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User Reviews for DocReviewPad


I used to use the old version and was pretty proficient with it. Didn’t use it for a few years. Now the apps have changed a lot. I have a trial coming up in Feb 2022. I want to use these apps but they are no longer friendly. I cannot load any of my pdf docs into the program. I have tried Dropbox like I always used. I have reached out to the developer. I have watched all the the tutorials. But I feel that I need some hands on training. Can’t find any vendors. May just have to delete these apps. Very frustrating T

[email protected], Nov 14, 2021
Wow! The new Suite is Even Better!

Hello LIT Software: I’m a longtime user of DocReviewPad and TrialPad in CA Family Law. Even when we are not presenting an electronic trial, I have enjoyed the instant access in TrialPad to all of my exhibits, the other side’s exhibits, and the no-fuss methods of marking, having my exhibits in multiple electronic places where I need them for each witness/cross-exam, and I’ve enjoyed having keydocs and bookmarks at the ready for agility in making both my planned case and my unplanned responsive case when a surprise happens. DocReviewPad has always been the key to finding everything before using what I need in TrialPad. The option of auto Bates stamp feature has always been a winner. The real “problem” in the past was the abysmal method of saving/backup of work with the old-fashioned manual sync from iPad to computer. And, because of the clunky transfer, working with my team attorney so both of our iPads had the same materials on the day of trial was a pain. - All gone with the new suite. I enjoy the easy transfer in and out from DropBox to “on my iPad” This makes loading docs into the app even easier, backup will be much more reliable, and transfer of a case to another so his app and mine match is great. - I also like the new tagging system - the old one on steroids - A great improvement. The various marking methods will be helpful too. - Improvements requested: Please add (and yes, I know you know) a suite to do my doc reviews on the computer, so I don’t have to do ALL doc review on the iPad. Of course, it has to be transferable or link-able to iPad, but I’m not demanding that it would have to be instant push or universal. - Lastly, in DocReviewPad I often make little notes in the margin, even if it is just a number or a letter. The strokes of the Apple pencil are less responsive than they should be and that makes me lose time having to backtrack and redraw - minor, but would love an improvement on responsiveness. - Great job!!!!!!! Yes, I already recommend to anyone who shows an interest - The improvements should push you to the top of the apps to use for our remote hearings as well. Thank you!

ienjoyed, Feb 18, 2021
Great app

I had an issue with crashes and they updated the whole app to fix it within a few days. Great responsiveness to complaints and issues. I’m still figuring out all the bells and whistles but it has already helped me prepare for a trial starting soon in a huge way.

in trial, Feb 20, 2021
Too many glitches and crashes

I love the concept and if it worked as claimed I would be satisfied. However, it constantly crashes and the glitches make it more trouble than it’s worth.

JFWilliamson5, May 14, 2021
Please improve pen detection

For this price I would really expect better detection of writing instruments and writing sensitivity. Handwriting on the apps is incredibly difficult and it does not detect every other stroke. I’m working with the latest and highest capacity iPad, plus latest pen. This is an issue that not even the free apps have. It feels like I’m trying to draw with an old school mouse.

Jir004, Jan 27, 2022

This is a great tool to organize and filter documents, then only sending the relevant ones to TrialPad. It’s really useful that they appear as folders in TrialPad organized by issue code.

koorblaw, Nov 29, 2021
More than meets the eye

At first I wasn’t sure how to use this app, which I downloaded as part of the suite. Watched the videos and now I use it all the time for dep prep. I can pull only the pages I need from everything I have in the app and export to TrialPad. The export is step by step and works for TrialPad or to another location for exhibit exchanges. App is amazing and fast. I also use it for my bates stamps, and just to access and search through all the docs in my case (including motions, orders, etc) which I used to do with TrialPad, but works better for me in DocreviewPad.

PowerfulPalm, Jun 20, 2022
Integrates with suite

Integrates well with TrialPad to get you documents organized before presenting.

TrialAdvocate70, Nov 29, 2021


Organize and review all your documents, bates stamp pages, and create production sets with the best document review app on the App Store, DocReviewPad! DocReviewPad is a full-featured document review tool created for iPad. Easily import documents, assign custom bates numbers, add virtual sticky notes, assign tags and issue codes to documents or pages, annotate with highlight, pen, and redact tools, search for text within documents, and much more.

Create beautifully organized reports with all your review information. DocReviewPad is just as powerful, far easier to use, and a fraction of the cost of a comparable desktop program, all while being mobile and efficient. LIT SOFTWARE has set the bar for developing the best in litigation apps, garnering awards for innovation and ease of use. Our apps have been featured by Apple, and are loved by lawyers. ———— REVIEWS ———— “The short review. Wow.” “This app can do things I’ve previously had to do on a desktop, but much easier and faster.” “Super way to review documents quickly.” “Generates professional reports with all the bates numbers listed, and exports to TrialPad into folders named for the issue code. Extremely useful.” “Helps me keep documents organized, bates stamps them, and create issue codes, which can then be generated into an easy-to-read report.” “Initial document analysis on iPad is fresh and fast, and frankly is a big winner.” “These are incredibly sophisticated and useful apps that are in many ways more powerful than PC software costing hundreds of dollars more.” ———— QUICK FEATURE SUMMARY ———— • Full featured document review capability on an iPad • Organize documents or pages with your own case specific customizable and color-coded issue codes • Easily mark documents or pages as confidential or privileged with built in tags • Import documents directly from a USB drive, or cloud storage providers like Box, Citrix Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more • Apply customized bates numbers to hundreds or thousands of documents, quickly and easily • Highlight, annotate, redact, and zoom in on documents • Add multiple virtual sticky notes to each page • Create beautiful reports that include bates ranges, notes, tags, and issue codes assigned to each document or page • Search for a file name, or text within one document, a folder of documents, or the whole case • Granular export options of a document production set, omitting confidential or privileged documents • Organize your documents into witness or issue folders • Export your documents to TrialPad, organized by issue codes, into Key Doc folders • Share entire case files with other users using cloud storage or a USB drive • File formats supported: PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, and TXT ———— EASILY ORGANIZE AND PRODUCE EVIDENCE ———— Easily import files from many cloud storage providers, via AirDrop, from a USB drive, or directly connected to a computer. Then simply start swiping to speed review documents!  Annotate with highlights or redactions, add sticky notes, and create custom issue codes to assign to entire documents or individual pages. Granular export options allow you to share only what you want. ———— THE LIT SUITE ———— DocReviewPad is part of the LIT SUITE, which gives you the tools to review documents, summarize transcripts, organize events, and present evidence. Everything you need to win! Download any of the apps from the App Store and start your 7 day free trial, with no limitations or restrictions, using your own documents and evidence. Help Center: https://support.litsoftware.com Email: [email protected] Twitter: @LitSoftware

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