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BabyLab - Baby Maker Generator

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Sociaaal LLC
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User Reviews for BabyLab - Baby Maker Generator


If I could give it zero stars I would. First it made me buy a subscription to even see the image. It then immediately played an ad even though the subscription is ad free. Then the image looked like a balding old man who just won’t let go. Patchy sparse hairline. It basically just takes the two images and mashes them together. This is far from AI technology. I did an image with Post Malone and the baby had tattoos on the face. It takes the images and mashes them together. It doesn’t create anything. Horrible waste of $6.99. Canceled immediately.

boomdeath89, Jul 18, 2023
Waste Of Time.

I downloaded this game out of curiosity but It turned out to be a mistake. They try to make you pay for everything, and you have to watch an add like every thirty seconds, and not to mention when i finally got the results they just over lap your images and my ‘future daughter’ turned out green and the hair and facial features were just the images overlapped. Overall I wouldn’t waste my time or money on this app.

bugalug09, Nov 26, 2022
Why make the app free?!

Okay, I’m gonna be 100% honest, the app is NOT free. They have a subscription and they advertise unlimited results when purchasing the subscription- assuming that you could get some result without purchasing the subscription…that is NOT the case, you can select your photos and whatnot, but to actually see any result…you must pay $6.99. First of all, why on EARTH are they charging $6.99 A WEEK for so generated photos…it’s one tho y to charge that much monthly- but WEEKLY?!? This app is waste of time and money, and no I didn’t purchase the subscription to see the results- see if they’re actually accurate. Don’t waste your time with this app, don’t waste your money on this- it’s not worth it, all the five star reviews…gotta be fake/only ranting high so you see them.

Darknight3888, Jun 05, 2023
Confusing app

I downloaded this app on the 18th of October 2022 and for one right away u have to pay for a picture to be made which in my opinion that’s dumb but u gotta make ur money somehow. So I went to and saw there was a free trial and was like I’ll just use that option and cancel it and it explained how to do it but it wasn’t the best explanation at all. So I got my pictures and then was trying to figure out how to cancel it and the only way I could figure out how to do it was by removing the app. Finally, I got the app to give me the option for canceling my subscription that’s the happy ending but there’s more I get an email from it charging one of the cards I’m using and I canceled the payment that this app attempted to do even though I canceled it. Wouldn’t recommend getting this app unless ur prepared to be charged whenever this app feels like it wants some free money from ur wallet.

DJ_YB02, Oct 21, 2022
To many ads and doesn’t work

There’s a ad with ever button u press and it never makes the baby with a picture from ur camera role

gameday08, Mar 12, 2023
This game is trash

So first of all you have to pay to see the baby you made and it keeps forcing me to give a review and so I gave it a bad review and you have to pay for all of the stuff you can’t see the baby until you pay so I deleted the app it keeps glitching and it’s just garbage so until you make the game where you don’t have yo pay to see the baby you made I’m not getting the app until it’s free so and also fix the glitching and until that the game is trash

hey toca whorld, Jan 02, 2022
This game

I would love this game so much to see what my girlfriend and I baby would look like but the only problem is you have to pay to see the baby I don’t know if I’m not sure how to do it but you can’t select custom pictures I’m pretty disappointed and that if they made it free I would be on it all day Otherwise it would be a good game

I'll shotgun you, Jan 11, 2022
If I could give this negative stars I would

I got the game excited bc I didn’t have to buy anything or so I thought then it pops up all these things telling me to buy it then I X them all out then IT WONT EVEN LET ME SEE THE BABY it keeps popping up “Error” my wifi is good the photos are clear it just won’t work 😒

I'm TaLl, Jan 15, 2022
Worst app ever

In the beginning it looked fun but when I found out I can’t even see my baby and that you have to pay $6.99 PER WEEK. It was a total scam. These developers think we’re dumb and want to pay that much money per week like times are tough now. O yea but you people are getting rich off of these little apps you’re making that is a complete scam. At least say in your stupid adds that everyone falls for that you have to pay that much money. To you rich developers that is not even much so I say this is then worst game I ever played. I DEFINITELY don’t recommend this app to ANYONE and I mean ANYONE.

Jmsmjmmm, Jul 23, 2023

I tried a few things like the one person with them and it just showed the same picture I did this three times and it all came out as a girl and I have to pay for the boy (I didn’t) and I think this should get fixed or I won’t have this app

justina longstrr, Jan 03, 2022


You want to see what your baby would look like? Now you can! Thanks to cutting edge technologies.

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