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Wunderfind: Find Lost Device

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Wunderfind: Find Lost Device

  • Utilities
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User Reviews for Wunderfind: Find Lost Device

It worked-

Hi thereee, I’m a 13 year old kid who obviously likes to move around a lot with my iPad, phone, laptop and Apple Pencil. On some days when I lose my Apple Pencil I usually find it somewhere around my floor but this day that I actually lost it I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find it and I actually had a mental break down! Until, I searched online and tried to find something that could help me find my Apple Pencil.I found an app but it was about four dollars and I didn’t really have that type of money because I don’t have a card. But I tried to look up more apps and came across this app and found a lot of great reviews so I decided to use it. As soon as I used it it gave me a percentage when I was looking for my Apple Pencil to 67% when I was sitting down on my bed already I immediately started walking around my room until I went back to my bed and set my iPad on my bed, lifted up my mattress and found my Apple Pencil right in the corner of my bed. So, thanks to this app I didn’t lose it and have a breakdown!.

'nice!, Aug 10, 2021
Found one AirPod!

Within minutes of downloading this app I had found my singularly lost AirPod that I wasn’t even sure of exactly when I had lost it earlier in the day! Turns out a stand-off with my four year old caused me not pay attention to it when I was getting him out of the car and unloading stuff. My husband and I walked around the house and it got a higher percentage near our minivan. He used a flashlight under the van and we had searched all through it multiple times before. Then when I was getting up from being on the ground (foot searching under the car) the percentage dropped and I stepped on something barefoot in my grass. And lo and behold there it was! In the grass next to our driveway! Thankfully I was barefoot, too! We never would’ve found it in the dark outside in the grass without this app! It wasn’t chirping loud enough over the actual crickets so the find my phone app search wasn’t as helpful as this one! Glad it didn’t have to spend the night outside and possibly be ruined by rain, dew, or heat tomorrow.

AllieReidSmith, Sep 11, 2019
Who Are You People?!

I will tell you…YOU’RE MY HEROES!!! I am a handicapped widow ( my late husband , Matt, and I were hit head-on by a drunk driver) and I spend my days working in an electric wheelchair. I work hard but i have to watch every penny. I recently started the Dexcom G6 glucose monitor. It has a tiny transmitter that is attached to your body and constantly monitors your blood sugars. This transmitter is $320! Yesterday it was quite warm and I was using a pole to paint a room on the inside of my house so I can sell it ( I now need a one level house) when I got an alert that my monitor was not functioning. I went to check my transmitter when I realized it was gone! It had come off due to perspiring. My friend came over and we searched til 1am but to no avail. It was gone! I started to panic as it would be 3 months before my insurance would send another one. I went online to see if anyone knew a way I could get a replacement. After an hour of searching I came across a person who was also in the same predicament. Another poster recommended Wunderfind. I thought…why not, it can’t hurt at this point. Long story short WE FOUND MY TRANSMITTER!! I am so in debt to you! I never would have found it where it fell if not for you. I can NOT thank you enough!! In this world of “take, take, take” someone gave back! You are an inspiration!Sincerely,Julie JaszczenskiShawano, WI

anthemsux, May 12, 2023

Hello! I am 10 and for my birthday this year I had gotten an Apple Pencil. But just recently I realized I did not have it anymore. I lost somewhere. I tried multiple different apps to try and find my Apple Pencil. I looked up on safari what to do. But nothing worked. Then I came across this app. I got it and when I launched the app it looked pretty legit. Before I say anything else I would just like to announce that there are A LOT of devices in my home. So there were many different electronics popping up in my screen. But nowhere did I see Apple Pencil. I looked up on safari again and found out that if the Pencil is not charged it can’t be found. So then I started worrying that maybe my Apple Pencil was dead. Then I just decided to do it the old fashion way and look around my room. And I eventually I found my 2nd generation Apple Pencil under my pull out bed. My pull out bed as no open sides so you can’t just crawl in there if you wanted to. The Apple Pencil must of been on the floor when the bed was not pulled out and then ran over when I pulled the bed out. So anyways yeah I found it. I had reconnected it and it was charged. So how did it not work? Well I decided to test it out again but this time my Apple Pencil was right in front of me and… it worked. But why did it work if it had not worked earlier? I don’t know if I will be using this app again.

applepencilquest, Aug 06, 2022
Not sensitive enough to be practical

I spent a half an hour trying to find my Fitbit Charge 5 within a 10’ radius. Even when my Fitbit was 2” away from my iPhone, the tracking percentage never went above 60%. As a matter of fact, the tracking strength never went above 50% in a 10’ area. Not until my iPhone was almost touching the Fitbit, did the signal go up to 60%, and never went any higher. I don’t understand why I can’t get the Fitbit to make an audible sound to find like every other Bluetooth tracking device, AirTags, Orbit, Tile. Etc. the Fitbit has an alarm for it’s timers and waking up. I have an very small Orbit tracker that’s attached to the inside of my eyeglasses frame. It makes an audible sound when I want to track it. The two other Bluetooth tracker apps that I use, actually pinpoints on the screen down to a 12” radius. Those apps also show the physical layout of my house as an overlay on the screen, that can magnify the search area. This app shows nothing more than vague circles without any magnification. It’s just not practical compared to the audible tone and mapping coordinates in the other two apps that I would have preferred.Good luck!Bill

bgoldbergs, Aug 19, 2023

Okay so I put my AirPods in the pocket of my hoodie and I left it there and forgot about it. I took off the hoodie and put it in the laundry. I go to my AirPods case to take out my AirPods and I realize they’re gone. I realized I left it in my pocket and I rushed to the bathroom to see if my mom washed it yet. If it did I would probably have cried but thankfully it didn’t. So I searched the hoodie and I only found one AirPod. I was searching to find the other one but I couldn’t. I checked online to see if there was a way to track. It led me to find my, the apple app for finding devices. Turns out that only works for both of them and not individually. I eventually found this app and I am so glad I did cause I didn’t want to buy it again or stick with only one of AirPod. I love the sound option it has to play sound to find it and the percentage thing to see how close or far away it is. Overall it really helped me and is a really good app. 10/10

ckjgjdjtngnjf, Mar 02, 2020
AMAZING!!!! Developers, take my money! :)

I downloaded 10 other apps in the App Store along with Wunderfind. Not only was Wunderfind the ONLY app to detect the device name of my Apple Pencil, but it had the cleanest interface and was able to filter out all the other Bluetooth garbage (the other apps would show 40+ devices without any names and it was worthless information). My Apple Pencil fell into a weird crack in the upholstery of my couch. So even though I dug through the cushions and moved my couch I wasn’t able find it. I almost doubted Wunderfind because I was certain that I had checked my couch multiple times yet the app kept detecting it there. When I moved my couch to the other side of the living room (and Wunderfind kept showing a strong signal when I put my iPad on the left side of my couch), I decided to check my couch one last time... Wunderfind is the only reason I was able to find my new Apple Pencil. The app worked for me in its free state (unlike so many of the other similar apps on the App Store) which I really appreciated. I’m so impressed with quality of the app and pleased with the outcome I not only paid for the pro version but made a small donation to the developer. Thanks Wunderfind!

CS Teacher, May 22, 2020
WOW!!! Multi-thousand dollar hearing aids found!

I rarely write reviews, but I had to for this! I knew my hearing aids were somewhere in my house, because they synched to my phone. But, the hearing aid finder app that came with them was so bad, it could not even tell me what floor they were on, with a lot of false hope. I looked with that for 2-3 hours. I tried several other apps to help, for another full hour, with no luck, and more false hope. I very nearly gave up. THEN, I saw and tried this app, and it immediately, and so much more easily, began honing in on them, including floor level location! WOW! So easy!!! It said my hearing aids were inside my car door, which could not be. I had already looked under the car just below where it said they were, and thought nothing there. Then, I realized I had ignored a garbaged up old napkin under my car, the app said it was in that!!! I then looked in it and realized I had put them in that old napkin that I had thrown on the garage floor clearing out my car to find them. Then, this app said they were in it. I almost didn’t even look, thinking something was wrong, but there they were!!! I would have for sure thrown that napkin in the garbage, and never seen the hearing aids again. EXCEPT!!! This app found them!!! THANK YOU!!!

Drumfly, Mar 08, 2021
In AWE!! Still can’t believe I found my POWERBEATS PRO!!

I was sickkkk! I’ve only had these earbuds going on 2 weeks! My wife bought them for me. Music and ESPN are my go-to’s at work during this pandemic. I lost the right earbud sometime today either at work, the car, the house, gas station, outside it really could’ve been anywhere!! I only keep the left one in at work, safety reasons. I get home I tear up the house the car I’m looking in the grass. I’m googling if u can even find a lost Bluetooth earbud. I do my research and Wonderfind has the most downloads and people who’ve lost one AirPod. I’m like ok I should be in the game my POWERBEATS PRO’s are apple! I get bck up to work waiting on my wife to get home to watch the kids while I take one more stab at tryna find this one earbud. I had went earlier without the app literally retracing my every step. This time with the app my radar start going crazy!!! I know I’m close. I’m like no friggin way. That earbud had to been off charge for ATLEAST 6 hrs, and they work independently. Long story short this app is worth every penny!!!! This is my first/longest review I’ve ever written. I tell you what though this app is the real deal and deserves more then 5 stars!! Turned a doubter into a believer. Best 6$ ever spent!!

Iamdwoods, May 13, 2020
Found my Fitbit Inspire HR

Download this and skip the 50 app trial and error I just went through! Tried apps recommended and nothing worked. At least this app showed Fitbit in the list of devices! Still a game of hot and cold but the zeroing in was great. Once I got to 80% it was in arms reach. Showed 100 when I was within about 6-8 inches away. The screen that shows the list of Bluetooth devices shows the distance away in feet (or inches if you are really close. It seems like this isn’t very accurate. I was perpetually 13 feet away, even when only 4 feet or 2 feet away. Nonetheless, this was great. Thank you!! I absentmindedly set it down in my room and couldn’t find it. Looked in closets, drawers, laundry etc. This app helped me get closer and closer. Found the signal strength higher closer to the ground. Found it sitting on a small bottom shelf of a cart for organization. I never would have looked there!

kittykatmsu2020, Aug 21, 2020


AirPods, headphones, Fitbit tracker or phone lost? Find one of your AirPods or both AirPods. Wunderfind helps you to find your lost devices within seconds.

Wunderfind helps you to find your lost AirPods, Apple Pencil, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. Lost your device? This App helps you finding your Phone, Tablet or Watch within seconds. ► DEVICE RADAR The device radar shows you all the devices that are near you. ► DISTANCE SCORE Select one specific device and see the calculated distance score. Observe how this score changes as you move to find your lost devices. ► COMPATIBLE DEVICES Wunderfind supports the following devices: - Apple Devices - Portable Speakers - Fitness Tracker, Fitbit tracker - and many more devices DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with the mentioned companies in any way. We only developed and tested our App with these devices. AirPods is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Fitbit is a registered trademark or trademark of Fitbit, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. ► HOW IT WORKS 1. Open Wunderfind. 2. Select the device you want to find. 3. Move around so that the shown Distance Score increases. 4. Your device should be near you. ► SUPPORT Do you need support? Please write us to: [email protected] Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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