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Bound - Audiobook Player

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Deadpan, LLC
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User Reviews for Bound - Audiobook Player

Thank goodness there is a good app for Apple devices

I own various audiobooks that did not come from Audible or another book service, and it has not been easy finding a good app for them. Everything I have tried has had a variety of bugs and problems. I found this app by mistake, and I am glad that I did. Although its user interface is simple, (which I happen to like), I am not noticing any of the bugs that the others had. My one suggestion would be to implement an option that allows the books to be grouped by folders as well as tags, but even though I have had the app for just a day, I am very pleased.

Amyherst, Mar 02, 2022
Killer Feature: Cloud Storage Integration

This app ticks all of the standard boxes for an audiobook app, bookmarking, variable playback speed, sleep timer, but the cloud storage integration is it's killer feature. I can offload my huge library of audiobooks from my phone to Google Drive and still keep access to my entire library at any time. Also, playback speed is more granular than what's standard in Apple's app or other audiobook apps (I prefer 1.3x speed better than 1.25 or 1.5x). What's keeping it from being 5 stars? It really needs search & filtering capabilities in both the local audiobook library, but especially in the cloud storage. Trying to find the 3 files that make up a single book by scrolling through my entire library is less than ideal. I'd be happy to help write user stories, or join in UAT or external beta testing for these features.

BSteggeman, Feb 23, 2018
The Best

I’ve tried most of the alternatives to apple books which I still don’t like and Bound is by far the best. I never lose my place, it doesn’t do weird things like apple books and it’s incredibly easy to load onto with many different options for loading. Loading via browser is just brilliant and works flawlessly. The support is non existent and I wish the developer would make it apple watch compatible but it is controllable via my watch unless apple messes that up again which they did with the previous update but its working again with the latest. Definitely superb!

GeoffLau, Apr 17, 2022
Playlists please

I do love this app and use it all the time for my audiobooks. It is an excellent app and I very much recommend it. The only thing that I would like to see is some sort of playlist or category management. I often am listening to several types of audiobooks -listening to what my kids are reading, listening to a fiction book on my own, listening to a non-fiction book. If I could create playlist or manage the organization in someway that it would be easy for me to I have a subset of books to look at when I need a new nonfiction or fiction or young adult book.

gregspiral, Aug 21, 2021
Finally! Can import audio files

I purchased some mp3 audio files to help study for my medical boards. They would load into iTunes but only as music. This is not ideal - can’t skip forward/backward easily, also total mood-killer on music shuffle. Trying to use iBooks or podcast app was challenging- changing genre (to podcast or to audiobook) was time consuming and the files were not easy to work with. This app worked seamlessly! I imported files into iCloud Drive, separate from iTunes. Each folder there could be added to this app as a chapter. All of the files came over. Quick and painless. I am very grateful for this app.

Kiffy, Feb 15, 2020
Looks great, doesn’t work quite as well as it used to

I am on an audiobook award jury, so I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Bound has been my go-to app for most of this year. It works well with iCloud (where I keep the files that I’m sent for review) and it’s easy to use. The latest update looks great, and importing works a little better (fewer skipped files than before), but I’m unable to delete audiobooks from my library. I click the trash can icon and...nothing. It’s frustrating! I have a couple of audiobooks with missing files that I can’t delete and reimport because of this issue. I hope this bug will be fixed soon...I hate having to switch over to another app to listen to these problem titles!

KnittingKnerd, Nov 13, 2019
Best Audiobook App On Any Platfrorm

Bound is undeniably the best audiobook app on any platform (and there’s really no viable competition) for listening to your personal audiobook collection. Sure, Audible is great but it’s strictly for paid audiobooks from Audible. Bound reads nearly every audio format in a full featured, beautifullly rendered app that accesses your unlimited personal collection of audiobooks from any of the major cloud storage providers: Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. Book covers are included, adjust speeds, dark mode. The developers just keep making it better. Love you guys, love this app from its early days! Thanks.

lewstowe, Oct 19, 2019
The best audiobook player app

It plays beautifully, handles album art beautifully, and it’s cloud integration between all platforms is perfect. Stuff i have to dispute from other reviews: I’ve never had any cloud download issues, always been able to download the full books no problem (if something happens based on your connection you can back out and go back and download what didn’t get downloaded). 2. Never had any gap in playback, that’s either your files or settings. To developer: Please add DARK MODE. Also add options to change UI color.

oreogod, Nov 16, 2018
Issue with most recent version

I love this app. By far the best audio book player I’ve found. Worth the purchase.However in the most recent version it doesn’t seem to properly advance to the next chapter file. Once one chapter file ends stops playing even though the play pause indicator shows as playing. To get it to play the next chapter you have to select a different chapter file from the one that is supposedly playing and then go back. It didn’t do this before so something must be off…. Even with this inconvenience it is still a great audio book app and worth every penny.

PfauxTunes, Jul 16, 2023
The best audiobook app on iPhone

I’ve been using this app for about three years now. Prior to this app I tried everything under the sun, from syncing books over via iTunes to a variety of other apps. This is the only app that lets me use the standard iOS document interface to load files, while offering a great audiobook listening experience. I also appreciate the tasteful design and nice features for managing things like cover images. If you have a reason to listen to any audio files in an audiobook style interface this is the app to use. (Don’t forget that your public library probably has tons of great audiobooks on CD! It’s easy to rip them and add them to this app!)

Raygan, Apr 10, 2021


Listen to your favorite DRM-free audiobooks with Bound. Bound allows you to import audio files from various cloud services and play them back in a beautiful modern interface. Bound will automatically save your listening position so that you never lose your place.

Supported Audio File Types (DRM-free only): .mp3, .m4a, .m4b, .aac Download - Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. - Apple Files. - Web Uploader for importing from your computer via WiFi. Manage - Move audio files between books. - Change cover art. - Sort based on author, title, recently added, and recently played. - Rename title and author. - Choose between a number of fun themes. - Dark mode support. Play - Automatically saves playback location as you progress through the book. - Independently configure seek forward and seek backward times. - Chapter support for audio files with embedded chapters (.m4a / .m4b / OverDrive .mp3). - Change playback speed from 0.5X to 3.0X. - Smart Rewind when returning to your book after a while. - Sleep Timer with configurable time or at the end of a chapter. - Manually bookmark locations that you want to return to. - CarPlay support. If you enjoy using Bound, please consider writing a review.

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