Apple Search Ads
for subscription apps:
scale your traffic, drive down costs

Apple Search Ads is a powerful platform to promote your app. However, if you don’t know how to measure and optimize your Ads, your campaign may never reach its true potential.

During this webinar, together with Ryan Kelley, Mobile Growth Consultant, we will discuss the correct approaches when it comes to improving your conversion rates and lowering user acquisition costs as well as the metrics you should be focusing on before deciding to scale your campaign.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • How to attribute subscription revenue to ASA campaigns
  • Ad campaign setting to maximize the outreach
  • Effective campaign templates to «set it and forget it»
  • Expert advice on how to optimize campaigns and improve performance
  • Bid hacks to protect your brand from competitors

Meet The Speakers

Michael Stysin

Michael Stysin
CEO, Qonversion

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley
Mobile Growth Consultant

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