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User Reviews for Promova


The app mentions free trial, but there is no such thing. The company wants proof that you used the app up to a certain level and then take screenshot, to get the money back. THIS IS NOT THE CONCEPT OF A FREE TRIAL. Various hidden upsells in the app. I browsed through the English practice, which is EXTREMELY BASIC, it is best suited for beginners and not to upgrade vocabulary. The marketing & advertising does not match the offering. I also tried the Korean practice, which, compared to other apps out there is pretty bad. Waste of time and money. I never hated an app more than this one. Also, used car sales practices does not a customer service make.

___jg, May 11, 2022
SCAM! No Latin American Spanish

During the onboarding process they have you choose between Spain spanish (castellano) and Latin American Spanish. Yet the app only offers Spain Spanish once you purchase!! It’s obvious once in the app they don’t have Latin American Spanish and only offer it to cash in and not loose customers who are looking to learn Latin American Spanish. I reached out to customer service and they couldn’t help me but cancelled my subscription because they know there is no option for Latin American Spanish. The app is fine but now I don’t trust the company and will not be back for other language lessons.

Aj_4_C, Jun 27, 2022
False Ads. Total Scam

The app claims to boost your vocabulary but its designed for people who have minimal understanding of the English language. Anyone with a high school degree will realize that this app will add little to nothing to their vocabulary. Even their “Advanced” section has basic words like “agenda” or “flawless” (I’m not kidding you thats the most advanced level you’ll find). That might be useful to someone who is just beginning to learn English but its not even middle school level vocabulary. They also charge OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY. An “auto-renewing WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION OF $9.99.” They ripped me off for the lifetime subscription with a $50 cost. In my 12 years using the app store and downloading countless apps I have never written a negative review until now. They are total SCAMMERS.

Ari.N1372, Oct 21, 2020

When you sign up, it says as long as you camel more than 24hrs before your free trial ends, you won't be charged. This is a LIE. When I contacted support, there were all these other requirements (I had to use the app for 7 consecutive days, I had to contact them directly, all within a 14 day period, AND 24hrs+ before the free trial ends. It was not clearly stated during sign up, and who can keep track of all that anyway? Also their $15 "workbook" is 5 pages. R i p o f f I've been practicing Spanish for about 3 months, and wanted to try a new program to broaden my learning. After a quick scroll through the lessons it was clear that I would be starting at square 1- the lessons were sooo basic. Customer service answers promptly, but isn't helpful and will just try to push a lifetime membership.EDIT: I received a one time refund of the subscription after I told them that I think their operation is a scam and they could keep my $40.

Asdfghjklamandaasdfghjlk, Jul 06, 2022
Everything is great except the translation

I really like the app overall, except the translations. The translations from one to another language are not consistent with the drawings and long explanations in the same language (since one word can have many meanings). It’s so annoying and confusing that it distracts everything else. It would be even better to have the options to exclude all the parts with translation in it.Thanks for the great app still!

AthanasiaObelia, Jul 24, 2020
Not what you want. And App needs to have better translations

I download it to learn more “advance” vocabulary but the app is “teaching you new language” which is not what I intended to do. Anyway, I put down my mother tongue which is chinese and it had horrible translation. Simplifies chinese mixing with transitional Chinese. What a ridiculous mistake. It’s like mixing English with spanish together. And the my mother language Chinese translation in this app was harder to understand than the English words I am going to learn. The app needs better quality control and it’s way advertising it’s product.

avonlinlin, Jul 13, 2020
Not so advanced!

I liked the app learning format and structure. However, advanced words and phrases are very limited. I purchased this app thinking that I will get new words and phrases on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t seem like it. I completed my whole advanced lessons and now I am left with no advanced words and phrases to learn. Also, although it says advanced, only a few are advanced. What kind of advanced learning is learning living room, bedroom , kitchen ? The app is good but lacks good amount of words and phrases. I can have a better word and phrases database for you to use into your app. I don’t understand how difficult it is to just update the database content. I am seeing this app already got similar reviews in the past.I want to request for a refund of my purchase. I don’t want to waste $20 on something that’s not useful to me.

diliplalwani, Aug 30, 2020
Overpriced beginner flashcard app, misleading

tl;dr: just use lingodeer or even duolingoGot served their insta ad, usually I ignore them but I've been looking for good audio content with transcripts and that seemed to be available! Took their lil placement test for Spanish and it said "yes we have stuff for you!" (I'd describe myself as high intermediate), went out on a limb and bought the three months, even though I see now it's only $10 cheaper than the lifetime price?? Either way, not worth it. The only audio/video content is for non-native English speakers learning English. The flashcards are an ok selection, but grouped by category with no sense of path or difficulty--probably because it's all pretty beginner. I thought maybe having Chinese as well would redeem it, but it's also too easy for me, and they don't include pinyin! So no reviewing those in public I guess. Frustrating

fosfo404, Dec 17, 2022
Useful, simple, and fun!

My favorite part was English to English section. If you could do more of that - more people would sign up. It’s so much fun to learn the language with explanations in that language for advanced learners. Advanced vocabulary didn’t impress me, there were things like “Thursday, Wednesday, Santa Clause”, I wouldn’t call it advanced vocabulary. Other than that, great app, so many games, you learn new words fast and effortlessly!

Jazzconda, Jul 21, 2020
Not for Native English Speakers

I think the advertising could have been more direct about who the target audience for this app is. I downloaded thinking it was a means to enhance my vocabulary in my native tongue. I quickly discovered that this was not the case. So, wanting to give the app another chance, I pursued improving my intermediate Spanish skills. Selecting “English” as your native tongue wasn’t a choice when it came to learning another language. I could choose Korean as my native language (if that was my native language) and choose Spanish for the language that I wanted to learn. I could pick German to Spanish, but I could not pick English to Spanish .

Kamris, Feb 19, 2021


Achieve your language learning goals with Promova! Get real-life vocabulary, fun illustrations, bite-sized lessons, quizzes, listening and speaking practice, books, and much more on an educational journey based on your needs and interests. Why Promova? 9 languages Learn English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Italian, and Ukrainian from scratch and cross it off your New Year's resolutions list!

Numerous language courses Try 33 language courses, 12 of which are available for learning in English. Choose the language you want to learn AND in which language you want to get the explanations! English-to-English Promova’s absolute bestseller! Learn English with explanations in English and skyrocket to a proficient language mastery! Variety of tools Combine 1:1 lessons with tutors, self-learning on the platform, group classes, and friendly chats with our global community to achieve your language learning goals Bite-sized lessons Learn wherever and whenever you feel like it. Unique illustrations will make it easier to memorize words and expressions Listening and speaking training ML and AI technologies will help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills Books with word explanations Dive into books for full immersion: get the explanation of the words and learn them in context Authored methodology Enjoy the world's best teaching practices, spiced up with the unique Promova approach Safe space for mistakes Learn, make mistakes, and repeat, getting support and understanding from Promova and our global community of language learners Download Promova, choose the language you'd like to learn, and get ready to see progress right away! *** Founded in 2019 as a simple word memorization app, Promova has now evolved into a one-stop solution for all your language learning needs. Promova was created by a team of 100+ lifelong learners passionate about languages, including philologists, professional educators, and language learning advocates working from Ukraine, Europe, and the US. We aim to help people live fulfilling lives by supporting them in achieving their language learning goals. Currently, Promova has been downloaded 11 million times across the globe. *** How does the Promova Premium work: We are offering monthly, 6-month, and annual subscription plans. Currently, a 7-day free trial is available for an annual Premium subscription only. If you are happy with the features Promova offers, after this period, you will be automatically charged the full price of the chosen Premium plan, which was indicated on a payment screen during checkout. If you want to cancel the free trial or your current Premium subscription, please make sure to do this at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Otherwise, you will automatically be charged a price according to a chosen Premium plan. To manage your subscription, please go to the AppleID Account Settings. Please keep in mind that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. Also, please pay attention that Promova has both mobile and web versions that are connected. Therefore, if you purchased the subscription on the web, and you do not see the current subscription in your Apple ID Account Settings, please go to your Promova's Account (mobile or web version) > My purchases > Payments & subscriptions > Cancel subscription. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app's courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. Terms & Conditions: https://promova.com/terms/terms-and-conditions Privacy Policy: https://promova.com/terms/privacy-policy Subscription Terms: https://promova.com/terms/subscription-terms _____ If you have questions or ideas about how we can support you in achieving your language learning goals even better, please contact us: [email protected] Do you want to partner with us, or do you represent media? We will be happy to connect via [email protected]

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