Kinda bums me.

Dr.Ozymandias, Feb 28, 2020
Can’t figure out how it works.

I mark my things as complete, but the calendar shows nothing. I give up.

Grateful Prop, Apr 25, 2019
Like many have already said..

- smaller icons (adjustable sizing would be optimal [for accessibility users])- an area for notes or comments. (I would love to have urls that I could click on to start viewing a specific YouTube channel or blog.)This is such a great concept for an app. It really just needs a few things to become that 5 star app I know it can become. I just installed it and added a few tasks to try. If all goes well, I’ll update my review star rating.Good work on your app!

lovehatevanessa, Apr 08, 2019
Great tracker, add a couple features

Pros: You can mark off a task you forgot to mark by opening the task and tapping the missed day. You can also unmark something you accidentally marked completed. The notifications are helpful. I agree that a smaller icon choice would be nice, even three across instead of two. Love tracking once-a-week things with this too - it just grays out non-active tasks for that day. Cons: I cannot figure out how to rearrange the order on screen without deleting and re-entering the reminders.

Momnewbie, Apr 03, 2019
Need instructions

Instructions would help with proper app use.

randyth238, Feb 24, 2019
No notifications

Love the idea but despite approving notifications the app doesn’t provide them. Fix it and it becomes a 5 star review. Ps. I know how to turn notifications on. Lol

taadaa, Feb 25, 2019
Straightforward and Easy

This app is great. Easy to set up, easy to use. My only update request would be to have the option to make the icons smaller so I can see more at a glance. Totally worth it if you’re looking for a tracking app.

Yipiyuk, Mar 01, 2019


"We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference." - Aristotle. If we want to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, we need to build good habits and eliminate bad ones. With Everyday, you will stay motivated and focused on what really matters.

In a nutshell, Everyday allows you to: - Track your daily activities easily using an easy-to-use yet powerful interface. - Set reminders to keep you on track. - View activity history to check your performance. - Choose from multiple suggested activities to get you up and running in no time! - Set the days you want to do the activity and skip the others. Suggested activities: - Me - Social Life - Fitness - Discovery - Creativity - Learning - Miscellaneous Good habits can often be tough to build because there are so many distractions around us. If you want to stay focused and motivated, then Everyday is here to help you achieve that! Download now!

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