🔥 Product Update: June

Hey Qonversion Friends! 

Thank you for staying with Qonversion. If you are reading this email, but have not integrated Qonversion yet, let us know, and we will help with the integration.

We are working days and nights to add more features and help you grow your apps. Even though our team consists of ninjas, we are dreaming of the stars — the GitHub stars ⭐. We would appreciate it if you put a star on our project. Cheers!

⚙️ Tenjin and Kochava integrations

You asked we listened! Two new attribution integrations are already available. Send all valuable mobile subscription events to Kochava and Tenjin.

📲 Single Project for iOS and Android Platforms

We have made the first step towards Cross-Platform subscription management. From now on, you create a single project for both iOS and Android app. If you need help to merge your apps, please contact us at [email protected].

🔎 Search for Customers

We have added the search form to the Customers section. Now you can find any Subscriber using Device ID, User ID, or Your Side User ID.