Product Updates: Permissions, A/B testing, Google Billing 4.0.0, and more

We know you have huge plans for the second half of the year – so we think this is the right moment to share with you our latest updates you might find useful.


From now on you can give access to your premium features even if the purchase was not made. For instance, you can give this permission as an incentive to your customers or as a gift to your partners. To do this, follow this guide. If you would like to do the same for a group of people, the API method will be the best option.

Google Billing 4.0.0

To prepare your app for announced Google’s updates, we added Google Billing Library version 4.0.0 support in our SDKs. If you are using Qonversion SDK in Observer Mode and Google Play Billing Library version 3.x.y., please follow these recommendations. For other cases, use the latest SDKs versions.

A/B testing

It has never been easy to decide which product package, price, subscription duration you should set up for your application. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The wrong choice could cost you revenue. So we launched the A/B testing tool. You can compare prices, test different trial periods and promo offers, see how it affects your revenue and make data-driven decisions.

User Identity

User identification can be a complex task as users can log in and out of your application, use multiple devices, or reinstall the app. For managing access across multiple platforms we have built a comprehensive solution. Use the identify() method to link a user to your signed-in subscriber. Call this method every time you want to use User Identity.




[Qonversion identify:@"your_custom_user_id"];







React Native


Automation macros

Using our automated macros, you can add details about your prices, trials, and subscription durations into paywalls (that are created with Qonversion). It’s super easy: add macros to the elements you need (title, text, or button) and the corresponding data will be fetched directly from app stores.

15% reduced Google fees

This is pretty old news, but we would like to highlight it: Qonversion accounts for the Google Play 15% fee and takes it into consideration when doing analytics for you.

StoreKit 2 overview

Check out this great blog post of our SDK Engineer Suren Sarkisyan to get the complete overview of StoreKit 2 capabilities, what was improved, what was not, and what’s next. We promise it is worth your time!

SDKs updates

Just to remind, the latest versions of our SDKs are:

  • iOS 2.16.0 (A/B testing, Automation updates)
  • Android 3.0.0 (A/B testing, Google Billing Library 4.0.0)
  • React Native 3.0.0. (Google Billing Library 4.0.0)
  • Unity 3.0.0 (Google Billing Library 4.0.0)
  • Flutter 4.0.0 (A/B testing, Google Billing Library 4.0.0)
  • Cordova 1.0.0 (Google Billing Library 4.0.0)

We are excited to move further with our feature-packed plans. But if you have any ideas in mind, feel free to share – we would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned!