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Words Secret: Puzzle & Story

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Words Secret: Puzzle & Story

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User Reviews for Words Secret: Puzzle & Story


I’ve seen so many ads that are like this but are in fact, lies. All of Playrix’s games are great examples of that. So when I saw this ad, I was extremely skeptical, because I’ve had terrible experiences with those games that trick people into downloading their games. But I downloaded it anyway, since I’m a trusting idiot, and I have to say, this game did not disappoint. They weren’t lying about the game. It really is an interesting game like the ad says. So, honestly, I’m very impressed.I also like how it starts out easy but does get challenging. Most games start out easy and stay easy forever, and it gets boring pretty fast. But this game isn’t like that, so it’s actually challenging. Another thing I like is that there aren’t many ads. I only get ads when I watch ads to get rewards. I don’t exactly understand why people are complaining about ads, tbh. I only get ads to get rewards and occasionally get ads after every few levels. Sure, the daily puzzle is frozen and has been for a long time, but it’s fine, because you can get gems after finishing levels. Not exactly happy with that, but other than that, it’s a great game. And for me, my screen doesn’t freez at daily rewards Day 5.This game really is a good game, and it’s one of my favorites. I don’t understand why some people are throwing shade at it, because it’s one of the few games out there that doesn’t lie.

Avepnikkjbgycysr, Jun 11, 2020
It’s a fine game

I like playing it on my free time but it does this thing when an add pops up and when the add is done playing the game turns to its side and then turn right too the other side of the screen so I have too close out of that game and then I go back into the game and I don’t get the coins that I got from watching the add when I clicked claim coins and I think there’s too many adds 😕🙁

Dark Wolf791, Dec 12, 2019
great game, but...

I love this game, i’ve had it for a while, i’m past level 1100 but the thing is, it ran out of story line (idk how to phrase it) after i’d played it for like 2 months and it’s just said “coming soon” since then. plus now i guess i’ve run out of puzzles or maybe it’s a bug but it doesn’t let me load any new levels. otherwise great game, i love it :)

Everything AGR, Mar 18, 2021
An ok game

So this is a game I downloaded just to pass time at work. The story is just all over the place but it doesn’t really matter. The issue I have is with the spins. I’m currently on level 447. So far in the game there is a “coming soon” meaning there’s no story available. I’m that far and I’ve never gotten a card or anything higher than 30 coins in the daily spins. I have to assume I’ll never get them and that’s not fair to someone who’s been playing

Hhftinfdin, Jan 23, 2020
A game or an app of ads?

I decided to give this game shot and immediately regretted it. EverytIme you blink there’s an ad. I find a word, ad, I claim a prize, ad, I complete a chapter, ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. AD!!!!!!!!! I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Next every time you reach a new level it freezes and the only way to get it working is to reboot your device. Finally, HOW CAN I SOLVE THE PUZZLE IF I CAN’T SEE THE LETTERS? What kind of crack addict made this fit the creek because it doesn’t. The second row of letters is almost complete hidden. This isn’t a game, it’s a glitchy mess for ads. The only reason I’m giving this 1 star is because it had an ad for a game I wanted to download. Not a hit, not even, a tip, a total miss. Don’t waster your time.

iron riff master eddie man 666, Dec 16, 2019
Fourth Review

Why do you have the word ‘PORN’ for this puzzle? The game is supposed to be for 12+. I don’t think ANY child needs to know the definition of that word. How inappropriate. I am deleting this game.When will the characters come back to the story? All I have is a black screen, and on it says Coming Soon. But when? It was fun to see the characters as you figured out the clues .Thank you.

Jules1500, Jan 23, 2021
It’s great but not the best

Every time I get in the game because the notification gave me a hint on the puzzle, I remembered that the day before I tried to do the mini game and it shows nothing. Then I go back to see what happened and it always says to come the next day. But overall it’s great and it has a lot of levels and fun missions to solve. Great job, but I need this improvement to the game.

Kamiya J., Mar 26, 2020
It’s not a lie

Most ads are just to lure people to play something that is not even the game, one example, Homescapes, there are so many ads about it but none of them are true! I was really skeptical about downloading this app because I thought it would be the same thing but I was wrong! I love this app and it’s really the same thing that is on the ads. I have a fun time playing it and it help pass time. I give this a 5 stars!

Kitty#Doggy gamer, Jan 12, 2020
Crashing problem.

Game continually crashes over an Dover. I’ve tried so many times to get this app to work but it never gets pass the Words Secret screen then it goes black. If I ask Siri to go to the app it crashes. It’s ridiculous because this game actually looked interesting and fun to me. I tried restarting/rebooting my device and uninstalling then reinstalling the app. I noticed on the reviews that a lot of other people have seemed to experience this problem as well so at least I know I’m not alone and it’s not anything wrong with my phone. It’s the app itself!!!! You know this game looked really fun and I liked it because the ad didn’t lie about what u do in the game. I tried numerous times to try and get this game working but it didn’t want to work for me. This game could have been fun and challenging and interesting with a good plot but the crashing ruins it and if I can’t even get past the Words Secret screen, then well, that’s ridiculous ;-; From,An absolutely dissatisfied player.

Spalmer0105, Dec 14, 2019
Not my fave

It's a really fun game and I love playing it. It does have a lot of levels and it helps your brain every time you do q puzzle your brain grows more and more. The bad thing about the game is the make you play 60 coins for help like I was supposed to know that L8 means late! Another bad thing about this game is they give you so many letters so that you find the word I spend about 30 min every three hours watching a video trying to get a helping hand! This game is so unfair to us woman because of the defective has to be a boy and not a girl! So I think this game needs some improvements!

unicorn Hailey🦄🦄, Nov 29, 2019


Word puzzle games with addictive gameplay and engaging storyline. Detective needs your help to investigate mystery cases. Spell the correct words, collect hidden clues, and escape from unexpected dangers!

The man used to be a policeman, one day he was subtly framed and lost his job. With hatred in his heart, he swore to find out the truth. As the puzzle unlocked, the truth is approaching... Thousands of challenging word puzzles you will face in different stories. Don’t miss the most addicting word game. Daily Challenge Even better: every day, you receive puzzle games that is a new word gameplay. The challenge is always hard to solve, it makes your brain running. Once you complete the interesting challenge, the big reward is waiting for you. Features: 1.The puzzle games is for fun. 2.Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to crack the plot! 3.ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users! 4.Build your vocabulary. 5.NEW word plot gameplay, good news for word gamer! 6.No time limit, adjust your pace at any level. 7.Play offline! No WIFI required. 8.FREE hints, get tips without fees. 9.Kill time-no pressure no push! 10.Suitable for people to train logic skills.

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