❄️ Winter Product Updates

In this edition:

  • Automation & In-App Messaging
  • Offerings
  • Trial & Introductory offer eligibility
  • macOS / Catalyst SDK
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • iOS, Android, and React Native SDK updates
  • App Store Small Business Program

If you are reading this update, but have not integrated Qonversion yet, let us know, and we will help with the integration. Or schedule a demo here.

Automation and In-App Messages

We are excited to announce our new powerful products, Automation and In-App Messaging. Earlier this week, we sent a special email about these products. If you missed the email, please click the link to learn more.


An offering is a group of products that you can offer to a user on a given paywall based on your business logic. For example, you can offer one set of products on a paywall immediately after onboarding and another set of products with discounts later on if a user has not converted. Read our documentation to learn more.

Trial and introductory offer eligibility

You can check if a user is eligible for an introductory offer, including a free trial. Users who have not previously used an introductory offer for any products in the same subscription group are eligible for an introductory offer. You can show only a regular price for users who are not eligible for an introductory offer. Add just a short function to determine eligibility.

macOS / Catalyst SDK

Qonversion iOS SDK is compatible with macOS and can be installed either via CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager. Check our documentation to learn more.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Last year the European Union has announced new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements for online payments above €30 in the European Economic Area. Starting 2021, the legislation comes into force.

We have added support of Strong Customer Authentication for iOS and Android SDKs. 

Release for Native Android, iOS & React Native SDK 

We have updated our SDKs to support the new features listed in this email.

Ensure you use the latest version:

  • iOS 2.10.1
  • Android 2.6
  • React Native 2.3.0 (+sample app)  

App Store Small Business Program

If you have enrolled in Apple’s Small Business Program, please update your project settings accordingly. Navigate to your project’s setting and provide the dates of your participation in the program.

Please note that you have to set the dates for each project if you have multiple apps. Check the documentation here.

Blog: iOS Subscription upgrades, downgrades, and service levels

iOS subscription levels and events like subscription upgrades and downgrades can cause a lot of confusion. This guide summarises everything you need to know on these subjects.