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User Reviews for Deponia

Wow, wow, wow! Intelligent, immersive, fun!

This developer has made some amazing point-and-click adventure games and their entire staff... artists, techies, designers, actors, ancillary support etc ... all deserve a lot of respect and appreciation for sharing their talents with the world. The storyline is a knock-off of the movie Elysium...and make no mistake, the elites of the world already have this social hierarchy structure in place...research Agenda 2030 and the Kalergi Plan. While this storyline is not unique... I really enjoyed the game. They deserve much appreciation and more public support for their amazingly artistic and intelligent games. “Dead Synchronicity” was also incredible My only complaint is ...the background music get repetitive... which can get annoying. To put so much effort into a game but take a shortcut on the music is a bit weak. But still...this is a 5 star game. Hands down! Where is Deponia 2 and 3??!! Please consider releasing them for the iPad..pleeeeease!!Many thanks PS..some people complain that this is a game for teenage boys. They must be angry SJW’s. The Dev could’ve taken a crass shortcut and made the character make a bunch of inappropriate adult jokes and potty references (like all kids movies and even Disney does nowadays). In fact, I had to quit a VR game recently due to the obnoxious and pathetic sex jokes (Groundhog’s Day) But this dev kept it classy and clean. That alone is worth an extra point of gratitude!

ally555, Nov 16, 2019
Best beginner adventure game!!!

I always get stuck in adventure clicking around with puzzle game. One mean factor is that you need to click around everywhere to find element you can interactive with, and then you need to find out which action to use in able to trigger the event, which makes the game boring because the process of playing this type of the game. This game has a button which show all interact element on the screen, and when you click it, you can just choose from very few action you could take, which greatly stream line the gameplay and you can focus on the fun part of the game. The puzzle is not too hard. I manage to solve all of them in chapter 1. Just finished chapter 1 where it has a song in between. But I got stuck on some progress and have to try different things. Just need patients and I believe all are solvable with little logic. The game is extremely fun! Worth full price I paid for. Thank you for bring this game to iOS!

Another Go player, Sep 12, 2015
Hours and days of gameplay

I myself enjoyed this game. Using iPad with retina. Never had any problems. I enjoyed the characters and the story. I hope there's another in the making. I'd buy it and if you like adventure games you may like this too.

Beebuzzkill, Sep 26, 2015
Was great

I love this game, it takes me back to playing the monkey island games when I was a kid, please put out the other two asap.

Dungrun, Nov 12, 2015
This genre is great on iPad

Thanks for releasing this game on iOS. I would love to see the other games in the series ported over.

Eric Summers, Jan 30, 2022
review from ipad mini owner

thank you devs for making this game playable on first gen ipad mini. sure there are some moments where the app booted me out, but they were few and i was able to finish the game without any major trouble.also thanks for including achievements coz i love them, and they actually unlock unlock some other games where they don't even though you fulfill the requirements.all in all, i desperately want the rest of the series on my ipad mini. please make them compatible for us, and don't forget achievements. thank you.

gamecenter police, Oct 24, 2015
Ripoff Of Anna's Quest

Although the graphics are nice and the gameplay is smooth I just feel that they owe an apology to the creator's of Anna's Quest for ripping off their game. If you don't know what I mean the gameplay feels the same as Anna's Quest and the story is sorta similar to the game.

JudyHopps, Sep 12, 2015
Wonderful fun game

Please bring some more of these kind of games. I loved it and the length of it was long. Well worth it.

kimtogo, Aug 29, 2020

I got about halfway through the game and ran into a problem with the phosphorus cotton candy getting lost from my inventory and had to start another game. Would like to get my money back because I’m not going to do the whole game over just because of their known bug. I was able to find reports of this bug going back several years online.

Mission56, Dec 19, 2020
For adolescent males only

Although the graphics and voice work were nice, this was way too old-school for my taste. The touch controls were particularly frustrating - if you don't hit the exact minuscule spot for an action, nothing happens, which caused me to have to use the "show all possible actions" button too often, really spoiling the fun for me. A lot of the humor is more snarky than funny, and the mysogynistic comments to and about the hero's girlfriend in particular got real old real fast. Actions weren't particularly intuitive, and there were too many choices and possibilities to sift through without being able to make progress. Some of the actions didn't make a lot of sense, sort of along the lines of the old "hit the dwarf with the stolen violin and pick up the extra bowling pin" logic from way back when. I got fed up with it and didn't bother to finish.

MomPolo, Sep 16, 2015


Please note: This app requires iPad 3 or better or iPad Mini 2 or better. Older devices are not supported. A Lovely Trash Adventure!

Everything on Deponia is made of junk. No surprise that Rufus has enough of this place and wants to leave all that trash behind. During a risky, reckless and not particularly clever attempt to escape, a mysterious beauty lands right in front of his feet. This isn't the happy end of a wonderful love story but the beginning of a hilarious adventure packed with danger, intrigue and utter chaos. Key Features: • A cornerstone of the adventure genre • Likeable heroes and despicable villains - just as a story like this demands • Hand-drawn backgrounds and highly detailed animation • A rebellious soundtrack that you won't get out of your head Reviews: Kotaku „Deponia is sharp, pretty and quirky-as-hell, just the way I like my point-and-clickers.” Gamespot – 8/10 "Deponia's tale of love, loss, and all-out comedy is a beautifully constructed piece of point-and-click heaven." Gamereactor – 90% "Likeable characters, an exciting story, a great presentation, amazing soundtrack, logical puzzles and beautifully integrated, intelligent mini games." Gamestar – 88% "LucasArts found a worthy successor in Daedalic." Computer Bild Spiele "Deponia marks Daedalic as a first-class adventure studio. Their humor has pin-point accuracy and the characters are very well-written." Spieletipps – 91 % "A technically brilliant and hilarious Junkyard-Odyssey joining the Major League of LucasArts' legendary adventures."

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