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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews

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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews

  • Food & Drink
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User Reviews for Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews


Today I ordered a Togo order. This is what I received. I ordered a half rack of ribs to go along with a black Cajun Salmond order. What I received was the order for the Salmon and Ribs. The order sat in the bag until I picked up the wife and we went to the park to eat. So anything in the plastic would steam and be soft. Not this time. As I was getting ready to eat, I opened the container and grabbed the ribs. I pulled apart a rib and bit into it. The meat was dry like jerky. I thought since it was a end piece and end pieces tend to dry out. I went for another piece, same thing. It’s like the ribs were under a heat lamp for too long and the meat lost it’s moisture.Since we live in a day and age of paying higher prices for food and everything else. You would think the quality would be there. Customer satisfaction is essential for food related businesses to survive. If the food is not right, then don’t serve something that you wouldn’t eat. It’s sad that you pay a significant amount of money for something and you don’t always get what you paid for.

BlackThunder II, Jul 13, 2022
TA in Sparks NV..

My handicapped friend n I decided that it would be nice to get a shower.. we searched everywhere for a Terribles but it seems they’ve all closed their doors.. leaving only the TA as our option .. Upon wanting to book a shower since there were only 10 in service , the twit behind the register was more interested in flirting with a guy.. when I finally asked her if there were any showers for handicapped available , she said yes.. $15 for the use of the shower… upon getting to the handicapped shower it was in use, which meant it still needed to be finished up, the nice attendant said he’d get right on it.. 10 min later we were in.. very clean n nice… until about 45 minutes later there’s a big banging on the shower room door, a lady screaming saying you’ve been in there long enough time to exit… ?? I was still in the shower when this banging started .. fuming now.. I get out dry off get dressed and I’m now dying to meet this hospitality queen.., she looked up at me and I said we’re you the person who was banging on my shower room door..?? She said yes that your only allowed up to 1 1/2 hours use of these showers.. I said first of all you ruined my shower .. 2nd of all there is no time limit on a $15 shower… I’ve been to dozens of truck stops no such time limit… when I asked her for her name she said she’s not going to tell me her name , I said really… she blurts out Sandra.. I go speak to someone in charge but there is nobody there until the AM hours ..

Blu 3, Aug 10, 2022
Do not download this app

The reviews are filtered by the workers of Yelp in an attempt to bribe the business owners into paying for advertising. There is no way to really know if a business is good or not through this site as it has also been found numerous times that workers of Yelp have even posted reviews. I am a licensed esthetician and they will try to charge you $1000 a month for their “advertising” on their site but the demographics they show you that will see your ads isn’t at all accurate and you NEVER will bring enough clientele in from their ads to make their prices worth it. The second you deny their advertising because the numbers don’t match up their professional mentality turns into a bully mentality and multiple bad reviews will show up on your business page- a page you cannot take down and didn’t ask to be put up. As you read through their reviews you will see this is persistent, you can also watch the documentary billion dollar bully to get a further in depth understanding of the scam they have running. Do yourself a favor and never trust a review coming from Yelp, never download the app just to read the reviews of a business because that makes no sense, and never pay for advertising through this company. Cancel Yelp.

Breeb2012, Mar 26, 2022
Not recommended!!!

Let’s start with the positive, yelp is good for restaurants. And if you buy ads it may give your business a little more visibility on the platform. The reviews weren’t good for their business services but I wanted to give it a try and judge for myself. Here’s what I found.. THIS IS NOT A GOOD FIT other service businesses. They’re trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Their definition of a lead is questionable to say the least. Leads are not verifiable and not really leads because you get no contact information therefore no way to follow up. You pay by click but no real way to verify that either. Whatever budget you set they will make sure the clicks add up to charge you the full amount. Also when I canceled by ad services, my reviews disappeared, I know they say they have an algorithm that decides what reviews stay but I didn’t see any validity in that. Bottom line, It’s expensive fluff and your marketing dollars would be much better spent elsewhere. Google marketing is a better return on investment.

buz-ness owner, Aug 06, 2022

As the owner of Caffe Itri, I've tried to contact yelp to ask them why they take off all the legitimate five star reviews that we receive and they list as not recommended to read. We have also had other reviews where people were very disrespectful with some of the things they said about us which were not true. I've contacted yelp to respond to and explain what actually happened right to being called a racist for seating someone at a table they did it like! And they were upset we did not ask them if they wanted to be seated outside! Most times when a customer would like to be seated outside when they walk in and approach the hostess/manager they usually request outdoors. These people did not. So that makes me a racist. As I explained this to yelp they decided to continue to keep the review up. I was not happy about that as you might imagine. I've come to the conclusion that I've been in business 32 years and we are very successful for the fact that we work very hard at what we do and we care about every customer that walks through the door. Yelp contacts us constantly to sell us advertising which we have no interest in doing. The last thing I would do is waste money with yelp. so the reason I am writing this is to ask you to read the Not recommended reviews to see what we are really about at Caffe Itri! And yes all of the reviews are legitimate in the Not recommended to read from yelp part of the page. SHAME ON YOU YELP. Have a nice day.

caffeitri.com, Mar 22, 2022
They keep making their bookmarks feature worse and worse

Who is in charge of this design? I use the bookmarks feature extensively and it has only gotten worse. Now in order to see my bookmarks on the app, I have to select “more” from the menu at the bottom, then select “bookmarks” which doesn’t actually take you to your bookmarks but to the collections feature which is pretty useless IMO and then click “bookmarks”. Fine I’ve lived with that since the last bad update but now you have no way of seeing whether the restaurant is open or closed without having to click on the individual business. You can’t see it from the list or the map anymore at all and it makes bookmarks so much less useful on the fly. I was hoping they would add a feature to show bookmarks by “open now” like you can with the search function but instead they crippled the function even more. This is a huge step backwards

CaliPharoah, May 25, 2018
Didn’t get our food on time.

So we ordered food last night. They assured us that even those it was closing we’d get the food delivered we ordered. Now mind you we live only .5 miles from them. Less then a 2 minute drive. So short story no food came. So we had to go out to eat pizza cause everything thing was closed by then. So sitting here at home tonight the next night and what happens? A knock at the door! And it’s my food I ordered the night before now it’s 9:02 pm alittle to late. So I called the manager told him everything and he says if you don’t want the food then just bring it back to him! Now we all know they can’t sell it to anyone else. And the driver was like I’ll take it back and he said I’m gonna eat the cookie. Just amazing how special people can be! I used to run a pizza place anytime food was late I’d apologize and tell the people to keep the food. But we never where a day late!Guess the employees must be hungry they can eat it since we’ve already eaten since we placed our order last night. Glad we have food to cook in this house and money do go out last night cause waiting over 24 hrs to eat what you ordered could make you hungry! 😂

cootie butt, Apr 26, 2022
They need a class action law suit

Yelp does almost nothing to protect business owners, especially small business owners. They don’t even stand by their own terms of service. Businesses, especially small businesses, rely on their reviews and for yelp to bend over to people who consistently make false reviews, is ridiculous and disgusting. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not a business owner, but the amount of times I’ve seen the same user go around making reviews about multiple businesses and yelp doing nothing about it, Is absurd. Their terms of service state that if a review is taken down you can’t make another profile and upload that same review, however I’ve seen multiple people do that and small business trying to explain that to their potential customers in the comments. They do nothing about trying to remove the false review that had been posted twice and just leave it. It’s odd that you’d have a company built on the idea of protecting businesses and the community and making sure false reviews aren’t posted and when it happens you bend over and do nothing about it.

Isaiah628, Aug 09, 2022
highly recommend!!!

a last minute need for a fresh cut. the reviews for grownsalon were really good i wanted to give the salon a try. a unsolicited recommendation from someone i didn’t even know, i just liked her hair. so i called .. last minute .. to see if i could get in for a haircut that afternoon. not only was it a yes, it was a yes and i could hear a smile on the other end. i showed up and waited for my stylist. she asked great questions and really listened. to be honest tho nearly the end of the haircut i was concerned it was going to be too short. what could i do at that point, what was done was done. yet i still mentioned it to her and she reassured me it looks like more than it actually was .. and then she styled it .. i normally don’t go down that road but she insisted. and when it was all said and done my hair really did look good. but the real test was when i got my hands on it .. and oh em goodness .. what a fantastic haircut!! it wasn’t too short, it was perfect. the layers .. perfect. the shape .. so flattering. i am in love with this haircut. if you’re looking for a stylist .. ask for becca. i am beyond thrilled with my new cut and want this amazing stylist to continue growing her clientele because she is so SO good at what she does. thank you becca! see you for my next cut!!!

K'ski, Mar 25, 2022
Love Non-Michelin Restaurants

Yes, I go to restaurants that are my choice. Not everyone is good but I value the experience of tasting different flavors. They are tasty and good, nicely prepared and flavorful too. They are not pricey. I don’t mind if it’s rated B but definitely not C or D. But I expect fresh ingredients!I expect more at Michelin rated places and truly the flavor is different. For example, Chinese. I found this restaurant in Alhambra is Michelin-rated on this Yelp app. They offer Shanghainese, Taiwanese and Sichuan dishes. It is pricey but once in a while I treated myself. The flavor was so great that I felt I was transported and eating at one of the regions in China. Mind you, I’ve been to China so, I know what I’m talking about. If it were not for Yelp I would not be able to discover this restaurant.This is a wonderful tool to vet restaurants and look for good, quality restaurants. When I have the time I always leave feedbacks. Feedbacks are so useful to me.

lexy2568, Mar 21, 2022


Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Yelp features: Food Near You - Find Restaurants • Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area • Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone • Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals • Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers • Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community • Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen • Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments Beauty - Pamper Yourself • Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more • Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations Search Filters • Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation • Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app Other Features • Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business • Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp. Need Help? Contact Yelp at https://www.yelp.com/support Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.

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