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Wordful Hexa-Brain Word Search

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User Reviews for Wordful Hexa-Brain Word Search

Wordful HB

Straightforward, easy to learn.For me, relaxing game. Wish there would be more “packs of puzzles”‼️Almost always, when the puzzle pops up, in looks confusing. Even hard! And I think “How did I get THIS far, in this game⁉️How did I end up at these DIFFICULT levels?Well, I did‼️ All by myself. With NO hints!Sometimes I had to put it down and go do GREATsome other stuff around the house.....and come back later with a fresh LOOK.It’s been a GREAT thing for me........when I need to turn off “my mind”. Which Is wonderful❗️Thanks for making “easy to challenging” puzzles—-with rules that are easy to understand.Please! Continue on with “creating and making puzzles”.And ALL KINDS

Candy Pruitt, Mar 07, 2019
Not what was expected

Not very challenging so far , I get bored with it ,hoping it might get better as I progress, edit: you were correct as I have leveled up it has become more of a challenge glad I didn't give up on it to soon, thanks for your response

Corn123456, Apr 13, 2018
Real challenge

Amazing how the brain will not see words right away that are not arranged top to bottom or left to right. This game really makes you think to see what is right in front of you.

diasappointed in IFTTT, Jul 15, 2021
Great game but.....

The game is very challenging and a great way to pass time. However, is it really necessary to have an add pop up after each level??? Extremely annoying! And ad every third level would be nice. And no, I’m not buying anything to remove the ads. I’ve played other games that didn’t have this ridiculous amount of ads. Not sure why this one has so many.

dobeymommy, Dec 21, 2017
Great thinking game

It really test your memory far as words when you complete each level. Really challenges your spelling and vocabulary abilities. Love it for adults who are very busy and have memory issues. Very good for students who need vocabulary experience.

Egyptianbarbie, Oct 15, 2017
This English and Latin teacher

loves this game. I was all the way to witch and accidentally deleted the game. I was devastated. I hurried to get it back but when I did, I found I had to start all over again from the very beginning. It’s even fun the second time. I love that we can earn hints which come in handy in the later games.

hhlloki, Jul 13, 2020
It can be tough!

I play a lot of word games and this one challenges me fairly often. I whipped through the first levels but the higher ones can be tough. So tough I leave it for a while and come back with fresh ideas. I like it.

MrOben, Jun 18, 2019
Wordful Hexa

If this is your first try at Hexa word puzzles I highly recommend you try this one first. You can acquire more hints than other puzzles by doing the easy daily puzzle. Nearly all words start with a consonant. No frustrating multiple ways to form the same word.

Slovakmomma, Aug 09, 2018
Are you doing any updates on this game?

I liked playing this word game but by the time I reached level 6, it no longer provided hints for correctly solving the puzzles without using hints.There are no rules written for why hints are no longer awarded after winning a game or level. Can you correct this problem?

TechStrWiz, Jul 25, 2021
Fun game

Great to pass time while waiting or just winding down after a stressful day. The puzzles can be easy but at the same time quite challenging. I’m amazed at times how obvious the words were but I just couldn’t see them right away. Give it a 4 star.

Tyrchris, Jun 23, 2020


Looking for a time killer to train your brain? Wanna play a wonderful game with your family and friends? Wordful Hexa would satisfy all of your needs!

Instructions: Swipe your finger up, down and diagonally to find the specific hidden words in mixing letters. Wordful Hexa starts very easy - you could find words quickly in hexagons. However, the puzzles become increasingly difficult as you level up - it even challenges the word genius! Try to complete more challenging puzzles! Are you a true word search master? Features - Free letter quiz for all ages - 30 packs, 580 well-designed levels - Similar with classic crossword puzzles, but more fun - New game mode with hex blocks - Find words with your family and friends - Train your brain and test your vocabulary Download it now!

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