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BeautyPlus - AI Photo Editor

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User Reviews for BeautyPlus - AI Photo Editor


I accidentally renewed this subscription and immediately canceled it. Made a report to Apple and they denied a refund, tried contacting Beauty Plus directly through the app and no luck there either. It’s terrible to have been charged for a service you don’t want that was immediately cancelled and yet refund was denied! All done within a matter of minutes after realizing that it was subscribed to. Now I’m going to have to go through my banking institution to remedy this problem when I shouldn’t have to. If you use this app on a trial please be very careful not to re-subscribe to this app, you will have a problem getting your money back. As I stated I ACCIDENTALLY hit this subscription and didn’t want this app! I contacted to try and get a refund through apple and they said I had to contact the app developer and the only option I had was to leave a review, now a response is telling me to contact apple! A person is responsible for making an error and I paid the ultimate price. Charged for a app I don’t want and didn’t want. I try to do things the right way by making contact so if I have to dispute the charge with my bank I will. It said that people make you go an extra mile because I made an error. Unjust will not prosper!

ABAdams13, Jul 07, 2023
please see this and please fix it!!

the “tone” tool used to be my favorite editing tool ever. but then the app changed it and it’s no longer the same! i miss the old way the tone tool used to work whenever you could just use all the tan tone colors instead of just being limited to one tan tone color. i hate the hue and degree thing you have to use now. it’s awful and it only makes you look way too dark and makes you blend in with the rest of the picture. the tone tool used to be so much better because you would just click your skin tone you wanted and use the bar to drag and get tanner. now you drag the bar and you just become dark not even tan. it’s not the same and i’m begging you. TO PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. the tone feature is awful now and instead of looking tan you only look grey! please please change it back. i miss the old tone tool so much.

Alison😍, Feb 24, 2022
Bad representation of black people

As a black women I am saddened by the lack of care this app has put forward in representing black people. On the app I decided to try the different filters to see what I would look like in an anime. I used a photo of myself and put it into their ai filter and they gave me a cloud of smoke/burnt ash not even a real human being. This actually didn’t just happen once but 3 times with different photos and filters. It is terrible how their ai can’t tell the difference between a black person and smoke/ash. When putting in other photos of myself, they would typically make me look white and very pale and they would ALWAYS straighten my hair when I either had braids or natural curly hair. Clearly when making this app, people haven’t thought about representing black people and took little time in considering how ai would represent them. I see it as if they really cared, they’d take the time to actually check how ai portrayed black people before releasing this app. Because of this I am outraged and can say this is the worst app I have ever gotten and I would rate this 0 stars if I could. Note: this app uses filter that lightens skin of darker women and lacks accurate black hairstyles changing natural hair looks to straight hair. Their ai also sometimes can’t properly identify black people.

Badchugz1436, Jun 30, 2023
New Version not as good

I have used this app for several years but am now researching a new option. The latest download is much less user friendly and randomly closes while I’m editing a pic, causing me to have to start over on editing a photo several times. There are also bugs with the editing tools. The new version of the slimming tool won’t let you undo the auto edit of slimming your face, which automatically happens when you open the tool and then you have to switch to manual mode. For me, this just makes my jaw and head look small. I have to choose between my face looking distorted or being able to use the feature I like most on the app-shaving off the 10 pounds the camera often adds to my bod. I also don’t like the new blemish remover either. It takes a long time to remove a blemish whereas before it was just click over the spot. So sad. This app was amazing before.

Cass878, Sep 28, 2020
Superior Quality

This app is better at what it does than any other app of the same type that I've tried. You don't need a half dozen apps to make your photos look good - just one app does it all - and they don't force a watermark all over your stuff. I'm a very satisfied customer. My only complaint is lag. Sometimes it's slow to load, slow to respond, slow to take pictures or video, etc. That could be my internet or it could be the app size. I still love this app anyway. I remember the old adage: sometimes, less is more - I find that you don't have to use strong filters to get nice results. This is an ideal app for a phone that has an unflattering camera. It captures the best of everyone, from newborn to over 80.

Chrissy Saoirse Fae, Nov 03, 2020
My honest opinion.

I’ve been using this app (free version-only) for years and I it has been my favorite app to use in editing, enhancing and creating beautiful memories. I’ve referred it to my family and friends. They’ve all received and/or seen my creations within this app all these years. They’re so impressed that some of them have asked me how I’m creating such awesome memories before I can even recommend this app. I don’t recall having any technical difficulties or issues. The app is easy to navigate through. It offers many, many options to customize your projects. It is easy to make changes, edit and personalize any project you may have. To me it’s the best app to use with your cherished photos. Again, I’ve only used the free version all these years and it’s phenomenal. There’s no pressure to upgrade to another version, thousands of free options and there’s no pop up ads. If you enjoy editing, customizing and creating memories you have to try this app. I’ve used other apps and unfortunately purchased a few subscriptions/upgrades and they still can’t compete with this app. I didn’t renew my subscriptions on any of them and some I actually deleted the entire app. Get this app and enjoy yourself in your own style of creativity. 💜BuffieNote to Developer: Thank you for developing this app. It’s the best out there. I’ve created some memories that I will treasure and share forever. 💯

Givinmyside., Oct 28, 2022
Hours of FUN!

I have absolutely went crazy with this app ever since I downloaded it for days ago. I cannot get enough of it! My daughter and I wanted to just have something where we can do selfie's and I started originally with MakeupPlus. Then we downloaded this so we can do it together and we just keep downloading other apps made by the same company! My and our family loves it! I of course love where you can already had her make up done without actually having to do it! The Besty filters are awesome for my daughter and I, husband and I, husband and daughter, just everyone early! We've honestly got it to where we are going to print a lot of these out for Christmas presents, at least part of them! Thank you for making such an entertaining app and please keep making them! If you don't like this you will not be disappointed :-)

Kallisto80, Sep 05, 2017

So, I am going to be truthful in saying that I have always hated taken pictures and I usually don’t do reviews that pay me. As far as photographsI just never looked attractive in them, pictures seem to accentuate my flaws, thus making me self conscious. Prior to this app I had no social media what so ever because I looked distorted and disfigured in photos. I took a chance on this app just to “ goof off” and do silly filters. Upon navigating the app and taking some trial and error pictures, I was flabbergasted by the enhancements in my photos after adding the beauty features. I took a couple of days to process if I wanted to purchase the app or not, so I posted some pictures ( free trial)on a dating web site just to experiment. My page “ blew up”. By day 3, I was ready to make the subscription. Now I am a social media star and I owe it to this investment. My confidence is at least 99% better. I hope that BeautyPlus will continue to add more features. I would like to make some requests as well. I do believe that I will be a subscriber for life. Thank you Beauty Plus for giving me my best life😘

KeshaBoo87, Apr 05, 2021
Simple and clean.

Even a kid could use this app since it is so easy to use. You can pay for a membership but I have never done that yet I love it so much. It has automatic features and manual features that allow you to fix a picture within a minute, looking completely realistic. This is not one of those trashy apps that make your eyes bigger yet they look fake. This app is very realistic and professional. You can tell that the company cares about its customers as it has a huge variety even for the non-paying users. A little retouch does not hurt anyone. If you are a little bit creative, you can take some tools beyond their original purpose. For example: Got food on your teeth? Disappear it with the acne tool. Your smile looks weird? Fix it with the slim tool. And guess what! No watermarks nor ads. Trust me, you won’t regret getting this app.

Marinaval, Apr 26, 2019
AWFUL update [FIXED]

EDIT: They actually responded and fixed my concern so quickly! Thank you 😭🙏—————————-This is my favorite editing app of all time. Without fail. I don’t ever write reviews but the latest update (while seemingly useful/efficient) really destroyed one of the things I loved about it which was “layering” effects. I could stack multiple filters and edits through the check mark until the picture was perfect and now I can only do one at a time which would force me to save and reopen the picture multiple times. For my preferences, this app is now unusable to me. Which is why I gave it a 1 star in hopes they’ll see this. Otherwise, it’s a very clear 5 stars. The “layer” side bar is lovely but the “mechanics” (effect stacking) can be reverted and I think it’d be perfect! BUT ALSO, I might be dumb and can’t see the new checkmark to approve changes so hopefully that’s the case 😭🙏

ohnips, Oct 07, 2021


• AI avatar, face app, makeup tool, cartoon filter, remove BG…50+ easy-to-use editing tools for fast & powerful results. Download for free! • Selfie camera and photo editing app used by 800 million users worldwide • Get the perfect selfie with our amazing AI Auto-Beautification tool • Featured by Apple in 30+ countries BeautyPlus is here to help you take great-looking selfies or edit high quality photos using thousands of AI effects, filters, stickers, and much more! ► Unlock the Power of AI: Experience a new dimension of photo editing with BeautyPlus's AI-powered tools, including: - AI Portrait: Transform ordinary portraits into extraordinary works of art by uploading multiple pictures to create diverse and captivating styles. - AI Enhance: Revitalize your old blurry photos and videos, boosting image and video resolution through advanced AI technology. - AI Pet Portrait: Turn your beloved pets into enchanting wizards or adorable chefs, adding a touch of magic to your photos. - AI Remove BG: Effortlessly eliminate unwanted backgrounds from your photos with a single click, allowing you to seamlessly change your picture's backdrop. - AI Remover: Remove people, buildings, and other undesired objects from your photos using powerful AI and advanced image processing technologies. ► Elevate Your Selfie Game: BeautyPlus is more than just a photo editing app; it's your personal beauty and style companion. Explore an array of features to perfect your selfies: - AI Auto-Beautification: Achieve the perfect selfie effortlessly with our amazing AI tool that enhances your natural beauty. - Makeup Tools: Apply natural and stylish makeup, including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye, to elevate your look. - Height Adjustment, Slimming, and More Body Editing Tools: Customize your features with intuitive tools to enhance your overall appearance. ► Creative Editing Made Easy: Unleash your creativity with a wide range of filters, effects, stickers, and editing tools: - 400+ Filters: Choose from a diverse collection of themed filters to create unique styles effortlessly. - Templates: One-tap access to various templates for recreating trending edits. - Stickers and Text: Add thousands of unique stickers and aesthetic text templates to make your photos stylish and stunning. - Brush and Background: Draw, paint, or add background colors to level up your photos. - Collage: Create stunning collages with ease, combining multiple photos into artistic arrangements that tell your unique story.

Download BeautyPlus for free now to discover cool functions, trendy effects, and fun stickers! Join millions of users who trust BeautyPlus to capture and enhance their moments. SHARE YOUR PHOTOS (AND FEEDBACK) WITH US! • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautyplusapp/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeautyPlus • Support: [email protected] BeautyPlus Premium is a subscription that provides monthly or annual auto-renewable access to all premium features (such as AI avatar, Cartoon filters, Remove BG, Reshape, Firm, etc.). Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can manage your auto-renewal options in your Apple ID account settings at any time after purchase. This subscription will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period according to the option you choose, unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription, where applicable. Terms of Service: https://h5.mr.meitu.com/agreement/beautyPlus/#/ Privacy Policy: https://h5.mr.meitu.com/agreement/beautyPlus/#/privacy

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