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Yousician: Your Music Teacher

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Yousician: Your Music Teacher

  • Education
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Yousician Ltd
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User Reviews for Yousician: Your Music Teacher

Pretty Great! 4.5 for me

Guitar has proved to be a lot harder than any instrument I’ve tried so far, so it was really neccessary for me to have a game plan and track to follow. I love the certificates that you can opt to email to yourself, its super cute and makes you feel real proud. I also love how it has lessons on understanding the music and notes itself. I think tgats often overlooked but very important. I would 100% reccomend the pro version if you can, it makes learning a lot more enjoyable without annoying ads and playing original songs ratger than yousician ones. The only complaints i have is that I think that we should be able to skip certain certain lessons or songs. Some are just too hard :/ and I’d rather be able to keep practicing other skills then come back to this. Another complaint I have, I think that it’d make the app even better if you had the chords and notes to more popular songs that we could choose to play similar to the challenges or guitar tabs. Also it would be amazing if we had song library where we can practice our favorite songs we’ve played throughout the lessons. But overall its a pretty great app.

6453936299:76737:$, Jul 10, 2020
I absolutely love this app!

I have the subscription for the guitar. When I first downloaded the app it had some glitches but since the latest update I don’t have any complaints and even when it glitched (the sound wouldn’t play at times usually if the lesson was stopped due to other activity on my phone) if I exited the app and came back it was fine. I only have praise for Yousician! This app has sooo many different helpful components. From video and lessons to songs and challenges (against other users) to charts and emails that encourage you and track your progress. All the video lessons are extremely easy to comprehend and the layout makes it extremely easy to navigate. It is super addictive!!! There are several times Ive been totally sucked in spending hours glued to the app trying to perfect a lesson to rack up gold stars. I promise you the money is beyond worth it! You cannot beat the convenience of going at your pace practicing at any time for as long as you like! There are 3 sections (knowledge, rhythm, and lead). I have completed knowledge and I’m on the 3rd level of rhythm. I love the progressive levels. Rhythm and lead each have 10 levels and knowledge has 5. The gradual build from one lesson to another is pretty much flawless. I’m definitely going to write a review when I’m finished with all 3 sections. This app is my blessing!

8Pat7, Mar 21, 2018
Love it, needs some improvement... 4 1/2 stars

This app is the best ever! I love its learning experience and how they motivate you. Although this is my favorite app, I’m disappointed for a few reasons. First, the “need headphones” issue almost all other reviews are talking about is a big one. Using headphones really isn’t a big deal! However, if you don’t have any, the app just will NOT work. The fact that it picks up the noise that the app is making itself is a bad issue. Next, the new update. This one is partly my fault, but still. I clicked onto the app to take a lesson, and it told me to update the app. I wanted to do it, and so I tried to, only to discover my storage was full. May I note that I still had 4 1/2 empty GB. Anyway, I got back into the app to take a lesson and clear up space later and I clicked on the X in the corner. It was a fake X. Now I have to clear up lots of storage for 20 minutes (my tablet takes forever to clear fpr some reason), and in the meantime I just cannot take a guitar lesson. These are some issues, and please clear them. This is still one of my fav apps! Sorry for the long review... bye!Edit: The update thing is less of an issue now, however the fact that you can’t use until updating us SUUUUPERR frustrating. Like, can I just learn guitar BEFORE updating?

doggy poo #2, Oct 08, 2020
Beware of Trial

I signed up for the free trial over Christmas break for my son who now has a guitar. The app was doing okay at first and he seemed to like it. Then it couldn’t hear him well enough and kept asking for an amp to be plugged in (or not giving him credit for the notes he was playing.) An amp we don’t have...so now it just doesn’t seem to pick up what he’s playing despite lots of attempts to make it work. On the last day of the trial, I canceled because this was frustrating him and he quit playing. I had signed up for the 3 month subscription (with the trial you had to commit to something) because it was a good deal if he was really committed. When I went to cancel, it wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t 24 hours before the end of the trial (so technically 6 days...not 7). I emailed Yousician and they told me it was out of their hands and I needed to contact Apple. Well Apple pretty much told me it was my fault that I didn’t read the initial email (which it is in there and I didn’t see it at the time...it is my fault I suppose) but definitely disappointing that there was no grace and I was just out $60. That’ll teach me not to do trials. They always get you one way or another. And I wouldn’t have minded the $60 if the app worked well enough to pick up the sound without extra equipment. Just an 11 year old kid with a busy schedule wanting to learn how to play the guitar. :(

Landjwil, Mar 28, 2020
I like it but there’s something you need to fix

I really enjoy learning from Yousician. I’m learning to play the piano at the moment. I learned from my friends and I know a lot of notes and a few songs but I want to learn the basics and try and get really good. One thing I don’t really like though is the premium thing. Like I get that people have to make a profit so you do this premium program but not everyone has the time and money to learn this. I feel like Yousician got more attention if you’d let aspiring piano players (or any instrument) learn faster and for free. Shouldn’t everyone has access to the beauty of music? I have a friend who’s been learning piano for 7 years from her teacher but she has to pay about 100 or something per lesson. So i’d much rather learn from Yousician but I can’t learn as fast and as efficiently as I’d like to because of this silly program. Maybe if you made people pay money for something else in the app like idk maybe to unlock a song you need a certain amount of points and if you don’t have enough you can pay to unlock it. Something like that. I just think that if you made it free that you’d get a lot more attention :) but that’s my opinion. I just hope you agree with me, and thanks if you read this whole thing by the way

LuxsGalaxy, Nov 04, 2017
Worth the money pays for itself in 3 lessons

I am a veteran musician (not a guitarist) I am a vocalist but I always had a guitar laying around, picked it up and learned a few chords but that’s it. Now in my 40’s I decided to pick up guitar a get serious. I know it’s late in life but thought it would be a great hobby away from my normal music and singing career. So I am now on week 2 of the premium version and I love it. I’ve had my guitar in my hands more in 2 weeks than the last 30yrs. I started at the very beginning to be sure not to miss a lesson, trick, or nuance, something I might have rushed or overlooked in the past. I am now at my level, comfort, challenges and knowledge where I left off years ago. I definitely have gotten better with all 3 levels “lead, knowledge and rhythm”. This app is fun and addicting. It keeps you motivated and interested in learning. Definitely worth the money it paid for itself 100 times over in the last 2 weeks compared to the cost of what a real teacher would’ve cost including the time, traveling, gas etc. I’ve tried a few guitar apps and this one is by far the most fun and a lot less frustrating than the others. Can’t wait to learn more. I’ll write another review in 3 months. 🤘💀🤘

Metalmadman666, Feb 06, 2018
I love this app😍

OK soi wanted to learn piano 🎹 money. But it’s different you don’t have to pay money I mean if you want to it’s $30 per month but who want to do that. Instead you can play along with any instrument do you have and it will give you free time to play and once the free times over you try tomorrow. This way you can learn so much, they even did you singing there’s one instrument you can’t plan that, drums. It will ask you for money now and then but you can just refuse. That’s why I give it a five star. Currently in this app I am learning singing and piano, it is so very helpful. It’s helpful when you’re just a nine-year-old and it’s vacation and you have nothing to do.(I am a nine year old) back in my home I took piano classes and didn’t exactly work out because I didn’t know what to do, and he tried so hard I mean I tried hard but I couldn’t understand anything to years later here in America I told him many apps piano apps and ask me for money so I had to delete them but Yousician is different I love it. I know it asks for money but you can just refuse. My mom doesn’t have a car so I can’t go to any classes with this app I can learn anything on the piano sitting at home. In Conclusion this is a great app.

my dream singing app, Jan 11, 2020
I’m not ur personal bank

So i loved this app before I found out I had to pay a subscription to keep learning AND pick my own songs to play. First of all, I’m a child, not a bank. Second of all, it’s unfair that I have to pay to learn to sing. I wanted to learn how to sing my fav songs from Hamilton, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, etc. But I can’t because I not only have to pay you guys, it doesn’t even have some of the best songs on earth! Some suggestions? Add Hamilton (musical) and Enemy (imagine dragons, jid). And what I said before, abt me being a kid? I’m in 5th grade and u expect me to have credit card info? I don’t even have a phone number!! On top of that, I have in app purchases disabled. I might delete this app and find a better, free version where I don’t have to pay to have fun learning to sing. I think you either prefer adults or have a greedy guts for money. And if it’s money you want, just do ads to unlock the next lesson or unlock new songs. Not to mention, my singing voice sounds EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT DID BEFORE THIS APP. This was a flop, and I only gave 3 stars because it was an actually good app before it asked for my dads money. Oh, PLEASE, like he knows I even USE this app. And if you do add ads, don’t make them like OBNOXIOUS and every 5 DUCKING SECONDS. You can’t expect anything to change after 4 missions. This app deserves 2 stars rather than 3. You’re lucky I’m nice. 🤬👿😠😤😖😡

Noslenpar, Jul 25, 2022
Great Learning System

I LOVE this app so far. I have tried learning guitar on my own multiple different times and always ended up giving up on it, mostly because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and also because I just didn't know what to do. This system makes it fun and easy to learn, no matter what skill level you are. I really like that they make it like a game. I grew up playing guitar hero and the song layouts on here are a lot like it, so that makes it really fun as well as beneficial. I also like the skill progressions, as well as the certificates you can download. I personally like to physically see progress, so being able to see how many stars I have on each song, or if I perfected it and got gold stars really helps me to see just how far my skill level is actually progressing. I am saving every certificate each time I go up a skill level and can't wait to put them all together when I finish the program. I would HIGHLY recommend this program; especially as someone who has tried for years to learn the guitar and got very minimal results on my own. Plus it's cheaper than getting guitar lessons from an actual coach. If you are someone who is a visual learner and can coach/critique yourself as you go, this would be a great program for you. I haven't had this much fun learning something new in a very long time. 10/10

Reagan2448, Jan 19, 2021

Yousician has been really helpful in my guitar journey. I have learned a lot about the different ways to play and how to play most effectively, and sometimes it will give you a song to play as part of your lesson. Now I’m not a master guitar player, but sometimes it will tell me that I played the wrong note, when I clearly played the right one. My microphone is clearly exposed to the sound of my guitar and my guitar is fully in tune. I will pluck a string, and it will say that I got it wrong, even though I plucked the right string in the right fret. Worst of all, some lessons require you to get 100% completion on a song in order to move on and complete a skill, so sometimes I will find myself playing a song over and over and over for more time than I would like to spend perfecting every note of the song. Also, things like this can be really frustrating, I would know, and if you play a song without wearing headphones, the microphone will pick up what your speakers are spitting out and tell you that you’re wrong for every note until you wear headphones. It tells you before hand to “wear headphones for best experience” you basically have to wear headphones in order to use the app. And if you don’t have headphones with you, then you’re in quite a pickle. The app is great, but can get very frustrating.

Taegan Mae, Dec 29, 2018


Yousician is your personal music teacher for Guitar, Singing and Bass! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument with clear, instant feedback as the app listens along. Start your free trial today and experience all we have to offer!

Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Our learning path, designed by expert music teachers, will help musicians of all levels improve, from complete beginners to professionals. Step-by-step video tutorials guide you through each lesson. Fun gameplay tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to practice and learn. You’ll be amazed how fast your skills advance. So grab your guitar or bass, and start playing now! WHO’S IT FOR? • Guitarists, Bass players & Singers • Complete beginners • Self-learners • Advanced & professional musicians • Music teachers WHAT’S INCLUDED? • 10,000+ lessons, exercises and songs by artists you love • Hundreds of videos covering all the skills you need: sight reading sheet music, guitar chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking and more • Tons of music theory and trainers for each skill • Fun Weekly Challenges where you can compete with friends and millions of Yousicians worldwide HOW DOES THE APP WORK? • Play your real instrument — no additional equipment needed • Yousician listens to you sing or play the guitar or bass • It gives you instant feedback on your performance • It takes you through awesome songs and step-by-step tutorials that suit your playing level • It makes learning fun with rewarding gameplay and challenges PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe for unlimited and uninterrupted playtime across all platforms. Subscriptions are annual and monthly. Prices may vary in different countries. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s iTunes Account Settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. ABOUT YOUSICIAN Yousician is the world’s leading platform to learn and play music. With a combined 20 million monthly users across our award-winning apps, we’re on a mission to make musicality as common as literacy. Check out our other apps: • GuitarTuna, the #1 tuner app worldwide • Ukulele by Yousician • Piano by Yousician Join the Yousician community on Facebook and Twitter: • https://www.facebook.com/yousician • https://twitter.com/yousician SUPPORT Visit support.yousician.com to use our Knowledge Base or contact us directly with your questions. Have feedback and suggestions? Log in and make your voice heard at feedback.yousician.com • https://yousician.com/privacy-notice • https://yousician.com/terms-of-service

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