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User Reviews for ZoomInfo

Not accurate data

I typed in two businesses I was curious about and then I looked up two business I know the revenue for (businesses that friends own and that I’ve worked for) and they were nowhere near accurate. It said my friends business earned $937,000 when it earned about $140,000 and another business reported 4.2 million earnings and they earn less than a million. It just seems Ike they find out the number of employees and enter some average sum. Like if it’s 1-10 employees it’s 900-something thousand earnings.. This app is useless to me if I can’t trust the accuracy of the data.

bratty014, Nov 15, 2021
Everything you need at your fingertips!

This app is perfect for when I am not at my computer but still want that high quality data that ZoomInfo gives you. The convenience is amazing! Definitely worth the download!

CoViBl0403, May 19, 2020
Quick check game changer

I’m on my computer a lot for work being remote, but it feels great knowing I’m ready if I have an idea while I’m on the go, or need to check details for client meetings. It’s actually been super thorough for meeting insights, helping me prep for my buyer and learn about the company’s history in like 20 seconds.

Grad with loans, Sep 02, 2021
Won’t load past the startup screen

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and my phone is updated. I can’t get past the startup screen which shows a slideshow of graphics to advertise what the app can do. But the app can’t do anything. I’m a pro subscriber and can’t even get past the launch screen.

Hhhhhplyn, Apr 30, 2022
Exactly what I need on the go!

The mobile app has helped me gather quick insights when I’m on the road or moving quick between meetings. I use it frequently to check out details about a company or customer I’m meeting with. Great app.

MegBernier44, Sep 02, 2021
Great for meetings

I’m always in back to back meetings but taking 5 minutes to learn more about the prospects I’m meeting with is critical. ZoomInfo’s mobile app has quick cards that give me just the right information I need!

Midnight24850, Sep 02, 2021
Essential for business on-the-go

This is a fantastic addition to the ZoomInfo product line. It seamlessly integrates with my ZoomInfo account and allows me access to all their extensive company and contact data while I’m away from my computer or out with clients. Things I love:-Ease of finding insights on a company or a contact, especially the recent news and Scoops items. Incredibly valuable for prepping for on-site meetings.-Calendar integration works well. It will generate a “brief” for upcoming meetings that includes intel on the company and meeting participants.-Ability to export contact information from the app directly into my phone’s contacts, without having to copy and paste all that info. As things open up, this is a must-have app for anyone who uses ZoomInfo.

Searching, searching..., Sep 01, 2021
Staggering amounts of sales insights in your palm

One warning: you need to be a ZoomInfo customer to take advantage of all the goodness in this app. But if you are, this is amazing… contact details, company insights, meeting briefs, exporting capabilities. The UX is slick and the underlying insights are amazing.

Thad Peterson, Sep 02, 2021
Lack of customer support!

I submitted a request over a week ago to have Zoominfo remove my contact phone number as my company phone number in their system and I have not heard back from anyone yet. I tried to submit another ticket but received a pop-up message saying that I couldn’t enter another one because I had already submitted a previous one. I also messaged them via social media about this and have not received any reply from that either. In the meantime I have people calling me all day and night as the main contact for my company even though I am not. I would really appreciate someone reaching out to me to help resolve this issue.

tifferslj, Apr 13, 2022
So easy and just what I need!

I love having the ZoomInfo app on my phone for quick and easy use on the go. With how much work I do on my phone, it’s been huge value add for super quick insights, meeting prep, etc

ZoomInfo Fan, Sep 02, 2021


GATHER QUICK INSIGHTS Connect when it matters most. Pull up company information on industry, leadership and technographic data to steer eleventh-hour sales conversations over the line. PREPARE FOR MEETINGS Turn meetings into wins.

Review pre-meeting briefs on the fly—from learning more about just-added stakeholders to sharing icebreaker questions and building last-minute talking points based on key insights. GET WORK DONE ON THE GO Find decision makers’ direct numbers, share them with colleagues, export them into your CRM and start calling, right from your mobile device. ACT FAST AND CLOSE BUSINESS “The ZoomInfo Mobile App helps me act quickly on open opportunities. If a deal needs support, I can open the app to learn more about the company and scroll through the latest Scoops, then pull up the profile of the CEO or CIO and call them directly from the app. ZoomInfo helps me make that connection right then and there.” – Christopher Claunch, Vice President of Solutions Division at Cri Advantage Download the ZoomInfo Mobile App today and hit your number faster! ZoomInfo.com LinkedIn.com/company/zoominfo Twitter.com/zoominfo Facebook.com/zoominformation Instagram.com/zoominfo

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