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World Geography - Quiz Game

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World Geography - Quiz Game

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Martin Tomas
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User Reviews for World Geography - Quiz Game

Awesome app, which it did pronunciations

This app is great and so filled with information. I love playing and learning something new every day. The only change I would make is having the option to play a sound clip of the pronunciation of country/city. It’s one thing to know where a place is, another thing entirely to be able to say it correctly

Bekah CW, Jul 23, 2021
Not quite good enough and yet too thorough.

To make this be a better game it needs two things: when it is showing you a country to name, the map needs to be bigger. And when you guess wrongly, it needs to show you where the country was that you guessed. For instantce, if you guess Botswana, But it is Mali, It needs to show you where Botswana is. I have been having Google maps open just so I can go back-and-forth to find out where the country is that I thought it was. That helped a little. But I would really like to know the countries and this is not helping me a lot. It also has the options so that you can learn all different kinds of information about each country. I cannot imagine going past knowing what the capital of the country is. Right now I’m just trying to find the countries. So other than these two problems that I mentioned before, it is a very thorough game. Just a little too much for me.

Botchybear, Aug 08, 2020
Love it! Some suggestions...

I love this app; it has filled in numerous gaps in my knowledge of world geography. Suggestion: It would be nice if there were an offline practice mode; also, it would be nice to be able to LOOK at all the flags (at once, not just individually in the encyclopedia) without being tested on them, for study purposes. A (searchable) map would be helpful, as well, which one could consult outside the game. Thank you!p.s. Where are the Canadian provinces? Let’s not ignore our neighbors to the north!

CH535, Nov 07, 2017
Mostly excellent

Excellent quizzing game. I highly recommend this one. Only two complaints: When I restrict the scope of the quiz to a particular area, the multiple choice answers should also be restricted to that area (or have an option to do so). For example, if I’m quizzing myself just on European countries, if 3 out of 4 listed answers are African countries then it’s a process of elimination, not memory.The one exception to this complaint would be to keep the possible answers similar: Ghana, Guyana, Gambia, etc.2nd complaint: Make the zoom in feature more robust. Right now, I can’t zoom in farther than the default, which is awfully small for a guy my age.

Cintim, Dec 05, 2018
Great game

Love the game, I play it multiple times a day. Just wanted to say that a “country chat” feature where you can talk to the other players that are playing under your country would be amazing and a wonderful improvement. To be able to talk about your countries standing and scores as well as coordinate and what not would be super cool, as well as a great way to make friends with the people you are playing with. Thanks for the great game!!

Dos tha boul, May 21, 2021
Expands my geography knowledge

This app is really a great app. It's challenging enough to make me want to keep trying, but it's not so hard that I get frustrated and bored. It starts out with highlighting a country and from a multiple choice you select which country. Then as you raise in levels the selections get more challenging adding things like, capitols, flags, boarder outlines. But, if you don't feel like going more difficult, you can customize just how challenging it is. I like this feature so I can focus on improving each bit of knowledge. A feature I really like, when you answer a question, you can get more information where it tells you everything; country, capital, flag, population, country outline, highest elevation, country motto, etc. I especially enjoy clicking on this for countries I know very little about. Doing so has really helped me answer later questions, when I remember flags and capitols.

Giggle_video, Aug 01, 2018
“Use it or lose it!”

I’m recovering from Car-T Cell Immunotherapy. I’m at home on medical leave. I remember what Dr. Marion Diamond said in her video documentary about her fascinating brain research & discovery. Why she was never mentioned in our science books is an injustice! Dr. Diamond discovered with her team of scientists that the brain can change and improve if it receives these five things: 1. Nutrition 2. Exercise 3. Challenge 4. Newness 5. LoveShe said, “use it or lose it.” Referring to knowledgable & how to improve your brain & keep it healthy!This app challenges my recall ability & provides newness too! I learn new things every day. I ❤️ it!! Thank you.

i1idania, Oct 30, 2018
Great game with lots of info!!

I’ve had this game for a few months now, and I’m really enjoying it. You can choose the topics you wish to study, the length of the games you play, and the continents you want to focus on. As you level up, you unlock more options for games, which is an incentive to keep playing!It requires lives to play the games, and XP to level up, but both are extremely easy to acquire. You earn a life every 5 minutes, so you’re not forced to wait days/watch ads/pay money.Speaking of money, this game has an awesome currency and leveling system. The more you play, the more medals you earn, which boost your XP. You unlock more game modes as you go along. You can collect chests, hints, and extra lives and trade these in for items you want more. Best of all, it’s entirely free.I totally recommend this game for any geography nerds who want a fun way to pass time.

Kaisaki, Jul 04, 2021
Great app!

I really enjoy this app. I’ve learned a lot just from the app but it also can prompt you to just look into stuff on your own. It can definitely get challenging, especially at the higher levels but feels really rewarding when you get some right. Only thing I can mention is that some heads of state need to be updated but not a giant concern.

lbj1964, May 13, 2022
Phenomenal Game!

It’s a great game for children and adults. I haven’t spent too much time playing, but from my experience, it’s a fantastic app to get you to know all the countries, capitals, etc of the world. It has an in-game encyclopedia which has information such as the capital, size of country, population, etc. The game is really engaging as there is a leaderboard for all those competitive people like me. To add on, it isn’t overall hard to make you quit from anger and frustration. It has a mix of everything you can want in a geography game, and I strongly recommend this to children, or just anybody that wants to improve their knowledge of the world! Great job developers, keep up the good work! :)

SuperMrVlad, Apr 18, 2020


World Geography is a quiz game that will help you learn everything about countries - maps, flags, capitals, population, religion, language, currency and much more. This quiz game will help you learn everything about geography in easy and enjoyable way. Features of World Geography - Quiz Game: ● 6000 questions x 4 difficulties ● Over 2000 different images ● 400 different countries, regions and islands ● Train your weaknesses after every game ● Worldwide rankings, Encyclopedia 26 different quiz options: ● Find on Map ● Capital City ● Flag ● Population ● Border Outline ● Religion ● Emblem ● Language ● Currency ● Highest Point Name ● Highest Point ● Area Size ● Capital on Map ● Capital Population ● Head of State ● Local Name ● GDP Nominal ● GDP PPP per Capita ● Median Age ● Life Expectancy ● Religion in % ● Population Density ● Arable Land ● School Expectancy ● Fertility ● Country Motto World Geography - Quiz Game is available in languages: ● Čeština ● Deutsch ● English ● Español ● Français ● Magyar ● Indonesia ● Italiano ● Nederlands ● Polski ● Português ● Română ● Slovenčina ● Svenska ● Türkçe ● Ελληνικά ● Pусский