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User Reviews for Zoomerang - Music Video Editor


This app is so much fun and it’s amazing I’m so glad I found this app because it’s just like tick-tock but it’s for 4+I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchThat was a good part of theReview and now I have one or two complaints I think this is a new update but then you have to like wait for your new video and stuff and it shows a screen I like it a little bit it’s just that I don’t want to wait so much so please if you can just take that off and then I wish that we didn’t have to unlock all of the videos that we can only do the tutorial because my mom doesn’t let me subscribe to anything so please if you can fix that too but if you can’t I understand just please take of that would be really great thank you so much But after all this app is really great I love it so much thank you for making this app and it’s so much fun and I had it for two months so far and I can’t wait to have it and I’m never going to delete it I promise I told my mom to give me more storage so then I can have more stories for my videos and that means I can have more space thank you so much hope you answer me😍 and I’ll just one more complaint it’s just happened it’s telling me that I can’t keep my video and I have to subscribe to that please fix that and thank you so much but if you can’t I think I’m a have to delete the app because post to get all my videos if I can’t save my videos please fix it.

aliaV321123, Sep 21, 2021
I love this app so much!

Hey! Zoomerang yes I’m sorry I’m am just reviewing so much on your app and sorry to keep you busy you do not have to respond I just want all readers to know! Every reader read this!: Dear readers! My bestie showed me this amazing app! Called Zoomerang I was so amazed by how they made this app and how they came with the name! So one day I played around and did cool videos and I saw I could make my own! So I was not allowed to have any account stuff or posting so then I just saved a vid one thing I saw this thing it said here’s a thing to pause I used that it did not work then next year I used it and a girl told me how to pause you go to effects and boom there it is I used it it worked so maybe take the one two thing then next month I used this app then I saw a bad word in a video I hated how it was trying to make Zoomerang tiktok! So I reported readers this might be why you can not be in your account you might got reported! So anyway! I saw a bad word ofc! Reported that vidoe! Right away! Then the next day I looked around there was no bad word in the other vid I was so happy Zoomerang took care of that!!! So then readers.. this app I very good and do not have to write bad reviews just because your bored Have a nice day! Best team Zoomerang!

all about no glitches, Aug 15, 2021
OK but the adds tho!!😶😐😶😩

Ok sooo umm this is the first time I’m writing a review 😳🥲😅! The most frustrating thing EVA is the adds!!! The adds r the worst! And the pop ups that I should switch to “pro” I mean come on! We all saw it in the beginning and we said no! So don’t they get it already there should be a botton that we can get when we WANNa get it! UGH 😩 so, u would usually take one star off of five for one problem but this is one big problem! If u unabled adds some how then yes it’s very good (pls tell me how if u did)! But if not then there’s a big problem someone pls fix this! And I am nine and I see this problem! (But I love the glitchy effects and the easy edits and the not signing in part!) at least this is better then likee! And if u dislike annoying adds like me then I suggest try it even if u end up hating it! And if u love rlly annoying apps then I definitely suggest this! Bya! (Also I’m trying not to be rude if I am I’m rlly sorry 😣) love, Singing girl (don’t rlly wanna put in name but is trying to become a famous singer and if I am one day then REMEMBER MEH lol) even tho Idk where I got that from other then fame 😂) To, Developers(Pls wrote back!)

Elsa👱🏻‍♀️❣️, Sep 13, 2021
I like it but I had to rate this game five starts to unlock this font

This game is good because it is sometimes clean like it beeps out bad words and I can have something related to Tik Tok because my Arendt won’t allow me to have tik tok.Anyways, this game has some bad stuff too. Most of the time it doesn’t beep out words so I am blasting the sound track and my mom or dad hears the bad word and I get grounded. This app is a nock off of tik tok. I highly recommend tik tok for people looking at apps like Zoomerang. If u can’t get tik tok like me, I recommended an app below tik tok when I search it up on the App Store. You can get this game but I just think that it is over rated and u might regret this install. I am not a bot I am a real person giving real reviews. I want u to know that this app is not meant for 4 year olds. And it copies the fonts on tik tok ( the app I was mentioning) I hope u read this and if u are I hope u take a moment to think if u want to install this. You are so pretty/handsome and I hope u have a good rest of your life. Advice: DONT BE ON YOUR ELECTRONIC TO LONG OR U WILL MISS THE WORLD. TRUST ME, I MADE THE SAME MISTAKE....

flip goldfish, Jan 02, 2021
Can you make a new setting feature?

I like how you don’t have to make an account, and you can do other’s tutorials without them seeing, but there is a big problem. It keeps kicking me out randomly out of the app, so please fix that. Other times, it kicks me out, turns my screen black, loads, and then locks my iPad. It doesn’t happen with other apps, so I know it’s not my device. Only with Zoomerang. Please do an update to fix that. Other than that, I love it and it’s fun to make fun and funny and entertaining videos. Thank you. I love Zoomerang, but I think there shouldn’t be so many pro things. I don’t like pro because it’s so many cool tutorials that are pro. Can you please take away pro? I would also like to see Renegade and Say So in the tutorials. I love it over all! Also, this is the perfect app because I don’t have to post things and I’m a kid, and all my friends have tik tok, so I found this cool! Thank you!I know I leave lots of updates on this app but I really love it! 😅So I was wondering if there could be a feature to reset your password without logging out of your account. I forgot it, and I really want to make a group account but the email I used no longer works. So even if I try to reset the password, I can’t because of the email. So maybe you can make a feature to change the email, or the password? Thank you and please take my request into consideration :)

I💜_Zoomerang, Jul 08, 2021
Miss Ila Bonzai😑😑😑

It’s very good I love the videos that we can make for fun and to show family members it’s very cool the reason why I gave it four stars is because you have to pay for the stuff and many people don’t have a lot of money to pay for the things on his app so I think they should not have the things on the app that’s why I’m giving a four star rating but it’s not that low that’s not gonna be good so I really like this app it’s not bad but I shouldn’t have like people to pay for the stuff like no I want to pay for it it’s not like they need money for these people I have a business for the app why charge people money you have enough money to put on an app and it’s not really fair I’m gonna say fair and they should just stop like with all the games and stuff with the money I have enough money to pay for these game and some laundry really cool for kids and they really liked them but then you had to pay for them and I know you guys need money because you ever consider not putting money well it’s not like I need the money if your lodging in Apple like how you gonna make people pay for it and it’s not fair it’s not fair to people then when they ask and then I’d like for the other children that make fun of them or something like that having that app it’s so stupid to make fun of other people but that’s the only reason I get a yellow four star rating😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💕💕💕

keep the Treasure, Dec 29, 2020
Zoomerang is great but some people are bad

Zoomerang is fun on all but some people are inappropriate, send hate about someone or you, and some people try to hack. I’ve experienced someone trying to hack me and there user was yurrrp12 he or she was asking if I wanted to play a game but I said not because I had to go to school, then he or she threatened me that they will hack my account so I got scared and said yes then they said don’t tell anyone about him or her but I went ahead and told my “ friend at that time” and she was saying they won’t do anything but I was still scared cause my account was really special to me but I don’t remember what happens after that part but later like 5 mins later I asked him or her if I could do it after school and he or she threatened to hack me And my friends so I said o have to go to school and then I had to block them and then turn off my comments and nothing happened after that. I also heard other people threatened girls to take of their clothing and send a video and they we 20 or something years old but they got arrest. But if you don’t include those things Zoomerang is great you can record videos with or without an account.

lani the bunny girl, Jun 13, 2022
Awesome app!!!😃😃😃😁😁👍

Hi Zoomerang I’m giving this five stars because this is a very amazing app it’s lot’s of fun to edit! I have a few questions to ask. 1. I wonder how come the films filter are not with the other effects where you finish the first effect or filter you want to use and then you want to edit where it shows the pencil on the top and when you press it shows you all effects filters and lots of other things to do. Do you think you can add the films filter to the after effects where the pencil is please? 2. Here’s another one, when I use the last 6 film filters Black frame, Black cut, Multi cut, Multi dust, Black roll, and Black multi they would freeze and turn into a black and purple color while I try on IPad or iPhone but works on tablet, do you think can fix that please? 3. One question to ask you, since I like the films filter and use it a lot along the other filters and effects do you think you can 13 more films filter like 2 in 16mm, 2 in super 8mm, and 2 in super 8 and leave the others film filters just like the other film filters that we already have but in a different kind please and thank you. Sorry if I was asking to much, still like the app!!! 😃😃😃😁😁😁

melven.J, Nov 11, 2021
Okay app

Zoomerang is an okay app, if ur on the fyp you blow up and get lots of followers but only if you post flash videos or people with Zoomerang pro get featured or on the fyp. There are a lot of haters on this app and one girl khs! I was also making sped up sounds that I worked hard on and one girl stole my sound and didn’t give me any credit. It’s very frustrating and it’s just like TikTok. I just got TikTok and all of my friends and classmates are on it and it feels like they’re the same thing except Zoomerang is easier to understand. I got Zoomerang when I had Covid and it was the best thing because my sister had it. Sometimes kids that are like 7+ get bullied for being too young on this app. It takes up a bunch of my storage so I had to delete the app a few times. There is a lot of drama and my favorite Zoomerangers are quitting because of that. So from my point of view Zoomerang is trying to be like TikTok but TikTok has a lot of famous people on there. Anyways, this app is a great app to download if you are wanting an app like TikTok because they are alike and you can keep up with the new trends that everyone knows about.

pdysoydtstp, Jul 03, 2022
About Zoomerang (a lot of stuff)

Zoomerang is a fun app, it’s kind of like tik tok but there are not as much bad things or curse words on Zoomerang. I would say it DOES have people on there that curse so just keep a eye out on that. On Zoomerang you have a account we’re you can make videos by clicking (create tutorials) and clicking that same video you already did, you MUST add one thing before you post, you can do an overall witch allows you too click the video you already made, zooming it in and dragging it all the way to cover up the whole video. Or you can just add a filter or whatever you would like, and click on (POST) and it will have you do the video again. After that you put a hashtag and a caption and you are good to post! People will follow you and you can follow people as well. If you click on the bottom we’re it has 5 choices click on the button with 4 squares and that will lead you to the home page. On the top of the HOME PAGE it will let u pick (featured, for you, and following) there is also a button on the bottom on the home page of a Trophy and that is all the challenges. There is also a button on the bottom that is a camera and that is just we’re you can make a video by yourself, there is a button again in the bottom that is TWO pictures and that is just drafts and things you can make, the last one is a circle with a person in it and that is YOUR account. And that is all the things about Zoomerang!

skye202amazinf122, Feb 19, 2022


Zoomerang is the simplest video creator with one button step by step tutorials. It will help you make your video the star of TikTok and Instagram. Use our unlimited tutorials to make amazing videos by just following the simple steps.

Download and start capturing immediately. No sign up or account required. Share it on TikTok, Likee, Instagram, Snapchat or other platforms right from the app, or save your video to your camera roll to share later. Step by step TUTORIALS You can find the most trending tutorials featuring famous songs. We regularly add new tutorials to help you shoot the hardest videos. Choose the video from tutorials page and recreate your favorite one in seconds. Don’t hesitate to send us your favorite challenge from TikTok or Likee, and we will make a tutorial with it. EDITING Go to the editing section, upload the videos you want to edit, choose your size, cut the videos your way and let the magic begin. Apply the amazing transitions to your video. Play with the 100s of transition options to get the perfect result. Use the amazing effects to finalize your video and add your favorite background sound. SLIDESHOWS The easiest way to make a slideshow on your mobile is Zoomerang. Tap on the EDITOR, choose the pictures you want to make a slideshow with. Apply a professional touch to your slides by adding the perfect transitions. Perfect results are guaranteed. EFFECTS You will find 100+ special effects. Just add your favorite sound to the video and let the app analyze it to add special effects. TRANSITIONS The editing tool will add your favorite transitions between videos. Your followers will love the SPIN, FLIP, BOUNCE and many other transitions available in the video editing options. Zoomerang Pro Subscription: Get Zoomerang Pro account and start applying the best effects and transitions to your videos. Shoot the coolest PRO tutorials and stand out in TikTok and Instagram. Enjoy an ad-free shooting and editing experience. You will have a free trial of Zoomerang PRO subscription at the beginning. You have one free trial limit per account. After this period you will be charged a nominal subscription fee. There is some information about the auto-renew nature of the Premium Subscription: The following are the subscription periods: 1-year plan: $19.99/year. -Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. -Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. -The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cons of the renewal. -Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings at the iTunes store after purchase. -No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Terms of Use: http://bit.ly/zoomerangPP Privacy: http://bit.ly/zoomerangPP Please send your questions and feedback to [email protected]

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