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amazer - KPOP FAN APP

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for amazer - KPOP FAN APP

Deletes my videos

I like the app it is just very annoying when I make a video and save it as private so I can post it later and it deletes my private videos. I was so upset when my videos were deleted. Is there a way I can get my videos back?

Ariyana Greenwell, Feb 07, 2020
Audio issues

When I film from the app and add stickers the audio cuts out and just sounds like it blasting from the phone speakers. This is only an issues when I go to add stickers though. Solutions? Everything is great! Thank you! 💃🏻✨

aroha1997, Dec 14, 2018
Few problems

I really like this app but it has a few problems. When I'm looking at the battles, sometimes the videos take forever to load, freeze, or just won't play at all. And like, how do you know if you won a battle or not? The mechanics are a bit confusing.

DragonCry145, Mar 05, 2018
Music is not working

The app is great but for the last couple of songs when I got back to watch it or when other people watch it my music for the song is not working. I don’t know if it’s just my phone of what. I’ve tried logging out then back in and shutting my phone down but nothing is working. Can you please help me?

fkfndjdnlwjs, May 07, 2020

When ever I post, I don’t get any notifications although I’m getting likes and follows. There’s no place for me to check my notifications in the app and I don’t get any push notifications either.

Jayme2103, Jul 23, 2020
I can’t get on

I’m sorry not trying to complain or anything but whenever I try to get on the app it would just turn off and take me back to my home screen and I’m already logged in I don’t know if it kicked me out or something but can you please fix that!

jtstsgksfj😋☺️🥰😝, Apr 26, 2020
A few problems....

I sign in to my account and decided to make a video of these dances... basically I didn’t have time to make the rest of the dances so I just put it private and do it for later... also, when I had time to do it.. I find my private videos but it’s not there... i worked hard on these videos.. some part on my videos are hard dances... so basically I tried at least 2 hours to do! Plus, the idols don’t see us so they just don’t even talk to us! So obviously it’s fake because they will be waving at us if we actually call them! So... I just deleted it now because I’m tired of doing these hard dance again.. 😒😒

Me_go, Sep 01, 2020
Random glitches (?)

Whenever I’m on Amazer, the app closes. It’s when I’m replying to a comment or checking out pictures from the group chat thingys. Also, for the group chats pictures, people post unrelated things. For example, in the Loona chat, some people post pictures of bts and one of a SHIP between Jimin from BTS and Rosé from Blackpink. If you didn’t know, bts doesn’t want to be shipped with other girl groups. It also disgusts me very much. I hope you guys do something about this.Another thing, can you make a new feature or something where you could block, report and ban people from group chats etc.? It would be nice so we wouldn’t have to deal with hate and people talking about other groups when it is specifically about one group. But the rest of this app it amazing :)

SanjayIndiaBoy, Apr 21, 2020
Can’t sign up??!!!

I tried to create an account and when I put in the information needed I tried multiple times to push the “sign up”button but for some reason it won’t work I tried reloading the app and it still does the same thing I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it won’t let me click “sign up” if I had an invalid email or password and clicked “sign up” it would let me know something it wrong but when everything is right it still won’t let me push “sign up” what can I do to fix this?

Spiritfulltiger, Jan 20, 2019

Hey! I actually for a split second got excited to dance and upload things on this app. As soon as I saw a Monsta C challenge that was, I suppose “sponsored” by this app, downloaded it immediately. After the download, j checked things out and it looked great. Planned to dance later. Now that’s it later, I open the app back up and could no longer listen to music or watch videos. I uninstalled then reinstalled but still got the same results. Bummer 😭😭

Sylph Lord, Feb 20, 2019


Must-download app for K-pop fans! Global K-pop video community, amazer Make K-pop themed dance, lipsync, fanart, selfie videos! * BTS, BlackPink, Exo, Twice, Got7 themed stickers! * React to the video of your bias and even duet with it! * Use special filters & effects to make your own K-pop MV! * MonstaX, MOMOLAND, Dreamcatcher, DIA teach you how to dance! * Hottest K-pop challenges updated on a weekly basis Be a K-pop Creator with amazer! * Featured: Best K-pop videos selected with care * Prove your passion for K-pop jumping into various K-pop challenges

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