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World Quiz: Learn Geography

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Michal Majewski
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User Reviews for World Quiz: Learn Geography

Learning the Flags

I’m enjoying learning the world flags through this app. I tried serval different ones and their ad placement was to frequent to be an enjoyable learning experience. This app places a short video, that you can skip in 3-5 seconds, after the end of every round (once you see your score sheet); therefore, it isn’t intrusive. I haven’t played around with the other features yet, but as far as the flag flash card experience, it is well organized and throws in new countries once you’ve leveled up. Very enjoyable.

amaya098766, Jul 24, 2022
UPDATE Remove ads buttons not working

Update: developer response to my review was very quick! Thank you!! Really like this app but the length and quantity of ads is annoying. I tried clicking the “remove ads” button to get the paid version and remove the ads, but none of the remove ads buttons throughout the whole game are working for me. It just refreshes the screen and nothing happens.

artlitlove, Jun 16, 2020
Nearly Perfect

I love this app. I have been using this to get to know the world I live in. Just one thing however. I wish that I could study the North American and Oceanic Island on the map quiz. With how limited you are with screen size and how small they are compared to their surroundings it would be hard to implement and be useable so no worries if there isn’t a viable solution. Other than that, 10/10

Baller School101, Apr 16, 2021
Would like the ability to review what I got wrong

Loving this app! I am trying to learn the world map better. I would appreciate the ability to review the countries I got wrong on the world map, and maybe see the countries around it? For example, if I labeled South Korea wrong, showing South Korea on the map with all of the countries surrounding it labeled correctly. Thanks, I hope that this feedback is helpful! Appreciate all your hard work.

Codester456, Jan 16, 2021
To many adds and not enough levels or leaning about the rest of the world

I would like it if you could remove the adds and add more levels and learn about other parts of the world thank you for taking your time out of the day to read this please get back to me as soon as possible have a wonderful rest of the day and the year.

have a wonderful day 😘, Jan 20, 2022
Fantastic but..

I LOVE this app. I like that it only wanted me to unlock the no ad version rather than asking me to pay for unlocking other areas of the app (worth it). I only wish you had removed the names of the states and countries from their flags. I don’t feel like I’m getting very good at recognizing flags because I know the name is on there somewhere.

JLWC19, Sep 27, 2020
Achievements fix

I really love this game and I downloaded it a couple days ago because I love geography. Whether it’s countries, history, or just states or provinces of another country, I love geography how it is. How ever the point is I’m an achievement hunter and most of the achievements have titles but I’m just don’t understand how to do them or what to do. I’m asking for you to add descriptions to the achievements so I can have a better understanding what to actually do.

PoisonTG, Aug 19, 2020
Could be better

I spend more time on this app watching ads than actually taking the quizzes. The ads are really excessive. I also wish you could do a whole continent at once and/or focus on the ones you’re struggling with instead of 10 random countries at a time (and then 40 seconds of ads). I’ve never once missed Egypt; I don’t need to spend time pointing it out over and over when what I really need to focus on is sub-Saharan Africa!

qtqueenk, Aug 02, 2021
Good but has room for improvement

I like this app but the lack of sounds and music kinda makes it feel empty, though its an easy fix if you have any music apps. The ads can get annoying but it's understandable because they need to make a profit. Otherwise, the app is great.I personally did not play much yet, but I will update it if anything significant comes up.

Spitting on your onion rings, Jul 16, 2021
Africa update

I use this app almost everyday for school. we are learning to label all of the countries and capitals of the world. I love this app it is so helpful I would probably be failing without it. But I have noticed it needs to be updated. Africa has changed. Marocco split and is now also Western Sahara. And a few have changed names. So if you guys could update this app that would be amazing. I don't know what I would do without this app. But it really needs an update for me to keep using it. I recommend this app to all of my friends and classmates but I can't do that if it is not up to date. So I will not be recommending this until you update it. Please and thank you!

TinkerBelle4381, Mar 07, 2016


Learn about countries, US states, capitals, flags and maps with many games and achievements waiting for you. * Levels & Achievements * Score points, get level-ups and unlock achievements. * Multiple Games * You will find three game types: ABCD Quiz, Write Quiz and Write Race. Each game comes in many variations that you can choose from. * Smart Teacher * Choose difficulty and the game engine will select appropriate questions making sure that you're learning fast and have fun. * Write Race * Have you ever wondered how many countries of the world do you know? Just start Write Race game and compare your result with friends. * Quiz * You see the flag of some country.

What is the name of this country? Can you write it down? Or maybe you want to select the correct answer from 4 options? That is only one possible quiz game from many possibilities. * Compare * Does Germany has a bigger surface area than France? Which country has higher population? Answer in a Compare game.

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