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Book of Enoch, Jasher,Jubilees

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Book of Enoch, Jasher,Jubilees

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User Reviews for Book of Enoch, Jasher,Jubilees

How you lie about a Bible App?

No other book s just the 66 books and it’s a horribly designed app. To search through different books you have to know how Many chapters in it because there is no names. 😑

Aldininika Darensbourg, Aug 25, 2020

This developer leads you to believe you’re getting the books of Enoch, Jasher , and Jubilees, but you’re getting yet another version of the Old/New Testament Bible. I’m not opposed to the Bible, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Be honest in your app icon about what product you are giving. 🙄

angrobwilson, May 29, 2021
Misleading title

Says book of Enoch but is only the bible (New and Old testament) and you can't even read the "books" because the text is white and the background is white when you open the menu.

B.B. Mitchell, Nov 30, 2022
Books it present

The books jubilees, Enoch and Jasher are not present I paid $4.99 for add free version thinking the books would appear it didn’t

Bbjt@042354, Apr 16, 2021

Lot’s of issues with this app, starting with the title. It does not match this app at all. Aesthetically the app looks nice, but is cumbersome to actually use. The list of books is barely legible as the text blends into the background and is accompanied by seemingly random verse numbers to the side which is very confusing. Uninstalling as this app doesn’t match the title!

Brad in PR, Dec 26, 2020
Completely lied

It’s the original bible which isn’t bad but don’t lie and say you have jasher, jubiliees, and Enoch when it’s nowhere to be found on the app 1 star for the false ad

BrothaJus, Mar 23, 2021

I’ve seen other reviews say the same thing. This is not the book of Enoch. Or the other 2. I think that’s deceitful. And whatever ploy this is - to intentionally name this Bible app these other books - & then not include them - I think is wrong. Biblical authors read these books. And even if they’re not canonical, it doesn’t mean they’re evil or wrong. It helps us to be more educated as we read scripture. Please repent and change the name of this app & stop misleading people. It’s a minor infraction, but a major lie. And a lie is still a lie. Even if it doesn’t hurt people. That’s still sin & not doing right by another.

Isobellum, Mar 24, 2023

No apocrypha is here, just the canonical 66 books… a shame that someone would lie about the word of God, makes you wonder if the text within is even accurate

Kerrsguy, Oct 27, 2021

I downloaded the app and there is no Enoch masher and jubilees. Very misleading. This is next level scummery as they have lied about the Bible. I love the Bible and thus am not opposed to it but at least be honest about what you provide.

Kiwi 234567, Sep 14, 2021
Missing books

Your icon shows book of Enoch, jubilees, etc but I don’t see them in the app. Am I missing something?

miaglika, Sep 09, 2022


This app contains both "Old Testament" and "New Testament" in English. Have the Holy Bible at your fingertips anytime and anywhere you go. This daily Bible App contains the 66 books of the Old Testament and New Testament, providing an easier way to feel God’s word in your heart and to feel heaven closer to you and your loved ones.

Carry your Bible wherever and whenever you want to help enlighten your mind with the most complete, fast and easy to use Bible App. ● Works Offline: All the Books, chapters and verses in New International Bible are stored on your mobile device, so you will never need internet connection to study, read and enjoy the Holy Bible. ● Verse of the day - Off to a good start with an inspiring verse from bible app each day. ● Quick Access: By just a few taps you can quickly navigate to any book, chapter and verse. ● Share verses via multiple platforms with ease, like Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.. Features: ● Create Inspirational Bible Arts ● Audio Bibles: Audio for select versions. ● Easy and Quick Navigation ● Bookmarking by chapter ● Write and Title notes ● Search with Highlight ● Organized into Books & Chapters ● Quiz (Multiple choice question) ● Popular Quotes ● Verse of the day ● Word Search ● Audio Bible (Play, Pause, Stop) ● History option (Word searched text). ● Christian Calendar Option. Settings : ● Font Size Increase and Decrease. ● Custom Font style. ● App Theme Color Change. ● Night Mode ON, OFF.

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