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Echofon Pro for Twitter

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Echofon Pro for Twitter

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Echofon Pro for Twitter

Always disappointing

I’ve been using this app ever at least 5+ years now. It’s fine. It’s never good. They are always slow to roll out updates. Some features that should have been around years ago still aren’t. You still can barely play videos because they’re always super blurry. You can’t see any polls. A lot of times they don’t load the comments below tweets. It’s hard to load threads/replies. Push notifications and trends are spotty. Customer service is bad. They rolled out a program to test the app before updates, but they don’t listen to feedback.EDIT: Most recent version sees the best features such as streaming do not work correctly.

Blubbzilla, Sep 01, 2018

Updated Complaint Thank you for responding to the problem that I and many others have registered about the reply issue with the updated app. Perhaps you can explain why Twitter’s “strict display requirements” were not an issue before, and why TWEETLOGIX (which I am currently using) has a Reply/Reply All option. Without this option (which you had in the previous version) replies have to be sent to everyone in the email chain. Until this is problem is fixed, you will lose customers to TWEETLOGIX and other apps. My Complaint As of 4/29 the developers changed they app so what was previously a good app is now unusable.Developer Response Sorry to hear that you don't like the new reply handling, we always aim to improve the experience for our users. Unfortunately, Twitter has strict display requirements for replies, that Echofon needs to follow in order to use their API. Thanks for your understanding."

DNTP, May 05, 2018
Several Missing Pieces

There are some things that are missing here that would make it phenomenal. While it is nice to have an actual chronological feed, I still have to revert back to the native Twitter app in order to read through threads. I also revert to native to see the likes for my posts since Echofon only shows mentions. Also, if I want to read the translation of a tweet, I again have to revert back to the native Twitter app. Add to that, reporting Tweets that needs to be done in the native Twitter app. Why Echofon is amazing:I use Echofon for both my lists and for the chronological feed. I also upgraded to Pro and don’t have to see ads, which is awesome! These three things have kept me as a user for many years now, but I’d love to see some expanded functionality if Twitter will allow it of app developers.

erinvaughn, Feb 10, 2020
Could be a great Twitter client

...except for some chronic problems that never seem to get fixed. (1) Support for the external keyboard on my iPad Pro is hit-and-miss...it usually doesn’t work at all so I need to remove the keyboard and type on the screen, or use Twitter’s own client. (2) I have reported problem (1) for years, and never gotten any response. Very unhappy with the lack of response. (3) No support for Twitter polls; they just don’t show up. (4) Tweet thread support is poor; if I want to read a tweet thread, I generally have to switch to the Twitter client. I really want to like Echofon, and wish these could be fixed!

Flashcube, Sep 16, 2019
Used to be fine, now it has timeline problems

I’ve used this app for years. It’s always been fine until a couple of months ago. Now, I open the app and go to the bottom of my unread tweets. From there I scroll through some tweets, eventually stopping on one I open to read. When I’m done reading it, I close it and go back to my timeline, but instead of returning to the exact same point on my timeline like it used to, now the app returns to the bottom of the unread messages where I first started - even though I’ve already scrolled through some already. I tried to report this through the developer’s website, but that website isn’t available any more. ☹️

Landasmoo, Jun 07, 2019
Subscribing to a Twitter and then Adding to Personal List Error

Hi - love the app. Can you fix this one thing that is bugging me?Ok - I’ll create a new personal List. When I go to add the twitter entity to that list - the list description is only a bunch of numbers not the text that I had written. This is only happening for new lists. All of my old lists come up as text and they are fine. My last few lists that I have created recently are the problem.Is there anything else you need from me to fix this?

Millertimehero, Aug 10, 2022
What's up with deafult-on video autoplay?!

I've used this app since it was called Twitterfon, and generally have preferred it to Twitter's native interface. Lately — perhaps since the last update— if I open a link to a web page that has embedded video (ads or otherwise), as soon as the page loads, ALL of the videos start playing! It becomes a marathon of tapping the X in the upper left corner to close them all. And on some sites, it's DOZENS. Makes some web pages unreadable. I wanted to contact support rather than leave a crabby review, but they apparently stopped using Zendesk and haven't updated their support link! What's happening, guys?!

Mobile Uploading Guy, Mar 20, 2019
Good design, lots of flaws

I love the design of the app. The UI is breaking off the materialistic round user friendly design all apps seem to be going for and I’m all about it. A couple things I find annoying. Messages don’t actually show the last message in a conversation until you open and refresh them. What’s the point of that? I rarely get notifications, and when I do it’s when I open the app and refresh it. It’s set to refresh every 2 minutes but doesn’t until I open it. There isn’t a “straight to top,” button for the home page. You can push it once and it’ll go a little bit up, but not all the way. It also goes to compose a tweet if you push it twice, why? Can’t view a tweets quoted tweets, it just tells you how many there are. Other than these things I really don’t mind the app, it’s just a lot easier to use default Twitter app.

PlatinumSif, Aug 16, 2021
Keyboard function on iPad Stops Working

I have an Logic external keyboard case connected to my iPad via Bluetooth. For some reason, I’ll be typing tweets fine, then will go to type another tweet and the keyboard will no longer work. I bought the Pro version thinking this would stop happening but it hasn’t. I have to close out of the app and reopen to regain keyboard function but then I’ve lost my place in my feed. Very frustrating! I don’t have this problem with any of my other apps. What gives? I’m ready to ditch Echofon which I’ve used for years on my iPhone because the loss of keyboard function renders Twitter unusable on my iPad.

TDTexasUser1234, Jan 28, 2019
Searching for Users

I’m not sure what happened in the last update, but is there a reason we can no longer search for Users? I can search my timeline only. There used to be a Search icon in the lower right corner of my iPhone 6S. Now it just has a link to my profile. And no apparent way to find new users.Otherwise, I’ve been generally satisfied with Echofon.

tebazyle, Dec 10, 2018


Echofon is the fastest, most powerful Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the ONLY app with Inline Photo Previews! ********** Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use.

Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter. ********** BUILT FOR SPEED: + LiveLinks on your timeline take you instantly to detailed content + Threaded Conversation Mode simplifies exchanges with your Twitter followers + Mute selected users, hashtags and other nuisances within your Twitter timeline + Access ALL your Twitter accounts simultaneously RICH MEDIA PHOTO AND VIDEO SERVICES: + Images are previewed within your Twitter timeline + Full-size images open instantly in-app + Supports the most popular services including Instagram and YouTube + Capture and tweet rich media directly from Echofon or load existing media from your iOS device MORE INNOVATIVE TWITTER FEATURES + Search nearby tweets with Maps integration + Personalize Echofon by choosing from 6 custom themes + Select a read later service from Instapaper, Readability or Pocket + Refine the location of your tweets sent with our Location Picker ********** Echofon also affords you the full Twitter functionality you would expect from an award winning Twitter app including robust tweet creation, trending topics, list management and Twitter profile editing features.

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