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Wordplay: Search Word Puzzle

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User Reviews for Wordplay: Search Word Puzzle

Fun game!

This is a fun and relaxing game. The background music is pleasant and the pictures, that are used, for the different countries—simply beautiful! I didn’t give it 5 stars, because of two small issues. One: I’ve had difficulty with some words not being accurate. One example, out of a few, (and this is not a huge deal, by the way,) the game should have recognized that “tarts” is a word, it is the plural of “tart”. Like I said, not a huge deal, because it is, all in all, a nice game.Two: the levels seem to repeat. For example, the same letters will be used after ten or so levels. Not a huge deal, but it does tend to get a tad repetitive.

Anatiru, May 04, 2020
A Good Game

Love this game. Tho a bit of a challenge at times, it’s very relaxing, including the music. Only one small issue, in one game of an early level, two word boxes didn’t show, so I didn’t know why the game didn’t move forward when I thought I’d completed the puzzle. I tried more words & when I found them, then the game moved forward. To be fair, I haven’t notified the game maker yet as I just got the game yesterday. I’m only noting it here so people won’t give up, thinking there’s no way to the next level.

BookishKatKins, Apr 14, 2020

The English language has so many words but there are some that do not occur often in everyday speech. This word game forces us to use our heads to come up with every possible word using only the letters provided. This is a thinking person’s game. I pretty much can rest assured that once I pass level 50, the words will really become difficult to figure out. Wordplay is an electronic dictionary, a fun place to be. In only 2 days, I have made it to level 32 with only a couple of necessary “bailouts”. Great game, I look forward to at least 500 levels.

Goldenmom, Jan 18, 2020
OK, I’m Hooked

I’ve been playing this gave daily for over a year. I’m getting up to level 4000 and now may submit 40 or more words before I get one on the board (in the puzzle). Tip: Save up any boosters you can get. Past level 3000 or thereabouts, I’m seeing words that are “alternate spellings,” obscure nautical or botanical terms, for example, and other versions of words not generally used in English writing or conversation. (Be creative.) Some changes I don’t love—they’ve gotten cheap with their points, for one thing. Still one of the best structured games around. I’m just concerned that the “difficulty” level is going to surpass the “fun” point, but I’ve been enjoying it so far.

janieblue, Mar 02, 2021
Tournament Levels

I recently started joining the weekend tournaments that are played Friday through Sunday. My thoughts are as follows. I enjoy playing in the tournaments but have a lot going on in my life and do not have 72 hours to continuously play the game. Seems like the winners are those who play the longest amount of time, not those who can complete word searches quickly and accumulate points. Is there a way to give bonus points to those folks who complete the word searches quickly as opposed to having to play hour after hour against people who apparently have nothing better to do on the weekends? I will play in one league and not have to devote my weekend to play and then WordSearch moves me up a level. I do not have time to accumulate 8000 points as I am busy enjoying the outdoors, friends, and family. Just a thought about maybe trying to reward people for actually playing the game quickly as opposed to just spending more time on it.

Life outside of wordplay, Jun 28, 2021
Bring Back the Points

I have enjoyed the app for a few months now and it is the reason for the four star rating. However some recent changes have made the game less enjoyable to play. New bonus word point changes cause points to increase at a diminished rate and there are more incentives to purchase tools instead of using points you have earned. Part of the fun was watching those points increase quickly when you found a lot of bonus words. The increase in number of ads popping up, especially with the addition of video ads, has gone overboard. Maybe on purpose so you start paying monthly to hide them? As a marketing person I understand the reasoning, it just feels like too much.One last note is that frequently plurals are not recognized in the main game or timed challenges. In the challenges you can lose a try instead of the word counting as a bonus if the word is not part of the puzzle or is not an accepted bonus plural.Overall a fun game!

LovesCandyBars, Oct 20, 2020
Was a good game yesterday, then the update ruined it

As the review title states, the newest update has made some negative changes to the game. Specifically the bonus words portion of the game. Before the update, it used to be that you would get a star for every bonus word that you found. Now what you have to do is find enough bonus words to complete a small circle to get a star, and the number of required bonus words to fill the circle increases every time. Meaning that you get a lot less star points than you used to. If that wasn’t bad enough, then every time you complete the circle the game makes you wait to give you the single star point that you’ve earned, thus slowing down your progress by a decent amount of time.If the creators of this are reading this, could you please return the game (or at least the bonus words portion) to how it was before this newest update? Please?

Razmire, Sep 09, 2020
Great game 🤓

Just started to play and I’m impressed. It “really challenges” your brain and some of the words you come up with that are not part of the puzzle goes into a bonus word and believe me when I say that some of these words you would never think were real actually are. (There is a dictionary that gives you the meaning). I am on level 38 and have not spent 1 dime to play, so it is possible to get through it without 💵.

Scooterjuice, Jan 19, 2020
New and challenging!

I’m impressed, even though it’s my second day. Great stress reliever as well as terrific brain exercise. I’m turning 71 next week, I have always done crosswords, word search and trivia based things all my life. No one told me but I knew I needed to keep my brain active. Finally an application that isn’t a game but an enjoyable experience for me and great fun while keeping my brain active. Something TV isn’t good at these days. I look forward to each new day in this application.

Sheenabutte, Jan 22, 2020
Wordplay G5 mixed feelings

I like word games and this is fun if all you want to do is figure out words from scrambled letters. I like the extra twist with winning puzzle pieces when you figure out a 'starred' word at each level. However, it gets difficult to win the puzzle pieces as you level up -unless you spend money, of course. Also, the game rewards you with many of same puzzle pieces instead of the ones you need to complete the puzzle. Therefore, I'm losing interest with the puzzle challenges because I can't spend money on such frivolous things. Another thing I find hard is adding friends in order to receive/send gifts. I've sent requests to G5 friends who play this game and request new friends too, but have never received any gifts even though I send gifts out. Compared to the other G5 game I play, that is not the case- it's much easier to connect with other players than with this game. Bottom line: Wordplay is just okay for me.

stevaura, Mar 23, 2021


Wordplay is a new top-rated word game from the creators of the bestselling puzzle games and smart brain teasers Mahjong Journey and Jewels of Rome.  Train your brain with a unique and addictive combination of word search games, relaxing crosswords and challenging vocabulary puzzles set in stunning locations. Embark on an amazing world tour by tackling head-scratching word puzzles and unlocking tricky new levels – just swipe to reveal the words. Enjoy the calm and engrossing gameplay, enhance your vocabulary and improve your memory by completing hundreds of increasingly complex levels!

If you like crosswords and other word games, making words out of letters in general, then Wordplay is right up your alley. Use all your wits, test your memory and take your word knowledge to new heights as Wordplay combines the most sophisticated word search mechanics available. How many levels can you beat?  While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings. What awaits you in Wordplay: • Hundreds of levels full of fun word unscrambling puzzles • Daily challenge: complete daily tasks to get valuable prizes • Carte blanche: no time limits or penalties for wrong answers • Awesome backgrounds and self-paced, stress-free gameplay • Killer brain twisters: get free constant updates with new challenges • Hints available: manage it yourself or use hints when necessary • Bonuses for additional words: more rewards for our savviest players • Brain exercises: try both our entertaining and educational options ____________________________ Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian ____________________________ Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5 Games! www.g5e.com/e-mail ____________________________ G5 Games - World of Adventures™! Collect them all! Search for "g5" in iTunes! ____________________________ Visit us: www.g5e.com Watch us: www.youtube.com/g5enter Find us: www.facebook.com/WordplayCommunity Join us: www.instagram.com/wordplaycommunity/ Follow us: www.twitter.com/g5games G5 End User License Supplemental Terms: http://www.g5e.com/G5_End_User_License_Supplemental_Terms

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