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User Reviews for Wristcam

Watch app not installed

I cannot install watch app. Without watch app, not much useful. WatchOS: 7.6.1

aisledotnet, Jul 30, 2021

I just got my Wristcam and I love it great App. Best Apple Watch accessory. Thanks

Bigeazyace, Jan 23, 2021
Please fix this app

The app is not on my watch anymore. How does this happen? Apple you guys messed up my watch

E Dubbski, Jul 13, 2022
Good Camera - No Video Chat

I was very hopeful for this wristcam when I pre-ordered it and thought how great it would be to FaceTime people and leave the phone behind. Seems like when/if they roll out the video chat in the future it will be wristcam app not FaceTime. So today you can take pictures and video but only 1080p and 720p that must be because you only have 8GB storage and you have to transfer pics and video over Wi-Fi to your phone after the wristcam is placed on it charger. Again I like the idea but seems to be extra steps to achieve what Apple should just have built in to their Apple Watch by now.

Jesse Batey, Mar 29, 2021

How long have we had Apple watches? A decade? And its only just now that we get a camera band?!?Works great! I was worried it would be too heavy for running, but I’m not sure I notice it at all frankly. The combo of Bluetooth + WiFi for setup and transferring is a bit much, but I’m not sure there’s a way around that. Works fine regardless. Totally impressed. Great tutorials too.

Jvaleski, Apr 23, 2021
Amazing Clarity

I’ll be the first to admit the photos and videos taken with the Wristcam have far exceeded my expectations. The sharpness, the saturation are dead on. I’ve only been using the Wristcam for a couple of hours so I’m still getting used to it, but my results have been great.

MLT14, Nov 20, 2021
Nice app!

Drama free app!! User friendly without glitches so far.

Mymini007, Dec 05, 2020
No video chat?

This was a gift based on the premise that we’d be able to video chat. Got the Wristcam and installed the app and paired it to the phone but no option on the watch app to video chat...even though the manual shows that there’s that option. The camera and photos and videos come out as expected, but very disappointed that video chat does not exist as advertised.

Pharm13oy, Feb 21, 2021

I lost the ability to use an app on my phone that controlled a device that takes videos after I installed this wristcam app. Once I uninstalled this wristcam app, all functions for my other app returned. There is a step in the wristcam app’s installation process that asks to “connected to other devices in my network” but I fear this app tries to go far beyond just “connect”. Install at your own risk.

ThunderbuttNLeadfoot, Mar 05, 2021
Sweet product

Love this, so nice to take pics with Apple Watch and leave iPhone behind! Only thing that is missing is the option to have pictures be date and time stamped. This option would be perfect for people who need to take pics for work purposes. Hopefully this will be added on next update.

Tommyjk, Mar 23, 2021


The future is here! Video Call with your friends and family straight from your Apple Watch. Connect with them on their iPhone or Apple Watches powered with Wristcam.

It’s the ultimate Apple Watch accessory. Early Access to the feature is now available within the Wristcam App for all users. Built for all Apple Watch users using watchOS7 or greater - from runners to surfers to parents and more Wristcam lets you quickly capture and share moments live, even without a phone. Video Calling is supported for your Apple Watch and your iPhone. Voice-powered with Siri Shortcuts and custom complications powering the capture experience. Picture this: You’re on your morning run, your mountain bike or skateboard, enjoying the waves, hanging by the pool, or playing with your kids - all of a sudden, magic happens and you want to capture the moment. With Wristcam for Apple Watch, you can instantly capture photos and video with a single tap or Siri command. The wrist is the final frontier for the most personal video experiences. Apple Watch x Wristcam brings this dream to life.  There is nothing like it. Not one, two cameras. Massively Liberating and only 22 grams.

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