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User Reviews for Desktop Browser • Zoomable

Wow, what a great browser!!!

Wow, this browser is amazing. The only complaint that I have is that there should be a way to allow pop ups, because there is a website I use everyday that needs me to sign in with my google login and I can’t because it doesn’t support pop ups. Any chance this could be added?UPDATE:I would like to add to my review, that their development team is so amazing and quick to respond to my request. It was only days later and it was fixed. I can now use Zoomable everyday. It is amazing what I can do from my phone now. Thank you again for an amazing product and customer support!!!!

cconover2, Jun 19, 2021
Always refuses mobile/reader/app. Needed very often.

Other browsers often refused Desktop Website when I requested it. And of course the app would always launch the app automatically from the link (literally all except Reddit which gives you the choice) and there are plenty of different situations where you need the original full desktop view of the site. Especially when your desktop computer is down, as mine has been for a few months. Sometimes there’s a website that isn’t even made to work on mobile so I need this to go to the site at all. Another perk for me personally is saving sites as PDFs, which I do with an iOS shortcut, and this app is the best for that shortcut. This app is super slick and intuitive. You have full control over the view-options of websites, and it’s really snappy. Smart options menu, and you can do full-screen view which hides the upper/lower bars. Really awesome app, one of my favorite minimal browsers, and one of the fastest mobile browsers I’ve used. It’s resolved a lot of frustration that many of us go through with iOS browsers, very often for me.

CloveRoast, Oct 27, 2021
This my goto browser on mobile devices.

Finally a browser that works just like your desktop.. So many pluses. Saved tabs, selectable search engine, simple to operate.

cosnet, Jul 18, 2021
I'd say 5 if... it would allow me to sign in ..

To my email accounts on it. I try to log in to my gmail account on it - to use my news log ins and it refuses everytime to allow me to do it. States it isn't a secure browser. Please explain. Thank you. Great app though. Not other app has these type of settings; available.

dani2459, Sep 08, 2022
Perfect for what I need it for

No browser allows the ease of use of zoom like this one has. Thanks a lot! Extra features when you get the pro version! Get it!

GreekGawdd, Dec 05, 2021
Really works, full desktop browser mode!

Great overall app experience and the full desktop mode is actually functional and websites respect and treat the session as if you were accessing from a desktop computer. I purchased the pro expansion and don’t regret it! Not being able to set Zoomable as my default browser is my only complaint. I have to share links to the app or copy and paste. Would be really nice to add that to settings, and would be 5 stars for sure!

Hans Psudo, Jul 27, 2021
Pretty nice browser, I just wish it ran the desktop version of Yahoo Mail

I downloaded this browser hoping that it would provide access to the full desktop experience of Yahoo mail on my iPad Pro 11". Like all the other browsers, it does not. Something to do with the way the URL is parsed or the website itself. Still, I almost wanted to keep it because:-Lightning fast-intuitive, minimalist approach-The best zooming experience I've ever had with any browser.-Great security options, and the ability to import/export bookmarks.I would pay the rather steep price of almost 6 dollars (to remove the ads and turn on some other features) if this ran the full desktop version of Yahoo Mail. But, sadly, I was presented with a mobile version y!mail and no switching back-and-forth would change that. The true desktop version of Yahoo Mail lets you access filters, block individual senders, etc. The mobile and app versions are practically crippled in comparison. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe these developers will figure it out.I would still highly recommend the browser if accessing Yahoo! Mail in desktop mode is not a priority for you.

inthesand, Mar 06, 2022
Quick and fast rendering, but does not provide full desktop support on some sites

This is a real nice web browser. It has a clean And efficient interface. It's also quite fast. I've tested it on numerous sites and the full desktop support works pretty well. There are some places where it just doesn't work at all, such as Yahoo Mail. Instead of giving you the desktop version, it gives you a stripped down mobile version of that site. Bookmark importing is more complicated than it should be. They use Json files, which is fairly standard. Most browsers provide a way to import bookmarks so you don't have to worry about creating a Json file. Not with this browser. If you're not familiar with Json files and you want to import your bookmarks for another browser, it will probably be more complicated than you expect.I don't use this browser as my primary browser, but if I want to browse without having to deal with all the Safari baggage, I will often use this browser. If they fixed the Yahoo Mail and made bookmark importing easier, I would definitely make it my primary browser and pay for the upgrade.

inthesand, Jul 26, 2022
Quick and fast rendering, zoom Feature is awesome

This is a real nice web browser. It has a clean And efficient interface. It's also quite fast. I've tested it on numerous sites and the full desktop support works pretty well. There are some places where it just doesn't work at all, such as Yahoo Mail. Instead of giving you the desktop version, it gives you a stripped down mobile version of that site. However, so does every iOS browser that I've tried (except the original opera, which I miss very much) I bought it for the zooming feature, which is the best I've seen on any browser for iOS. No matter what zoom level you choose, it automatically fits it to the page. This really does come in handy with websites that do a poor job of recognizing that you're on a mobile platform with limited screen space. This alone makes it worth the five dollars for me. The only downsides I see for using zoomable As a primary or secondary browser are: -bookmark importing is complicated. They use Json files. If you don't have a lot of bookmarks, this is not a big deal -no search capability for bookmarks. Looks like they do regular updates, so here's hoping they will consider this feedback.

inthesand, Aug 15, 2022
The website I was on didn’t detect that I was on a mobile device

This is the only desktop browser app that I used where the website didn’t detect that I was on mobile. This allowed me to access desktop browser only features on websites! Exactly what I needed

Izorropirate, Jul 13, 2021


Zoomable is a browser that provides a full desktop web experience. It simulates a large and resizable screen and shows the desktop version of websites, so you can stay away from those bad mobile web experiences. • Zoom freely between 1x and 3x. • Seamless transitions between portrait and landscape mode. • Supports full screen mode. • Save and manage favorites. • Lightning fast and super small install size. • Supports UI customization for both portrait and landscape mode. • Respects user privacy; the app only collects anonymous diagnostic data unrelated to browsing, and you can opt out. • [Pro] Multiple tabs. • [Pro] Customize themes. The app is designed for everyone, it works great with many websites.

However, it is particularly useful for developers. For example, accessing App Store Connect and Firebase Console works great in this app because of the screen scale feature.

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