🎉 Qonversion announces a Seed round investment of $850,000

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Eugene Virnik

We are happy to announce that we have completed our seed financing round. We raised $850,000 from LVL1 Group, AddVenture VC, and several angels.

Our vision is to become the ultimate infrastructure and analytics tool for powering your app growth. We are aware of how much effort it takes to implement cross-platform in-app monetization. And how hard it is to leverage in-app purchases data to make informed product and marketing decisions.

Based on the amount of our client feedback and the number of requested features, we felt that it’s the right time to get external financing to accelerate our product growth. The funding will help us build the features you are telling us about every day. And hey, we value your feedback, so please do reach out if you have any. 

💙 Michael, Eugene, Sam