Apple Search Ads Measurement

When it comes to mobile app advertising, it’s no secret that Apple Search Ads (ASA) is a potent platform. Specifically, for those apps monetizing with in-app subscriptions, ASA offers a unique and effective way to enhance user acquisition. The key here is understanding not only the reach of this platform but also its measurement capabilities that enable a comprehensive analysis of your campaigns.

User-Level Attribution Data Without SKAdNetwork (SKAN)

One of the notable features of Apple Search Ads is the level of attribution data it provides. Apple provides attribution data on a user level for Apple Search Ads without the need for the SKAdNetwork framework. What does this mean for you as an app owner?

The most significant implication is that you can get 100% attribution data and measure your ASA campaigns even if a user has disallowed tracking. This unique feature gives app owners a level of insight and control over their campaigns that is not readily available on other platforms.

Apple Search Ads ROAS: Tracking and Measuring

To make the most of the attribution data provided by ASA, it is crucial to have the correct setup. In other words, you need to track everything: from impressions on the App Store and tap-through rate, to installs – metrics readily available within the native Apple Search Ads interface.

But it doesn’t stop there. You need to monitor performance metrics to understand how many users started in-app trials, how many of these trials converted, and how much revenue you’re generating. Understanding these data points is vital for measuring the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of your ASA campaigns and keywords. This holistic view of your campaigns’ performance will allow you to run your campaigns effectively and at scale.

Using Qonversion for ASA Measurements

While setting up and tracking these metrics may seem like a daunting task, Qonversion is here to make it easier. Qonversion offers an out-of-the-box solution to streamline the ASA tracking and measuring process. Quick and simple implementation means you’ll have a comprehensive dashboard at your fingertips, displaying full attribution data for every ASA campaign and keyword.

Apple Search Ads Measurement – Qonversion

This data-rich interface empowers you with the insight needed to scale your ASA user acquisition profitably. By highlighting your successful campaigns and showing areas for improvement, Qonversion makes it easier than ever to optimize your marketing efforts and ensure a strong return on investment.

In summary, ASA provides a platform that brings together user acquisition with robust, detailed analytics. While the potential is vast, it is through correctly setting up and tracking your campaigns that this potential is unlocked. With Qonversion, this process is simplified, enabling you to focus on what really matters: growing your app’s user base and maximizing your revenue. You can find more details on tracking you ASA campaigns with Qonversion here.