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User Reviews for Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing

Broken on iphone X

The developers have placed the search icon in the "horn" area of the iPhone X's notched screen, but failed to hide the phone's default reception/battery display; instead, they overlay each other. This makes the search icon nonfunctional and renders the entire app basically unusable. It is a very obvious problem and makes me wonder what other aspects of the app's programming are also substandard.Also, the search function itself—on phones where it even works at all—is, shall we say, quirky. By which I mean, it is badly implemented and often cannot find the record I'm looking for unless it's phrased just right.Finally, it has a really obnoxious tendency to reset itself to its home screen if I leave the app even for a moment. This is very annoying especially if I'm trying to transcribe information from a record into another app, such as for instance if I'n trying to find a customer's contact info and copy it into an email.Overall I would say the app gives an impression of having been made by amateurs, except that would be an insult to the many fine programs made by amateur programmers. Instead, I'd say it gives an impression of having been made by incompetents.

AOANLA, Oct 11, 2018
Incredible amounts of tools and capability

Started using this product a couple years back at the company I was in employed with. In the beginning we had multiple departments that needed to be set up and configured. Then we had our employees and management. Everything from payroll documentation is needed for either services provided or services received. Gateways for processing credit cards, assistance with web page, a support ticketing system. Multiple apps for multiple paths of communication. Statistics analytics you name it they got it. But it’s up to the customer to take the time to set it up. This company does not know exactly what you need unless you ask. Patient knowledgeable and happy to assist the support team has been spectacular. Love the people, professional, humble, and very enlightening. Currently started my own business and implementing the same CRM. Thank you for developing implementing and putting it into production. Also I have a secret, they are from India and I have done technical support and managed technical support also. I am an American and I love my country. Born in Los Angeles and totally anti-racist. America and the rest of the countries never let language be a Barrier for your success!!! Thank youDawn Perez Naples Florida

Dawn the Techie🤓, Sep 18, 2019
Great concept, Needs improvement

Zoho has been part of the CRM revolution with an app and service that has potential.The latest update seems not to fix any issues, but made things worse: One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not saving the data properly. This is very frustrating, especially after working for hours on gathering leads and accounts information - you go and enter the data, hit save and call it a night. When you come back to resume where you left off or you need to go back and retrieve the data: it’s not there. You only find what you’ve entered the first time you created the item months ago, and not what you’ve entered and updated since.Another downfall is trying to export all your data from Zoho CRM to Outlook. ‘Cause let’s face it: one can not rely on your data being 100% safe and accessible anywhere. You always must have a back up. But the problem here is that when you export from Zoho CRM to Outlook: the data doesn’t appear in the fields where they supposed to be. It’s all scattered in odd fields, even the most basic info like a company’s address or phone number, making the whole thing useless. It just needs a much better Outlook integration.It leaves you to think: If this basic CRM plan is unreliable, you think I’ll want to upgrade to the next tiers??This is why I give the app a two-star rating, which means that Zoho Corp has more and better work to do.

DJ Freko, Jan 21, 2018
After using Zoho for two years now...

I can’t tell you how impressed I am as a business owner with Zoho. I am not IT, but most of even complex options I can do with the help of their support. The program itself is beyond solid, it has dozens of practical partner programs (we use salesiq, forms and others), but the most important feature is their customer service. Always someone available within seconds through phone and chat. Always quick to help and solve. It’s a beast of a program but it has to be so it does everything we need and then some.

DutchUT, Mar 22, 2019
Awesome CRM for Salespeople

Great CRM app for sales people. This app can handle everything a salespeople needs. Easily track calls, fire quick emails, move leads through sales process. If you don’t have any systems in place to manage your contacts this app will get you started out of the box. Leads need to be in a separate module than Contacts. Zoho CRM knows this and already made the modules for you. Leads. Contacts. Deals. Everything a salesperson needs to easily manage their contacts on their phone.

iGdobbs, Apr 08, 2020
Could be a 4 or 5 star app

I love the ability to customize on the web app. I like the ease of use. I love the ability to see a map of my contacts in the iPhone app. I would give this app 4 or 5 stars if these features were added: (1) The ability to sort by TAG in the iPhone app (2) The ability to sort by TAG on the web app. (3) The ability to add TAGS in the contact creation page (4) A desktop app that works offline (5) The ability for tags to be universally shared across categories (6) Allow the NEARBY CONTACTS MAP to have as wide a view as we want (like Google maps does with starred places)

K_a_s_p_e_r, Aug 03, 2022

This app is getting better, however there is still some ways to go. The List of features don’t quite work as described or perhaps the descriptions are not accurate as to how the features actually work. I’ll give an example logging phone calls that one would think that being told that is a feature that all phone calls are logged that it would log all the phone calls made on the device however that is not true and does not do that. It takes a little time to get to learn however it can be very useful for advance contact management on your device that you can reference a desktop version of.

RayTELMatt, Apr 07, 2019
Decent but Lacking Commonsensical Sync

The most glaring issue I have with the app is that it currently does not instantaneously sync with the desktop/web version. Using a mobile app, I should not have to manually sync in order to see changes made to field layouts in module — let alone have to log completely out and then log back in to see any modules that have been recently created. This app is nearly unusable during the creation & development of our CRM layout, which makes it impossible to use for testing and to see how our changes look on mobile. Please bring the sync capability into the 21st century!

Sirocki, Mar 17, 2018
Needs work.

I began to use this app on my iPad Pro, but quickly became frustrated. I was using my the app on my iPad with the Apple Smart Keyboard when I clicked login and was forced into landscape mode, causing me to have to collapse the keyboard and flip the device around.Once I logged in and the interface went back into landscape, I began to add a contact. I normally use the tab key to navigate between entry fields (and I’m pretty sure this is common practice), but the app would not allow me to do this. I quickly grew tired of the cumbersome navigation. Luckily I had my MacBook with me today otherwise I would have to keep using the app. I would really like to see all of Zoho’s apps optimized for use with the iPad Pro.

thomastragic, May 14, 2018
Incredible CRM!

I was recently hired as a Senior Account Executive and had never worked with Zoho before. I was pretty much thrown into the fire and told to figure it out in how I can organize leads, potentials, proposals, and calendars. Well, Zoho is not only easy to figure out, it has every component I would have used separately. For example if I want to see how many accounts are in proposal state and what the quotes are, it’ll show me the potential for conversion. I can also set meeting reminders, call back reminders, and assign tasks to employees.Zoho is a tool that I highly recommend to anyone needed client management. Simple and fabulous!

WritingMyHeart, Jul 14, 2021


Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in over 180 countries. It helps businesses engage with customers, convert more leads, and grow their revenue by closing more deals. Oversee your sales on the move with the Zoho CRM mobile app.

Whether you're a sales rep making calls, a sales manager monitoring the sales pipeline, or a business owner nurturing your business, approach your workday efficiently with a state-of-the-art mobile CRM system. Your mobile CRM app not only covers your CRM software requirements on the go but also helps boost mobile sales productivity with features like search, call, email, check-in, near-me, and notifications. With a highly fluid, interactive interface, offline access, and the ability to sync data across all your devices automatically, Zoho's mobile CRM is perfect for field sales. Features : - Get a clear overview of your scheduled tasks, events, and calls. Set reminders so that you never miss out on a single one. - Use the powerful global search to locate anything you need. - Review notes and attachments before heading out for important meetings. - Locate customers and sales opportunities nearby and navigate. - Check in at a client's location to record your visit. - Know who's calling with the Caller ID feature. - Log calls and capture the details of your conversation with ease by attaching voice notes. - Visualize sales and marketing trends and make decisions while you're away from your desk. - Collaborate with your team in real-time using Feeds and @mention colleagues on posts. - Sync your data automatically across all platforms without worrying about network connectivity. If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at [email protected] We'll be happy to help. Privacy Policy: https://www.zoho.com/privacy.html Terms of Service: https://www.zoho.com/terms.html

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